Kasich signs bill for allergy shots in schools

Measure allows schools to stock epinephrine injectors
Associated Press
Apr 22, 2014


Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill making it easier for schools, camps and coaches to stock general-use supplies of epinephrine shots used to counter allergic reactions.


   The bill unanimously passed both chambers of the Legislature earlier this month. Kasich signed it on Monday.


   The legislation would not force schools and others to stock epinephrine injectors, but would allow the practice by removing barriers such as cost.


   Currently, parents who know their child has allergies can send epinephrine with their child to school. But it’s illegal for school nurses to dispense doses to anyone else who might have an allergic reaction at school.


   The bill outlines training requirements and liability protections for authorized employees.


Dr. Information

Im surprised they already didn't have this shot in schools. Epi can save lives and is very easy to use.

William Jeffers...

No doubt! It's quite disturbing that the obvious wasn't done YEARS ago.

Licorice Schtick

Keep 'em away from coaches. WADA prohibits EpiPens, even though they don't work very well as a performance-enhancer.

If you think you're going into shock, you might be able to get someone to drive you to the ER faster than you can find you EpiPen. You gotta go there anyway, shot or not. But don't try to drive yourself.

Dr. Information

And here come the know it all's, with their unintelligent knowledge.