VIDEO: DeWine's top prosecutor gets DUI

Bill Schenck was part of AG Office's Limberios investigation and headed up grand jury investigation of a sexploited schizophrenic Sandusky County jail inamte in 2012
Jan 12, 2014


Former Greene County Prosecutor William F. Schenck, now a senior advisor for the Ohio Attorney General's Office, was cited Dec. 2 for a drunk driving offense, according to a news report from Channel 19 WHIO-TV in Cleveland.

The 67-year-old Beavercreek resident was arrested Dec. 2 and charged with OVI and failure to use a turn signal. The arrest was captured on a police cruiser dashcam. The video of his arrest is posted at, a website designed to expose political corruption. 

Click her to watch video

DeWine, who has a long association with Schenck, hired him to serve as a senior advisor after DeWine was elected in 2010. DeWine assigned Schenck to head up the investigation of the sexual exploitation of a 21-year-old schizophrenic inmate in Sandusky County who was denied her medications and placed in a observational jail cell and left there nude. The inmate was encouraged to masturbate and perform other lewd acts by jail guards during a six-hour period on Jan. 10, 2012. 

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The grand jury and DeWine's office determined that no crime had been committed during the sexual exploitation of the woman. Two jail guards were fired by sheriff Kyle Overmyer, however, after the Register learned of the incident and reported on it. 

Schenck also was deeply involved in the AG's investigation of the death of Jacob Limberios, which also resulted in no criminal indictments. The AG's office determined Sandusky County officials botched the initial investigation and key evidence was destroyed in the hours immediately after Limberios was killed on March 2, 2012.

Click here for the latest news coverage of the Limberios shooting saga

The AG's office told WHIO News that Schenck is to get alcohol-related treatment but has not been suspended or put on leave. Any disciplinary action for Schenck would occur after court proceedings are over, the news story stated.


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But, things aren't looking too good for Mr.Schenck.


Shameful! The Register who usually defends criminals (The drug addicted Stripper) is now attacking a person who made a mistake shameful! Perhaps Mr. Westerhold and his reporters are regulars customers at the local strip club.


if they are I may apply for a job there!

Matt Westerhold

PapaJoe it seems you're leaving out some context here. Regardless of the woman's occupation, she did not deserve to be left naked and un-medicated in an observational jail cell so she could be sexual exploited by government employees for hours. It's interesting you find the reporting of that shameful but don't seem to have an issue with the exploitation of a mentally ill person who was in the care, custody and control of the Sandusky County sheriff's office. 


matt westerhold I'm not ignoring the context that was posted here. I would just like to remind you of the fact that everything in this case was based on allegations made towards these three men. The way that you write these stories is as if they were known facts. I know we all have the freedom of speech, but some of your story lines are boarder line slander.

Simple Enough II

I seem to recall when the girl was arrested, she did not have her medication with her and the Sandusky County Jail was to try and reach a family member, not sure when or how often the attempts were made, but i don't think the SCSO keeps a stock of meds on hand for various ailments and conditions?


When a person becomes an inmate in a county jail, all of their care is provided by the county. That means medications are provided by the county, any visits to doctors or the ER is paid by the county. Even though they may not have had the exact medication and dosage on hand, they needed to obtain it so they could medicate the inmate. Also, they do keep some stock medications on hand, like tylenol, and librium, ativan, etc. so when a patient becomes combative or has a seizure, they can quickly medicate them.

Stop It

Aren't librium and ativan prescription drugs for use in alcohol dependency and withdrawal from such ? Which SCSO employee can give prescriptions? Not an attack on you, was just wonderin'..

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Simple. There were three reports on the incident; one from the Fremont Police Department; one from the county family services department; and a grand jury report. The information that's been reported in the Register or included in any editorials or editorial comment by the Register or its staff has been consistent with those reports and no county official, or other official, has contacted the Register to dispute the information.

TheProfit're funny


it's not like he ran off a bridge and drowned somebody..


All public persons including members of the media and public officials should be treated equally, in both media exposure and punishment. That being said I must have missed the in depth article when a member of the local media was cited for driving with a forfeited drivers license in October, other than a small one line on the police blog.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Sam for your comment. The DUS citation for Matt Westerhold was handled similarly to how the Register handles most, if not all, of those types of citations. It was published in the police blotter. It seems like a cheap shot from you to suggest any information about that was withheld from readers. I'm not sure what information you might feel you need about it, but the DUS citation was a result of a speeding ticket I received earlier in the year near Bucyrus. I neglected to pay the fine and my license was suspended. I was pulled over in Castalia after one of the Register's election debates for making an improper turn and was cited for DUS. That information was reported in the Register's police blotter, which is our standard practice. I paid the fine and immediately made arrangements to get the license reinstated. I'm not sure how fast I might of been driving when I received the speeding ticket, or how much I might have paid in fines, but if you feel you need this information for some reason you're welcome to call me at 419-609-5866. 


like a boss!


Also, driving under the influence endangers everybody on the road and is far more serious than DUS. A DUI by a prosecutor at his age indicates a serious problem with alcohol.

His photograph tends to suggest a long term problem with alcohol and he is likely alcohol dependent. All prosecutors, judges, police officers etc need to be regularly evaluated for drug and alcohol problems and regularly tested.


Thanks Sam! I missed those headlines as well! Like I have said before, when you run a paper you control the propaganda that it prints.


For real Sam? Who gives a crap if Matt W. was cited for driving under suspended license? Are you that big of a gossip monger that this really means something to you? lololol.... pretty pathetic if you think you've "outed" him on some big scandal. Like I said, who gives a crap. If it hurt anything, I'll bet it was his wallet.


Well meow why does the SR think that this is news worthy?


For real meowmix, do you really believe if it was a Sandusky City Official, any Sandusky County Official or a member of Sandusky PD had received a DUS ticket it wouldn't be front page news from this bully pulpit, if so you are naïve. Its a cheap shot when directed at Mr. Westerhold but his constant recycling of the same information and his personal views to promote an agenda and bias is professional journalism?

Matt Westerhold

SAM: I doubt a DUS citation of a public official in the same circumstances would be "front-page news" as you suggest. Also, this is the first news report about the OAG prosecutor's OVI arrest in the Register, and it was picked up from another news outlet, so your suggestion it is "recycled" Register content is not accurate. The information you've provided might fit with your agenda, but it's not factual. 


"We all use toilet paper." Preston Tucker. Rules must apply to all, sadly it is not always the case.


@ Matt Westerhold..the irony in your statment "it seems like a cheap shot from you" has prompted my comment (which I seldom do unless other comments rile me up, because most are just silliness and I choose not to participate in it..more irony indeed!)MOST of the people whom participate in this blog section are the SAME individuals OVER AND OVER whom seem to have nothing else to do in their daily lives but to post their ludicrous, one sided opinions that run the gamut. My point is though that theres MANY stories/circumstances where details are not clearly published and YET these same individuals form their own opinions and sound off, often blowing things completely out of proportion. And when I read those I often think of the poor people who are family members, or friends and have to endure "the cheap shots" posted on here daily. I find it odd that you have control over these blogs and yet you continue to allow them and then scream foul when it concerns you. Your lack of empathy for the feelings of others whom get the cheap shots CONSISTENTLY and the SR's consistent argument of "If it's news we simply serve the public and report it" whilst you denounce the cheap shot directed at you is simply RIDICULOUS. If it is a "cheap shot" in your opinion then be CONSISTENT and cry foul on ALL the cheap shots that are posted on here on almost a daily basis. It would seem to me that your sensitivity towards others vs yourself is a little skewed.


DUS does not warrant a front page news article no matter who receives it. It was in the paper in the Daily Log, just like all the DUS citations are. I don't get how this 'news' was skewed.


If this article is news than Mr. Westerhold's DUS should have been a headline


Wrong...big difference between the two. Driving under a suspended license won't make you swerve and potentially kill innocent people. Good god, don't any of you people have any driving infractions?

Simple Enough II

Driving while intoxicated does not ensure you will swerve and hit someone either.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Blueyedgirl for the thoughtful comment. I'm not sure I "cried foul" about Sam's comment. I simply stated it was a cheap shot and responded with accurate information. But your point is still well taken. The Register is planning a technology upgrade in 2014 that should serve to address some of the concerns you raised. 

Carlos Danger

Accurate, yet incomplete information, Matt.  You left out the part where, according to court records, you were allowed to plead to Driving Without a License, a much less severe charge (minor misdemeanor) than what you were cited for (Driving Under Suspension, a misdemeanor in the first degree).  Now we all know that if a public official would have received such a sweetheart deal, you would have reported it on the front page, likely with an unflattering photo of the person.


This is pretty much standard procedure in area Municipal courts when dealing with a case of over charging by the police. The DUS charge is intended to apply to people who lose their license for some serious reason such as DUI, not because they forgot to pay a fine.

And speaking of over charging:

The Ottawa County Register ran another front page story on Friday 1-17-2014 about our state rep. Chris Redfern's allegedly using his office to have a minor trespassing case trumped up to a felony indictment by his close friend Prosecutor Mark Mulligan. Mark Mulligan is the same prosecutor who can't recognize serious felony crimes when his political associates are implicated such as former Sheriff Robert Bratton indicted for theft in office by the Feds last week.

It's a pity the story isn't posted on line and that the OC Register didn't cover Bratton's forced resignation as Chief of Police in Genoa Ohio this week. Bratton and Mulligan were critical to obstructing investigations of alleged crimes of public corruption in Ottawa County for years and intimidating citizens who try to report these alleged crimes.


"he had visibly wet his pants"

He should have been wearing Depends.




I prefer seeing a mugshot of Schenck. The powers that be in corrupt OHIO have disabled the link.

Do this: Go to Google and click on IMAGES and then type in:

William F. Schenck OVI


@cent Here is the mugshot, I found it.

He is wearing the same shirt as the dash cam video, where he clearly had wet his pants.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the link DickTracey. We've replaced the photo with the mugshot you provided. 


Thank you Sandusky Register for replacing the photo. Corrupt OHIO needs an official song to go along with the winos and misfits in charge of Ohio's justice.


Thank you for the link.


I am rather curious on what big news story the Sandusky Register is going to pick up on next. I mean after two of the biggest stories they have followed over the last two years have failed or stalled it makes me wonder if they can come up with any other news stories. I am personally getting tired of the same old stories over and over again.


Read my comments and links to get a clue.

Pterocarya frax...

Here are some stories I wish the Register would cover:

JobsOhio Scandals

Why the Inspector general never released the final report on Coingate?

The reason behind the hush hush firing of OEPA director Nally and Chief Elmaraghy after their fight with Bob Murray of Murray Energy.


Centauri I read your last comment on here and I don't think that is news worthy. I don't think the paper will survive if all they carry are poor innocent people who wet themselves. I am talking about real news stories that happen in our area that affect the papers subscribers and stories that make them want to renew their subscriptions with the paper. To be honest if the paper continues to cover these stories like they do I might have to cancel my subscription.


"poor innocent people who wet themselves"

So, is this a lie?

The National Enquirer is hiring!!!

Please report how a 100 pound woman gave birth to a 100 pound baby.

The National Enquirer needs you!!!


Centauri you my friend have missed the point I am trying to make. I for one also saw the video and can clearly see that he did in fact wet his pants. I was making a general statement that had nothing to do with this article. You told me to read your statements and to get a clue so I read the one that you posted on this story. Which if I am not mistaken said he wet himself he should have wore depends. Based on that statement right there how can I get a clue of what story the Register is going to carry next. That is what I was trying to point out.


Perhaps Centauri is directing to you read all of his comments on other story lines. If you were to do that, you might find that there appears to be a pattern of law enforcement and prosecutor misconduct in Ohio that is protected at the highest levels including the office of the Attorney General.

The fact that AG DeWine would hire this man as a Senior Advisor at 67 after he has already retired from one government job (double dipper) when the man is most likely a long time alcoholic (his severely distended abdomen indicates ascites) and entrust the most serious cases to him is outrageous.

This means there is no accountability and poor judgment in the highest law enforcement office in the state and explains why LE and prosecutors in the state believe they are above the law.


Dear PapaJoe,I hope being a Papa that you do not talk about your own children the way you do others children. Remember in my prior post that I said the Grand Jury trial was a mess, I rest my case.....Also definition of slander-the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation; oral defamation. You state that Westerhold posts borderline slander. What do you think the following quote would be? Straight off your keyboard "drug addicted stripper."

Julie R.

I have no sympathy at all for these idiot public officials. After all, they know they're in the public eye. Kudos to the cop that arrested him, who obviously didn't care who he was. This also might shed a different light on the two recent Sandusky County investigations that he was part of.

Jakes Dad

I don't know if anyone here knows Bill Schenck like I do? I have had the privilege to meet and work with him on several occasions dealing with Jake's case. He is a good man. Mike Dewine is proof of that as he does not throw his life long friend to the curb, because he is just human. If that is how it is suppose to work Shannon, should have thrown me to the curb years ago! I choose to stand beside Bill Schenck and Mike Dewine's decision to help his life long friend. This is the higher standard and the kind of A.G. I want for Ohio. Marianne, Matt, Mark, Charlie, Dan, Bill and Mike, thank you for all you have done. Micheal W. Limberios Sr.


Mr. Limberios: IMO, you were played and badly misled by the AG's office in order that SC LE, Stierwalt, and Henry were protected.

Their "grand jury" was as in the case of women abused in the jail, just a "show trial" to create an illusion of action and to distract from the egregious law enforcement misconduct.


A grand jury is independent of the prosecutor. But the prosecutor can control the outcome of a grand jury. The unethical prosecutor can influence a jury enough to allow a guilty person to go free and allow an innocent person to be punished.

Here is some good reading about how to control the outcome of a grand jury.
"I begin this essay with basic information about grand juries, then tell what happened to our grand jury, and conclude by reflecting on what I learned from this experience. My theme is the tension between the grand jury’s independence and the prosecutor’s desire to control it. The lesson I learned, intellectually and emotionally, is the depth and tenacity of the prosecutor’s assumption that he does control, and has the right to control, the grand jury process. I also learned some lessons about being a client, and believing in oneself and one’s principles."


Google: "Greene County" OHIO Corruption Schenck


OHIO Supreme Court Wino
Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick was charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and driving outside marked lines yesterday in Wood County.
Drunken Ohio Supreme Court Justice Threatens Highway Patrol

A bunch of winos, misfits and drug addicts are running corrupt OHIO


Cannabis could help this poor man.