WHS sets PSEOP meeting for Monday

Willard High School will host a meeting 7 p.m. Monday about its postsecondary enrollment option program.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 29, 2014


Parents must attend the meeting for their children to be eligible to participate in it.

The popular program, also known as PSEOP, enables students to obtain college credits while simultaneously earning credits toward high school graduation. Courses are tuition-free and will transfer to all public and most private universities in Ohio. Some out-of-state colleges may also accept the credits.

To enroll, students must meet the participating college’s eligibility requirements and provide their own transportation, if needed.

Call the high school at 419-935-0181 for more information.



Parents please pay attention. This is free college…..free!!!!

It can be anywhere from a $2000 savings to a $30,000 savings. Plus, there is additional savings on room and board. That could be a total savings of $50,000.

Do I have your attention?

Your child can take a couple years of the mindless drivel that colleges require (to make money) prior to their involvement in their major field of study.

How many kids get a $50,000 scholarship ? Not many. Most area schools have the same program. Don't miss the opportunity.

My children participated in this program. The above savings are possible.


Students can do PSEOP, but Willard Schools penalize those who do academically, and they discourage any PSEOP that is not taught at WHS as it takes away state funding from the local school system. What a joke! So if you are going to do PSEOP then just consider yourself leaving high school and starting your college studies early. This is not a bad decision considering the savings.


Sandusky did something like this in 1933.