Sexploited jail inmate sues Sandusky County

Schizophrenic woman was kept nude inside an observational jail cell for six hours as deputies encouraged her to perform lewd acts
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 11, 2014

A Fremont woman with a history of schizophrenia filed a federal lawsuit earlier this week contending Sandusky County sheriff's deputies who kept her locked inside an observational room and encouraged her to perform lewd acts were derelict and denied her the constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment. 

Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, and jail deputies Franklin Kaiser and Charles Pump are named defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court.

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Stop It

Will nepotism be the downfall of corruption in Sandusky Co.?


Wonder how corrupt Erie County is and what secrets lurk behind the doors of certain businesses?

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ask Gary B, ECSO who retired........after 40 yrs.......


Heck i am surprised it took as long as it did before she and her lawyer filed something in this case

"Frank Kaiser, 31, is one of several defendants in a federal lawsuit the parents of Craig Burdine filed in 2009."
"Frank Kaiser is the son of retired Sandusky County Deputy Bill Kaiser, who currently works as an investigator for county prosecutor Tom Stierwalt."


Bill Kaiser would be a double dipper. He's collecting a pension from his years as a deputy and now working for the prosecutor in a job that could go to a younger more qualified person who needs a job.

Simple Enough II

It happens all the time with government workers, it seems to be the norm, look at school administrators.

Simple Enough II

Duplicate post.


Yes I know. My point was to demonstrate why it is bad public policy and to encourage the practice to be outlawed.

If they are not going to outlaw the practice, at least adopt the version used in some states where your salary remains the same with a portion of it bad by you pension. In other words a person would receive only the difference between his salary and his pension as compensation should he decide to continue to work. That at least would provide true savings to the overburdened taxpayer.

Matt Westerhold

Nice linkage Centauri. Thanks. 


Matt, Did you catch the story in the Plain Dealer on the 18 month sentence given to a jailor in Lorain County by the Feds for assaulting an inmate? The story mentions the name of the Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. That's the section that needs to be involved in Sandusky County (and some other counties)


WooHoo! I've been waiting for this!

Stripper 1 Three Stooges 0



Stooges 3- Stripper 0

Maybe you shouldve waited til the game was over to call it...


forget the lawsuit,

The prosecutor should loose his job
Wheres DeWine, sitting in Columbus thinking of the next election?

Seems the only time the prosecutor or DeWine presses charges is when its against citizens and they turn away from public workers and politicians. DeWine is just as bad as Montgomery, the only time we ever heard anything from her was during election time. And I'm a republican saying this, its disgraceful how these positions of power ignore their oaths.


If true, then out they go!


Limberios ordeal, deputies fighting each other, now this.....what are they putting in those donuts down in sandusky county?


Hope she wins & DESTROYS Sandusky Co. & that whole disgusting lot.

Simple Enough II

Though I find it disgusting also, if folks would remember we are talking about a woman who is mentally ill who decides to use various substances other than her perscribed medications and then wonders why she is being arrested. She still is being arrested for various infractions. I'm not sure what else they could have done to those union protected employees as they never touched her, now if they had I bet it would have been a whole different story. The whole thing is wrong, what they did and what she did, and i would hope that SCSO has put steps in place to ensure that the employees are to be held accountable for not acting in a proffesional manner. Now also lets not forget what kind of folks are in many cases incarcerated there or ran through booking, some real nice class act folks and in many cases on various substances that have them in some altered state of mind.


Except that the Sheriff's office and jail staff knew of her mental health condition and the need for medication from past experience and refused to transfer her to a psych unit or hospital. They intentionally let her sit naked in plain view of male CO's for hours who taunted her knowing she was mentally ill and without her medication. Further in her state of mind she would have no ability to reason or wonder why she is being arrested. She was psychotic.

That is a criminal violation in my opinion of federal law (intentional violation of constitutional or civil rights under color of law) and these LEO's ought to be prosecuted for it. It was cruel, dehumanizing and endangered her health and safety.

They need to be prosecuted and incarcerated themselves as well as made to pay her substantial damages to impress upon LEO's that they are there to protect and serve not to demean and abuse disabled and vulnerable citizens.


Amen and good for you, you put it in terms I hope others can understand,she wasn't put there for the CO's entertainment,she is/was ill.

The Rudy

Wow what's going on there? Time for a purge.


The Complaint is available through the US Courthouse Pacer service. I read it and the lady makes a very compelling case. She has asked for punitive damages in addition to damages for violations of her civil rights and rights under the ADA to punish the Defendants because they had prior knowledge of her disability and basically exploited it.

I know people love to hate lawyers but it is this type of lawsuit that brings change to government institutions and her lawyers are to be commended. At some point the Commissioners and State of Ohio are going to have to step in to overhaul Sandusky County Law Enforcement because Insurance companies will make them or the Feds will identify criminal civil rights violations and like the former Ottawa County Sheriff strip them of their law enforcement credentials.


Agreed, 150%

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Another woman exploited by men who apparently have no morals or respect for others. Very sad. If this is true, they should be behind bars themselves and lose every dime they have, but most likely, the guilty will just resign and the taxpayers will end up paying for what they did to her.


These men have been cleared of all wrong doing by a Grand jury! But you people would rather defend a drug addicted stripper with a detailed criminal history who just wants more drug money.


Let's get them in front of a federal grand jury and prosecutors with integrity from the US Attorney's office presenting the case instead of the alcoholic Dewine uses when he needs to protect his friends in law enforcement.


Hmmm...done...but you still didnt like the outcome, so it MUST be wrong, right?


Shameful conduct, act professionally , the people arrested aren't there to entertain the good ole boys club.


They should settle this out of court with any monetary award going straight to pay for her rehab and incarceration at a psych facility.


Somewhat agree. It should be used to get her help, not buy more street drugs. Give a drug addict a million they'll be dead in a week.