Tuesday's closures/delays

Some schools have already canceled classes for Tuesday; check back here for updates as they become available, and email your cancellations to news@sanduskyregister.com.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 28, 2014

Schools closed Tuesday

•Bellevue Schools

•Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools

•BGSU Firelands

•Clyde-Green Springs Schools

•Danbury Schools

•Edison Schools

•EHOVE Career Center (evening adult education classes are not canceled)

•Fremont Schools

•Huron Schools, public and parochial

•Margaretta Schools

•Monroeville Schools, public and parochial

•Norwalk Schools, public and parochial

•Perkins Schools

•Port Clinton Schools

•Sandusky Central Catholic School

•Sandusky City Schools

•South Central Schools

•St. Stephen Kiddie College

•Terra State Community College is closing at 5 p.m.

•Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers

•Vermilion Schools


Sandusky Transit

•Public buses on a three-hour delay. Sandusky Transit, including SPARC buses, beginning service at 9 a.m.


Businesses/organizations closed Tuesday

•Bingo at Clyde St. Mary Catholic Church is canceled.

•Erie-Huron County chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 6:30 p.m. board meeting at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Norwalk has been cancelled, with rescheduled date TBD.

•Sandusky Central Catholic School and St. Mary's Church's Elizabeth Ficocelli presentations for Tuesday have been postponed.

•Sandusky Library is closed today.

•Sandusky Life Teen prayer night is canceled.


Last updated: 3:50 p.m. Tuesday



i just got home from plowing highways. there will be no schools today..some highways completely blown over and closed..rt 99 by monroeville one..rt 61 in bh soon/..dont drive is terrible out


Agreed, the snow is blowing like crazy!


Erie County down to Level I at the moment...



Perkins 2 hour delay


might as well tell the kids no school until Thursday the way this week is looking.


Today is the 27th. Anyone want to correct the mistake? If this was Tuesday it would be real confusing. Erie county a level 2


That's when the original post was, Jan. 26. Erie county IS at a level 2, however.


Sandusky is closed.

From the Grave

The kids can just stay until the end of June to make up!


At least change the heading to "Monday school closings"


This is shaping up to be one of those winters that our children will tell their grandkids the winter of 2014 was the worst. Let`s hope this summer is not as hot as this winter is cold. Although, at the moment that heat seems rather a pleasant thought.

Baba Booey

God I hope not. I'm getting tired of all these old people talking about the blizzard of whenever and how they had had it rough back in there day. That's the last thing I want to hear when I'm old.


Ah yes! The blizzard of 1978! Those were the days!

An Apparently Old Person

From the Grave

The snow was 10 feet high on the sides of the road, and we had no power for two days. This weather isn't that bad. And we somehow drove with rear wheel drive and no anti-lock brakes, imagine that.


And if I recall, no seat belts in older model cars! That said, it wasn't "that bad"according to my father.... He after all loved to talk about how he walked to school in 5 feet of snow uphill both ways!


At least way more than 10 feet high. Remember digging the tunnels for the homes and businesses. Drifts as high as telephone poles!

Tell ya what kid, you'll probably never hear wind howl like that in your life IF your LUCKY. I've never heard it like that since, not even with these past summer storms. The winds were clocked around( this whole freakin' area ) in excess of 90 miles an hour That's why it's the Mother of all Blizzards AKA " The GREAT WHITE HURRICANE" ! NO Power for better than a week, There were NO cell phones at the time, No TV, NO computer or video games. NO remote starts for the car. BE thankful you weren't there. PRAY you never are. You younger generation will never survive it. You're too coddled with your push button everything and apps.

Thank God/ Goddess (whomever) for gas heat /cooking, our small woodburner, my mom's old oil lamps and flashlights and CB's.

OH, and our BEAUTIFUL crazy neighbors who brought us some supplies on their snowmobiles. When they got dug out.

Signed Me, Another OLD PERSON at 48.

;] ;]


Digging tunnels (at the time) was a blast! It was dig tunnels or read the World Book Encyclopedias by candle light.... You know way back when they were actually BOOKS


Yeah, we had a set of 1969 World Book, My nose was in them all the time for schoolwork.

Ha, these kids won't even know how to pick up a shovel cause there isn't an app. for it.

BTW: My school district with the agreement of the students ( we voted ) We made all our snow days up by going two Saturdays and cutting our spring break short that year.

We didn't whine or complain . We just did it.


Frankly, I don't remember how my school district made up the days. But losing some days on 'spring break' was a very sound decision!

Remember when the school year started the day after Labor Day and finished before Memorial Day? That said, we didn't have 2 weeks off at Christmas or a week off at what used to be called Easter Break.


Agree...I hate that they start before Labor Day and end after Memorial Day. The last week of school is a joke..nothing but cleaning classrooms.


Amen, my parents had put a fireplace the October before do that's how my mom and me stayed warm, made soup, coffee and slept in the living room. Tired a rope from the back door to the garage to get the wood and hunkered down. Hope to never see that again. Oh, yeah, we lived in Huron 6 houses from the lake sho wee bit it full blast.


Lol....could not of said it better myself .

a fellow old person


Baba you will not only be hearing it you will be saying it yourself.


The winters in the 70's were certainly brutal. I remember temperatures of -20 on a few occassions and as much snow as we have today.


Is it true that most schools in the area are out of calamity days already? I bet they sure find a way to get to their friends house, the mall, or the movie theater though.


Not my daughter. And she's not old enough to drive, thank goodness.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Yes, most have used them up now. I'm working to gather informaiton from districts about how many they've used up, but as you can expect, it's difficult to get a hold of some of them when they're closed more than they're open...


Norwalk City Schools = 7 days as of today.....


The heading should be changed to Monday school closings.


Today is Perkins 7th day off Alissa, if I kept track correctly. Most likely closed tomorrow due to the cold, so we'll have at least 3 days to make up.