Man bit dogs

Jack Russell recovering in Akron animal hospital; owner who fought back a pit bull attack at Battery Park also on the mend.
Tom Jackson
Apr 23, 2013

Scooter, a dog attacked Friday by two pit bulls in a Sandusky park, is fighting for his life in an Akron animal hospital, his owner said Monday.

"The vet called this morning and said he's not out of the woods," said owner Paul Aviles, of Sandusky. "A lot of his vital signs are good."

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Late Monday afternoon, however, Aviles learned that Scooter has resumed eating, a sign the dog is feeling better.

Scooter, a Jack Russell who had found a good home after being abandoned as a puppy, was walking in Battery Park around noon Friday with Aviles when two pit bulls came up from behind Aviles and attacked the dog.

To save Scooter, Aviles got down on the ground with him and attempted to cover him.

"A couple of times I had to stick my hand in their mouths to break them loose from the dog," Aviles said. 

Aviles said he even bit one of the attackers in the leg.

"I bit him as long and as hard as I could," Aviles said. "They were like demons."

A passerby called police. Officers put Aviles in a police car so he would be safe, then they set to battling the dogs. One dog was tasered and later died. Police captured the other dog and took it to the dog pound.

"As you can see, it's just dog bites," said Aviles, 64, whose hands were covered with bite marks Monday. "It wasn't important."

Aviles, a retired Ford auto worker, teared up when asked about the officers' efforts. 

They were "great" and "very compassionate," he said. 

While Aviles obviously was injured, he insisted that Scooter should be the top priority. Police drove him and Scooter to a local veterinarian, who treated Scooter while firefighters treated Aviles. 

Aviles then took Scooter to a Lorain animal hospital, which told him Scooter needed 24-7, seven-day-a-week care and directed him to Metropolitan Animal Hospital in Akron.

Aviles, whose cell phone wallpaper is a photo of Scooter wearing an Ohio State sweater, said he and his wife have had Scooter for four years.

"My stepson brought him to me and said someone threw him out the window of their car," Aviles said.

Aviles' stepson's girlfriend saw Scooter being tossed from the car. She wanted the dog, but wasn't allow to have a pet where she lived, so Aviles and his wife were enlisted to take Scooter in.

Aviles' wedding ring, apparently lost in the attack, is still missing. Officers searched the attack site without success. Police then put Aviles in touch with a man who has a metal detector, who looked Monday morning but found nothing, Aviles said.

The two pit bulls had tags, which led police to owner Rebecca Hush, 39, 500 block of Reese St. The police issued Hush two citations for dog at large. Dog Warden Barb Knapp told officers that the dogs had a history of being loose, police said.

Knapp said the surviving pit bull mix, named Lola, is being held in quarantine at the dog pound. Hush has said she wants the dog back, Knapp said.


looking around

I agree with you Sam....but funny how the right wingers are about this issue, if you replaced "pet" with the word "gun" what you said would make a lot of sense also would it not?

Licorice Schtick

Wow! A genuine MAN BITES DOG story - proof that this paper really does know what news is! (Sorry, SR, I couldn't resist.)

This story is a little sad for jokes anyway. It's time to revisit Sandusky's vicious breeds ordinance. You shouldn't need to carry pepper spray and knife just to walk you dog.


Great story! I hope the Register invites Mr. Aviles to a BTL interview.


They should make her pay all vet and doctor bills - that would be justice!

Julie R.

What's with all these pit bulls, anyway? Is it supposed to be a status symbol in Sandusky to own one or what? Don't get me wrong ---- I agree it's not the pit bulls fault ~ the fault lies with the ignorant and irresponsible owners ~ but it seems like every other day there is another story about a pit bull attack in Sandusky.

Licorice Schtick

A dog for drug dealers and other scum.


Those dogs really were far away from their home. I think that when someone has a certain number of dog at large or animal neglect charges, they should not be allowed to own another animal, at the risk of felony charges, and some serious jail time. I notice it says "pit mix" when describing the second dog. Pits are no more vicious than a lot of other breeds, but their locking jaws and muscular builds do make them capable of doing a lot of damage. I think that putting them back on the vicious list will only encourage the "thug" mentality of the pit owners who have them to fight or be a status symbol. Better to make stricter abuse and neglect laws.


I bet one of the Pits swallowed the mans wedding ring. It wouldnt be unusual for it to come off if his hand was in its wet mouth.

Time to dissect the dead one and check the stools of the living one.
Or just kill that one two and dissect it as well.

Pit owner should be responsible for all restitution for both the Man and the small dog's injuries as well as additional damages.

Yellow Snow

If you're in the 500 block of Reese Street, look for the wooden gate leading to the back yard. It's been broken and busted up for a long time.

tdluvpit's picture

The media needs to stop with hating on bully breeds. All dogs bite but media only wants to highlight cases involving pit bulls. The American Pit Bull Terrier & American Staffordshire Terrier score the highest on temperament tests, higher than any other breeds of dogs. These are the most wonderful loving dogs there are. All you dog haters are responsible the dog holocaust that is murdering these dogs on a daily basis. I feel sorry these dogs were not loved enough by the owner to look out for their welfare. It is the owner's fault. She does not deserve a fly let alone a dog. It is stupid careless owners that give our dogs a bad rap. Stop whining people that there is no bsl here. Bsl does nothing but kill innocent dogs.


Take a wonder why? CHARGE THE HUMANS!!


Humans suck. The fact that there has to be law against such acts sickens me.


Dog owner should pay vet bills, hospital bills, and restitution for putting this elderly gent through all of this, no dogs for her ever.......


I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Yellow Snow

When is the last (or first) time we've read of an attack by a Labrador, Poodle ,Beagle, Yorkie, Greyhound, Collie, Newfoundland, Visla, Golden Retriever? Bet you can count them on one finger. I'm sure there are hundreds of bad azz reputation dogs out there that are just loving family pets, but a choice to own breed with a statistical history of trouble requires a special educated owner who is dedicated to assuring the dog's security and happiness. It takes a lot more than just talk.

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you ppl are all a joke them dogs was not agresive

he said she said

big_dog: You're a joke. It's a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e. If they were not aggressive, explain how a man with his dog minding their own business was attacked by those two dogs that are at Battery Park unleashed alone when they live on Reese Street??


It is the HUMANS fault...not the DOG


Sorry PB lovers but I'm convinced pit bulls are an inherently viscious breed, regardless of how they're raised. I'm sure as they age, they become even more dangerous simply because most dogs do become less tolerant the older they is with humans. I can't understand anyone wanting one of these dogs, let alone if they have children in the home.


I had a friend who had an older pit...he was probably around 12 at the time. They brought him to the vet's office I worked at to have a lump removed from his paw. He came in every other day for bandage changes & had to wear the dreaded cone. She came in one day & her 3 year old son was with them. While in the waiting room the child was punching the cone back & forth making it smack the dog in the face. I was waiting for the dog to lash out but he just stood there & took it...didn't even flinch. Not all dogs will snap. This dog loved that little boy & never left his side. He passed away about a year later...never having hurt a person or an animal his whole life.

he said she said

Sorry meowmix but I can't agree with that. My son has a red nose pit that he has had since she was 6 weeks old. My son's dog is such a sweet dog and anyone can walk up to her and pet her and she will either beat you with her wagging tail or lick you silly!

It all boils down to how a dog is treated and raised by the owner. An owner of a pom can make it meaner than all get out and have it attacking on a whim because of how is was raised. Years ago my sister was bitten by a poodle that required her to get stitches and rabies shots. Poodles are not vicious dogs by nature but this dog was a menace in the neighborhood and would attack anyone with no reason other than just being mean because of how it was raised.


Yeah the most vicious thing about our pit is his wagging tail for sure lol! Ouch!

Licorice Schtick

Anecdotes about well-behaved Pit Bulls do not refute the fact that they are statistically more dangerous than other dogs.




EXACTLY he said she said!!


Have you researched and/or read about the breed?

looking around

Watch out that little dwarf Pitt Boss and his posse will come to Sandusky and take your dogs!