Disciplinary hearings loom for accused jail guards

Two Sandusky County jail guards will get a chance Monday to tell their versions of a Jan. 10 incident in which they allegedly exploited a naked, schizophrenic woman while she was locked in a jail cell.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 10, 2012


Two Sandusky County jail guards will get a chance Monday to tell their versions of a Jan. 10 incident in which they allegedly exploited a naked, schizophrenic woman while she was locked in a jail cell.

Frank Kaiser, 31, and Charlie Pump, 34, are scheduled for fact-finding hearings Monday with a neutral hearing officer, Sandusky County Job and Family Services director Cindy Bilby.

Bilby then has five days to complete a report documenting the allegations and her findings. She could determine the two men are guilty of misconduct.

Also this week, Sheriff Kyle Overmyer sent predisciplinary letters to Kaiser and Pump, further detailing the allegations against the men and the roles they played in the Jan. 10 incident.

A third jail guard accused of misconduct, Joshua Smith, was still in his probationary period when the incident happened. Any discipline awaiting him won't be settled upon until Kaiser and Pump are dealt with.

For more on this story, pick up Friday's Register. Also, click on the PDFs below to read the discipline notices Overmyer sent to Kaiser and Pump.



i have to watch my comments or meals69 wife or the sandusky register will delete my comments. meals69 took down all of his photos on that bodybuilding web page.


FruGalSpender I am not the wife of meals69.  I am just a concerned citizen of Sandusky County who feels that the problems facing Sandusky County should stay in the county.  I feel that the Register is just trying to make this unfortunate situation into a witch hunt and they have no business doing it.  I also believe in standing by these individuals into they are either proven innocent or guilty which ever it might be and nobody will know this until disciplinary hearing is complete on Monday.  On another note FrugalGal the way that you keep inserting yourself into this investigation makes me wonder if you are a co-worker of the victim at the local strip club.


 My comment was deleted for Personal Attacks ??? How is, " I feel sorry for his wife " an attack ? Wow...I am glad I am not thin-skinned...Geesh !

Sue Meredith

Cats, has it escaped your attention the the Register is a NEWSPAPER? And it is their job to report the news.  FYI, they do have numerous subscribers in Sandusky County not to mention the people in Sandusky County who buy the paper at the store or from paper boxes. News is not limited too the county it takes place in.


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this should be interesting.  Now both sides will be out there



Feb 10, 2012
09:27       He must of got the message , because they are off of google , Good.


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Now is the time

Why isn't anyone running against Kevin Baxter for Prosecutor, Can we get a candidate PLEASE. I'll vote for an independent anyone....  


katelih....I am with u....sometimes I wonder about why certain things are deleted and some left for all to read.  Feeling sorry for one's wife should NOT have been a problem, especially given this situation.

With all these comments and the situation at hand, I too, feel sorry for these families.  They are suffering the slings and arrows of their family members actions. 


Just Saying

Their side of the story?  Hah ! Let's see how they each try to weasel out of this. It's truly pathetic that we have this sort of crap going on with professional individuals who are being paid to protect us. My bet is that this is not the first time this sort of thing has gone on at this particular facility and I'll wager the whistleblowers (thank God for you) are getting alot of flack for exposing this.


I am just a concerned citizen of Sandusky County who feels that the problems facing Sandusky County should stay in the county. On another note FrugalGal the way that you keep inserting yourself into this investigation makes me wonder if you are a co-worker of the victim at the local strip club.  catsarethebest must think that sandusky county is like las vegas. why are you so defensive, catsarethebest? other newspapers write stories about fremont and sandusky county. how about some music to soothe your troubled mind? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjtrUuyAFjA&feature=related


 FruGalSpender what are you talking about the only thing that I got from your posting is stuff  that I had already said.  Cant you come up with your own material.  And how is anything what I said makes you think that Sandusky County is like Las Vegas.  I never even brought up Vegas in my previous postings.  This story has been covered in The News Messenger and the Sandusky Register only.  I can see being in the Mess because it is actually located in the county and it has the right to post what is taking place in the county.  Where the Register is located in Erie County.  And from reading the Register it seems to me that the Erie County Jail has even bigger problems to deal with two inmates dying in its facitlity with in the past month.  Dont you think.  So why dont you go post about that.  On another note is that the music that plays when you come on stage every night at the club.

Truth or Dare

Hey CatsareBest:  Um, doesn't everyone deserve that same consideration?  The problem is, it isn't shown!  Ahhhhh,  the "Scales of Justice".    For a "smalltown newspaper", the SR is far reaching.  There are 77,000 residents in Erie County, and this newspaper reaches as many as have subscriptions, as well so many more in surrounding Counties!

Wonder how this young gal is doing?  Anyone know?  How bout that SR?   


 Truth or Dare you can act like you care how the young gal is doing but you really dont care.  You can act like a big hero for caring and truthfuly all you are is a hypocrite.  You guys all seem to forget the fact that she was in jail for a reason.  She is the one that made choice to go off her medications no one made her do it.  No one made her make the suicidal comments that got her put into isolation in the first place.  This whole incident took place because of her actions no one elses.  On that not I agree that some of the guards behavors were inappopriate and not called for.  But for  the Register to go on a witch hunt is uncalled for.


You really should not judge people in jail-there are alot of innocent people there and I promise you that this young girl should not have been in there in a manic state like she was. I do know for fact that I personally tried to get this girl the help she needed and was not successful.  You really have no right to judge anyone with a mental illness on what decisions they make-think about it (they don't always make good decisions and many times are not aware of their actions in a manic state.)  Bottom line is you are making comments that are very offending to the people that love this girl and unless you know the whole story-only comment on what you do know. Have a heart-try being a little more compassionate to human life and their feelings or in other words treat them like you do your cats.


catsarethebest:   The newspaper has EVERY right to print what goes on in every county or around the country.  If they used your way of thinking, they shouldn't be allowed to print anything from anywhere but Erie county, is that it?What about national new? 

What happens around us all, happens TO us all, even when it is in a county that is near us.  We all live on the face of this earth and we all breath the same air.

Ok, so you guys don't want your "dirty laundry" aired in public....maybe those officers should have thought of that before they did what they did. 

And if they did nothing wrong, then they will have their time to tell their side of it.  Right?  So what is the problem? 

You act as though none of the rest of us has the right to know what happens in your country, but I would bet you are all interested what happens in ours? 

Be fair.....you want all of us to be that way, correct? 

Like I said, now both sides will be out there and I am sure these guys will appreciate your standing behind them.  Its nice of you. 

But if they are found to have been in the wrong, then you will have to accept that as well. 

Good luck to them and to you.  Sincerely. 


 Wiredmamma22 I agree with you in a way. As a citizen of Sandusky County I see so many good things taking place every single day.  Do you think that the Register covers any of these events.  It gets frustrating to see articles in the paper about all the bad things that happen in the county instead of articles about the good.  It gives the readers the opinion that Sandusky County is filled with a bunch of lunatics who have no regard for human beings.  When in all actuality that is completly not true where a county filled of good hearted people where a few troubled people ruin it for all of us.

Truth or Dare

Hey CatsareBest:  You didn't answer my question, the one about  evereyone deserving the same consideration.  So how do you feel about that?  Don't we all deserve the same consideration, or should there be  special treatment for LE, for  these guards that treated this young gal so horribley.  And yes, I do really care.  it doesn't make me a hero, it makes me someone that cares about all people, even the guards.  Cause ya know what, something just isn't right with them if they truely did what was reported!   

Did this young gal not tell them she needed her prescription?  I seem to recall that being stated.  Do you know anything about Xanax, what it is, why it's even prescribed and the serious side effects that one may experience?  First of all, it's a psychoactive drug of the benzodiazepine class.  It's used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, as well anxiety caused by depression.  Some physiciians will even prescribe it for pain, even though that's not really quite what it's for.   FYI, chances are quite a few of our returning Military  have received prescriptions for PTSD.  Do you know what that is?  It's also highly addictive, as a  1/3 taking this drug will become so within a month. Addicted that is!   Any idea what it's like to go through withdrawals from it, let alone when it's just "cut off"?  Guess your not aware that it can result in death?  Here are just a few side effects which might sound familiar, and keep in mind there are many more:

Unusual risk taking behaviour

Thoughts of suicide


A few symptoms of addiction withdrawl/side effects"

Agitation, hostility, hallucinations. 

Educate yourself  would ya, and stop making excuses for the way this young woman was treated!  Any regular Joe wouldn't get a Disciplinary Hearing, they would be in jail.  And the one on "probationary period", if that were you or I we would be immediatly terminated!  So in other words what their saying here, is they won't even touch him, at least not until they see what happens to the first two.  For some reason, I'm not feeling a whole lotta trust in that "neutral" hearing officer from SC Job and Family Services.  Call it intuition!  By the way, should the so-called "whislteblowers" be feeling any repercussions, you are aware there are laws in place for that, right? 




 TruthorDare do me a favor and re-read the report and read the whole thing and not just skim through the article and pick up bits and pieces.  Because if you read the report all the way through you would have seen in there that one of the deputies was on the phone with the victims mother trying to get her to bring medication to the jail.  Let me ask you this how would you handle the whole situation.  Lets put yourself in there shoes.  Shes acting out of control making suicidal comment how would you handle it.  I agree that they didnt handle it right because personally I would of put her in a restraint chair but they didnt.  What would you do when you walk in the room and you see her plesuring herself wouldnt that even catch you off guard wouldnt you look in awe.  Would you step in her cell knowing that she flooder her own cell and was storing urine and feces knowing that she was going to throw them on you.  I wouldnt.  And if you read the report you would see that not all of the deputies was talking dirty to her.  

In case you didnt know any law enfrocement agency is based on rank just like the United States military.  In the military would you ever stand up to your commanding officer let along tell them how to do there job.  No that would not happen.  So how can you say that the one on probationary period should be terminated when the deputy was just following order.  And if you and I were just following order hopefully we wouldnt be terminated either.

Wow I am impressed that you know how to use google would of never guessed.  But seriously thanks for the information.


On another note FrugalGal the way that you keep inserting yourself into this investigation makes me wonder if you are a co-worker of the victim at the local strip club.    catsarethebest, you joined and starting posting comments a little over a week ago. why do you keep inserting yourself into this investigation? all of your comments are about this investigation. 


Schizophrenia is a complex brain disorder. It can affect the ability to think clearly, manage feelings, make decisions, and relate to other people. 

Julie R.

Schizophrenia is a complex brain disorder. It can affect the ability to think clearly, manage feelings, make decisions, and relate to other people. 

Are you referring to the girl or the GUARDS?


WTOL reported this story Jan 19 and Jan 31, 2012. 


Schizophrenia is the victim's excuse for her behavior.  I wonder what the GUARDS excuse is for their behavior.  I believe you can't fix stupid!



I agree with there being no excuse for the way the guards/deputies handled her. They used her for personal entertainment for six hours. For the young lady that tried to help her-I commend her, she needs to be promoted. What ever happened to serve and protect?


Right on Mum


WTOL reported this story Jan 19 and Jan 31, 2012.    don't tell catsarethebest or she will have a fit.


 FruGalSpender ha ha you really crack me up sometimes.  I knew that it was covered on wtol on those dates.  I only have a fit when ignorant people like you make rash decisions on subjects that they have no idea what they are talking about and decide to post there thought on the web for everybody to see.  Thats when I have a fit.

Woody Hayes

Does this effect people who wear tin foil hats?

Julie R.

Complex brain disorders.............

Sounds like the straight-out-of-the-twilight-zone Eeeerie County judicial system.


to Catsarebest:  I understand what you are saying, but newspapers print the good and the bad, and unfortunately in this world...bad sells. 

We have become a society that actually enjoys reading "tabloid" circulatory stories..sensationalism.  It draws attention and sells newspapers. 

I don't believe that because of the actions of these three men, the entire community will be judged.  That would not be what the deciding factor is about any place.  You take it far too seriously.

Newspapers today have to compete with the IMMEDIATE.  It isn't like the "old days" when newspapers where the only way we got news.  Today we turn on the TV, turn on the computer an away we go...

So don't take all this too seriously.  No one thinks that because three guys act like idiots, everyone in that community are idiots.  If that were true, then are all the people in Erie  County thugs and hoods?  I don't think so, because you see a lot of news about that in our paper as well.

So take heart, casts.  You need not worry.  Most people still think with both head AND heart. 

Woody Hayes

Yep, it effects tin foil hat wearing mothership sky jockies.

Truth or Dare

Hey CatsareBest    "I agree that they didn't handle it right because personally I would've put her in a restraint chair but they didn't"...........You answered your own question.  Still haven't answered mine.    On second thought, you don't need too.  You've made yourself perfectly clear that you believe there should be special consideration shown to these individuals.  See, I'm of the thought process that LE should be held to the same standard, no more, no less.  I may get beat up here regarding that, cause there are many that believe they should be held to a higher standard!  . 

 It's my understanding they'll put  highly intoxicated, combative individuals in what I call "the Hannibal Lechter" chair and mask to protect the individual,  the Deputies/Guards, the property,etc..  That's what I would of done, rather than sit around for several hours. watching her, egging her on!  I would've also chose to get her the help needed,  help that the SCS's evidently isn't  equipped let alone trained to provide!   Like I said, stop making excuses, and I read enough of the report.  It made me wanna puke!   I guess the dept. will eventually find out just how the family feels, eh?   I have a feeling Mental Health Advocates will be there for support.   Just what ya all need,  yet another investigation, another Civil Lawsuit! 

 As for the  Probie  "just following orders".....who'se orders?  That makes the treatment, the participation  right?  Wrong!   Your  comment regarding the Military.....can't even believe you're going there!!!!!!!    I guess you're unaware  that there are certain "Rules of Engagement" regarding warzones?  At least there is suppose to be, and please tell me when the U.S. became  Iraq or Afghanistan?!   If they were given such orders,  whomever was giving those orders needs to be included in the investigation.  Personally,  if there is any truth too the treatment of this young gal,   the defending of it  does a grave disservice to the good, professional LEO'.   Heaven forbid we should  roll them  all up into one big ball, all due too  the  actions of a few!   See,  our family has a stake in how LE is perceived, as we have members that are retired, as well presently serving as Deputies!  

There is one thing we agree on......cats are best!    


 Truth or Dare do not post again until you read the whole report.  I am tired of going back over your posts and pointing out mistakes you have made that are clearly stated in the investigation.  So do me that favor.  As I have stated  in another topic the voters of Sandusky County voted down a Mental Health levy this past November.  This levy was endorsed by both the Republican and Democrat parties so there is no reason why it was voted down.  If this levy would of been passed this whole situation could of been avoided because instead of being put in jail she would of been getting the help that she needed.  I am also calling you out on the fact that you say you have relatives in law enforcement.  I do not think that it is true because law enforcement officers always stick up for eachother until they are proven guilty.  And the way you post it is clear that you are out to destroy all the individuals involved.  So the next time you post make sure it is after you read the whole report Thanks..

I do agree with you there Cats are the Best Thanks.


many thanks to catsarethebest for bumping the story to the top comments. keep up the personal attacks against me as they only inspire me to post more comments. more comments to give you so many fits that you will be begging for xanax. meals69 was the officer in charge of the shift. read the documents, little girl.


 FruGalSpender as I told you before I have no affiliation with any of these deputies.  As a matter of a fact I do not know anybody that is or has ever been a law enforcement officer.  I know that you are to ignorant to understand that but that is the truth.  You might want to renew you prescription for xanax because this doenst bother me what so ever.  As matter of fact I could do this all day if I had to.  But unlike you I have a job that I have to go to everyday so i cant.  I have never argued the fact of the who the officer in charge was that night so why dont you find something new to post about you little girl.  Enough with the pictures already get a hoby and find a life were you actually get away from the computer sometimes.  Wait I think I hear them calling you to work up to the Stage next is FruGalSpender.


 In the military would you ever stand up to your commanding officer let along tell them how to do there job. No that would not happen. So how can you say that the one on probationary period should be terminated when the deputy was just following order.  ask all of the nazis at the nuremberg trials why they killed? they claimed that they were only following orders.


I do not think that it is true because law enforcement officers always stick up for eachother until they are proven guilty.  you said it cats.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Code_of_Silence The Blue Code of Silence (also known as the "Blue Shield") is an unwritten rule among police officers in the United States not to report on another colleague's errors, misconducts or crimes.


Truth or Dare do not post again until you read the whole report. I am tired of going back over your posts and pointing out mistakes you have made that are clearly stated in the investigation.   such a bossy little girl. cats must be difficult to live with or even do business with.


hey cats, how are the fits coming along?


Truth or Dare

Hey CatsareTheBest:  Sorry I got it wrong the first few times.  Do not post again?  You forgot  the common courtesy of saying please!   What  mistakes  have you pointed out?   You don't think I have relatives that are/were  Deputies?  Well, I do.  Would you like their names?  Well, ya can't have em,  and I could give a rats arse whether you believe me or not?  I know what's FACT!      

Okay, now I'm gonna choose my words very carefully........What we're discussing here has absolutely nothing to do w/the Mental Health Issue not passing in Sandusky County,  which by the way is a shame,  or for that  matter whether or not the Repubs or Dems. within SC supported it.  Oh wait,  I take that back.  On second thought,  this may be quite political and quite personal.  After all, it is Election Season!  By all means feel free to get out and vote YES, especially if such a Levy not passing means more of the same!

 This is a very  important issue Nationwide, especially   for  those that have been mistreated, for those that suffer a Mental Disorder, for those that truely care!    A  young  gal was "allegedly" mistreated while incarcerated, and again if there is any truth to this,   mistreated is an understatement!    What she was arrested for is of no concern, unless it was something horrible?!    It still doesn't excuse anything!   You seem to know so much, could she of  made the grave mistake of tickin someone off @ some point in time?     What's dangerous is when regular citizens get caught up in all of  the poltiical BS that's goin on,  used as pawns.  It isn't just one area, one county, one state!  It seems the SCS's. plate is rather full w/miscondunt.   You know the kind, it's referred too as "Conduct unbecoming  of an Officer".  There is NO HONOR in that, no matter how hard you try to justify it! 

 One last question.......who ya tap, tap, tappin in  here for?   Oh, wait, you just wanna give orders, never answer a question..........Hmmmmmmm.       



CatsAreTheBest says

FrugalGalSpender why in your right mind would you post these pictures on here. It shows how low of a person you are. How would you like it if somone hacked your account and posted pictures of you. You are such a creep and you disgust me. This guy is going through enough as it is way to kick him when he is already down. Why don't you get a job or something so you have something better to do than hack peoples accounts.

FruGalSpender as I told you before I have no affiliation with any of these deputies. As a matter of a fact I do not know anybody that is or has ever been a law enforcement officer.

hey cats, you claim that you have no affiliation with any of the deputies and do not know anybody that is or has ever been a law enforcement officer. i find this hard to believe because i know some present and past law enforcement officers. do you live in a cave and live the life of a hermit? you have never met or known any law enforcement officer? yet you know that meals69 is going through enough as it is and is down? how would you know? do you have esp or telepathy? how can public information on the internet be called hacking? meals69 sure does post a lot on the internet. everything from bodybuilding, video games, internet gaming, various military and want to be military web pages, shooting, firearms, football, sports and on and on. that explains his excessive use of his cell phone while on duty.



Truth or Dare

Hey Frugal;  Gotta love ya man, and GOOGLE!  Remeber Frank Serpico, the undercover NY cop?  It's believed he was set up by his own "undercover" team too be executed during a drug bust.  He survived a direct bullet wound to the face, right under the eye.   His backup didn't call for help, but rather a stranger.  Pretty sure they were hoping he wouldn't survive! 

Then there is Joseph Gray,  now an ex  NYPD officer.  It was discoverd that he and fellow officers were drinking in a topless bar (the Wild Wild West) and a nearby parking lot b/4 the incident on Aug. 4, 2011.  His BAC was outrageous for one reporting to work!   On his way too  work he hit and killed 3 pedestrians, resutling in a stillbirth of an 8.5 mo. baby on Aug. 4, 2011!  The NYTimes cited the incident as an example of "the blue wall of silence".  The results:

Officers suspended, 5 transferred including the precints commanding officer, executive officer , and integrity control officer,  and 2 Probies were ultimately dismissed.  

I also found reading about the "Rampart Scandal" involving the LAPD  CRASH  Unit (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums)  too be rather interesing!  Widespread corruption of 70 officers in LA  which  consisted  of the planting of evidence, framing of suspects, stealing and dealing in narcotics, bank robbery, perjury, unprovoked shootings, unprovoked beatings and the covering up of evidence of these activities. Results:

As of May 2011, based upon statements of the admitted corrupt officer, Perez:

58 were brought befor the internal Administration Board

24 found to have committed wrong doing

12 suspended for various lengths

7  Resigned

5   Fired

106 prior convictions were overturned

Chief Bernard Parks not rehired

A new Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa elected in 2005

140 Civil Lawsuits filed against the City of Los Angeles costing an est. $140 Million. 

As of 2011 the full extent of Rampart corruption is not known, w/several rapes, murders and robbery investigations involving Rampart police remaining unsolved.  This unit worked or I should say collaborated w/major street gangs..  They're also believed to of commited the drivie by shooting, which resulted in the death of Notorious B.I.G., the rapper. 

Don't think it can't/isn't happening in  Smalltown U.S.A.  You see, it's my understanding that we would be appalled at what's goin infront of our Grand Juries, the things we never hear about.  Wouldn't wanna scare a community, right?  As far as I'm concerned, this kinda BS is just as scarey,  cause suppressing the info only facilitates the rest, w/good reason as we can see!   . 



Hey Frugal; Gotta love ya man, and GOOGLE! Remeber Frank Serpico, the undercover NY cop? It's believed he was set up by his own "undercover" team too be executed during a drug bust. He survived a direct bullet wound to the face, right under the eye. His backup didn't call for help, but rather a stranger. Pretty sure they were hoping he wouldn't survive!      truth or dare, you are all right in my book for a guy. you did your homework about police corruption and the "the blue wall of silence".  this blue code of silence is all over the entire country including small towns around us. google news does provide some archived newspapers free for reading. http://news.google.com/newspapers?  put anything local into SEARCH ARCHIVES and see what you come up with. look what i found in my search. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=yA0xAAAAIBAJ&sjid=JAIEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6903,1684399&dq=ohlemacher+erie+county&hl=en
 the erie county sheriff at the time did his own investigation instead of having an outside source handle it. the county prosecutor at the time didn't want to do anything either. can you imagine a drug raid where the police plant drugs? try put-in-bay and i believe the same deputy in the search. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=rlwxAAAAIBAJ&sjid=vAIEAAAAIBAJ&pg=5440,2559377&dq=ohlemacher+erie+county&hl=en  the blue code of silence is alive and well everywhere. i have to wonder how many innocent people were killed or sent to prison over police misconduct and the blue code of silence.

Texx Reloader

So one county worker is going to investigate the other county workers for alleged misconduct on county time. Even if one could imagine an ignorant enough scenerio with which this could be objective, it would still be fodder for a comedy routine. Those officials and workers are so politically imbred I don't see how they expect to get to the truth doing things that way. Even if one could assume the "judge," "fact-finder," or whatever title the person may have, is going to overcome their natural inclination to protect the county, and all of those nasty lawsuits which might eventually lower their own paycheck, it is still a stretch. In the best case scenerio maybe the "fact-finder" has a grudge, but that still belabours any hint of objectivity or any true due process. Every time one of them messes up he/she is handed off to another for investigation. Keeping one's job must depend on making sure you cover this one or that, so when your turn comes, you can return the favor. The most incredulous thing about it, is that if you talk to them about it they defend their "investigations" with a perfectly straight face. It is a tragedy for the democratic process when even "high public officials" don't even comprehend the basics of the American system of Justice. It would be downright humourous if it were not for the careers of good people being destroyed by this ridiculous charade.


Texx Reloader-You are absolutely right. Why would they think it would be politically correct to let a county worker investigate? This should be investigated by someone outside of the county. What I don't understand is that these accused individuals were allowed to call witnesses on their behalf and I can tell you as FACT that the girl has not been contacted to retell her side of the story and possibly call in witnesses on her behalf.  I pray for her to have the strength to deal with this everyday. She has a long road ahead of her.


im interested to know how much money these guys make...should be public record...does anyone know how to find that out?!?!?!


rgb................www.tos.ohio.gov/state_salary    thats state ,they are county workers and don't think that is made public .