Tuesday's closures/delays

Some schools have already canceled classes for Tuesday; check back here for updates as they become available, and email your cancellations to news@sanduskyregister.com.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 28, 2014

Schools closed Tuesday

•Bellevue Schools

•Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools

•BGSU Firelands

•Clyde-Green Springs Schools

•Danbury Schools

•Edison Schools

•EHOVE Career Center (evening adult education classes are not canceled)

•Fremont Schools

•Huron Schools, public and parochial

•Margaretta Schools

•Monroeville Schools, public and parochial

•Norwalk Schools, public and parochial

•Perkins Schools

•Port Clinton Schools

•Sandusky Central Catholic School

•Sandusky City Schools

•South Central Schools

•St. Stephen Kiddie College

•Terra State Community College is closing at 5 p.m.

•Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers

•Vermilion Schools


Sandusky Transit

•Public buses on a three-hour delay. Sandusky Transit, including SPARC buses, beginning service at 9 a.m.


Businesses/organizations closed Tuesday

•Bingo at Clyde St. Mary Catholic Church is canceled.

•Erie-Huron County chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 6:30 p.m. board meeting at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Norwalk has been cancelled, with rescheduled date TBD.

•Sandusky Central Catholic School and St. Mary's Church's Elizabeth Ficocelli presentations for Tuesday have been postponed.

•Sandusky Library is closed today.

•Sandusky Life Teen prayer night is canceled.


Last updated: 3:50 p.m. Tuesday


Julie R.

I really have no desire to defend the point I was trying to get across, so my only comment is .... whatever.


Dude it is Tuesday and there is no school, it is the 28 th and it was just posted on the 27 th . it isn't that confusing


God forbid if a "public" servant was to have an accident! These precious creatures should be nursed like babies! Look at the Huron and Sandusky Libraries: closed too, as I am sure are all libraries in a radius of 50 miles. Yet, everybody else (i.e., us taxpayers, the ones who foot their bills) have been going to work, as we do every day. I've been getting to work regularly, with no problem. So, We The People slave so these parasites can stay at home and grow fat on our hard work! Shame on Americans who take this abuse and do nothing about it!


Oh, and, I forgot, it's all been caused by "global warming," I mean "climate change"!!!!!!!!

Common Sense

Please understand that most librarians(the exception may be the director)are not paid when they do not work. When they do work, it is for pittance as they not only categorize materials, teach classes, and provide a service to most patrons. Often, they are a place for the homeless to wander in from the cold and the world's largest child-sitting service as parents see it as "affordable care".
Run for public office if you think it's a cake job.


Common sense, you are an example that common sense if far too uncommon these days. Like “librarians” I’m also not paid when I don’t work; so what’s your point? Taxpayers are burdened with maintaining these palaces called libraries; yet they decide to not open? If librarians work for a pittance and don’t like it, they can always get another job—or a second one, like many of us (me included) do. Now, let’s talk about the Huron and Sandusky libraries, since these are the ones I mentioned; what classes do the “librarians” there teach—and, most importantly, why do they teach since they are not teachers? “Provide a service to most patrons”: and I thought they were supposed to provide library services to all not “most” patrons… There are plenty of charities out there to take care of bums; why should taxpayers be burdened with libraries also doing this job?! Are they libraries or social service agencies?! They are “the world’s largest child-sitting service”? Correct me if I am wrong, but both libraries I mentioned have a policy that children cannot be left unattended on their premises. As for running for office, I would love to, but unfortunately can’t, since there are not enough hours in a day left for me: I have to work my derrière off most of my day so all American public servants can stay home when it snows a bit too much for their comfort! (I am writing this after my regular work-hours, working from home right now. Maybe this would inspire those poor librarians living on a pittance…)


So, tell me who was going to go to the library in this cold? Nobody. Taxpayer's money would go to waste even further if the library was to be open on a day that nobody showed up. Librarians do teach classes, usually in the lines of research and writing, or even bookkeeping. Taking care of 'bums' requires social services, but you know what social services require? Taxes. There's nothing wrong with 'bums' going to the library, for crying out loud, it's a public place! You chose the field you work in, and working your derriere off goes with the territory.


Are you implying people don’t go to libraries when it’s cold, and that is a good reason to close libraries? Yet, according to your friend Common (no)Sense the “homeless” go to libraries to escape the bitter cold and parents dump their brood there to be taken care of; the result is that, by closing libraries, librarians are not performing their sacred task… Now, do you think libraries should also be closed when it’s too hot? If no, why not?

I went to Meijer today and there were very few customers; should Meijer also have closed? After all, who was going to go to the supermarket in this cold, right?

I am going to check on these librarians teaching “research and writing, or even bookkeeping”; if they are not licensed to teach these subjects, they’ll be in trouble with the Department of Education of Ohio.

Socialists believe the role of government is to take care of people, and the only way socialism accomplishes that is by robbing hard-working Peter to pay lazy Paul. Yet, there are plenty of charities out there doing infinitely much better than government and spending NO taxpayers’ money. Taxpayers’ money go to waste when government builds itself palaces; libraries or not, “public” buildings are a waste of TAXPAYER’S money!

Publius never wrote anything against bums going to library. Nevertheless, libraries were NEVER conceived as places of shelter from “the cruel cold” or as “affordable child-sitting”! What’s wrong with you people? Have you completely forgotten what a library is? Most of us work our derrières off just to see our hard-earned money distributed to the ones who don’t; which one is you: maker or taker?


Libraries are non-essential. Meijer IS essential, it has a pharmacy, so yes, Meijer would be open, as would any other grocer who has medical/safety departments. The library is not going to close when it is hot, because the road conditions are not bad. Some librarians DO have teaching certificates, many are teacher-librarians. The government is too involved with education anyway. It's a job title. Socialists believe in 'tricking' their people into thinking that they're being cared for, when actually, they're being manipulated for the government's gain. I work a job in which I earn a little over $50000, I pay taxes, but I'm not whining about it.


I couldn’t agree with you more: libraries are NOT essential. And when private businesses are not essential they generally. How do I know if the librarians teaching are certified teachers? Everybody else has to provide a certificate; why should they be exempted? Meijer was not only open because it has a pharmacy—unless you are going to prove all the other businesses open also had a pharmacy or “medical/safety departments…! Now, when have you ever in your entire life see a government program close? Yet, 99% are NOT essential. The government is too involved with everything, but that doesn’t make it right—as we can see by the gargantuan amounts of OUR money it spends. You have an excellent example of a socialist mind with our friend Common (non)sense: she/he/it believes libraries are supposed to take care of bums and other people’s children! Talk about being tricked and manipulated! That you are not “whining” about giving your money away is entirely your problem—and proof of how smart you are…


PS: It should have read "And when private businesses are not essential they generally CLOSE."


Ever read the book 1984?


Yes, 1984 is about government oppression. What has that got to do with government closing because of snow while the rest of us work?

Common Sense

Re: Publius
"The taxpayers are burdened with maintaining these palaces called libraries". When the library is closed, there is no one having to do maintenance. Savings for you, the unfortunate taxpayer.
"Why do they teach if they are not teachers?" They teach classes so that all taxpayers have an opportunity to further their education. There is storytime for the younger set, summer reading programs that stand alone and are promoted in conjunction with area schools. They also instruct various ages in technology so that all taxpayers can keep abreast of developments.
The librarian help "most" patrons. I am fortunate in that I rarely, if ever, need their services. They are burdened with "bums" because not all charities are open during the hours a library might be. Also, it is a place for anyone who has a library card to sign in and use the internet for whatever purpose they may want.
"Correct me if I am wrong, but both libraries I mentioned have a policy that children cannot be left unattended on their premises". That is for the younger children. Prior to the closing of the Adams Junior High, students would come in and disturb patrons. A security guard and an uniformed policeman stood by to take care of the problems.
Librarians are not complaining about their wages. It was my statement. Do you know if they hold a second job?
By the way, I, too, hold two jobs. However, I am certain not to complain about the occupation of others unless I have personally "walked" in their shoes.


I am crying here, thinking of the poor, poor librarians who don’t get paid when they don’t work… Welcome to the real world, where the rest of us live! So, you’re saying that librarians take upon themselves the job of teaching? Mmmm, I’m going to file a complaint with the Department of Education. Yes, because unless you are a licensed teacher in Ohio you cannot teach! Hey, if libraries are such wonderful places for the “homeless” and children-care centers, how come they were closed yesterday and today? Where are the homeless going to find protection from the cruel cold and distressed parents get “affordable” child-sitting?! Who knows, but by now you might have realized what a bunch of hogwash you wrote, right? Or maybe I’m just expecting too much from someone who wrote so much nonsense…

Common Sense

No one asked for your pity. As for teaching, as long as it is not in a classroom setting, it is not considered under the Ohio Department of Education. Also, for those who don't know, it only takes a college degree to qualify as a substitute teacher. You are licensed year by year. The libraries were closed yesterday because their primary purpose is to provide taxpayers a service whenever possible. Had they been opened, I am certain that attendance of traditional patrons would have been low and the people you cited would have been there. As for hogwash, I wonder how long it has been since you have been inside a library, much less taken advantage of the classes and services they offer to the public (whether you pay taxes or not). Whining about a library says a great deal about you and your friend, Publius. In school, we would call you two "BULLIES".


You first stated that libraries “are a place for the homeless to wander in from the cold” and are “the world's largest child-sitting service as parents see it as "affordable care".” When did you change your mind? (And I’ll check with the Dep of Ed about the classes though.)

The weather today is EXACTLY as yesterday, yet the Sandusky and the Huron Libraries are open; why aren’t they closed since the weather didn’t change? So, you’re saying that if a library has low attendance it should closed? I go at least once a week to more than one library; what’s your point?

I don’t like to take advantage of things; I rather pay for classes taught by real teachers.

If there is anyone whining here it is you; I merely pointed out a fact—and today’s weather proves me right big time: there was NO need for public services—library or otherwise—to be closed Monday or Tuesday; private businesses all over Sandusky and Huron were all open, so why shouldn’t “public” servants also go to work, like the rest of us? (I start to think you work in one of these free-loading places…) I don’t know about Publius, but I personally can’t write here what I’d call you. (PS: I didn’t know “bullies” whined: I thought they kicked other kids’ “you-know-what”!)

Common Sense

Verbal abuse is a form of being a bully. Since you obviously have a chip on your shoulder, I am certain that the name you would call me would be just as objectionable as you seem to be.


Could you please, point out to me exactly where you read "verbal abuse" from me to you? Why am I objectionable? Because you don't have the right answer to my questions?

Dwight K.

I love the library

Julie R.

Speaking of the library ---- I called the Erie County Treasurer's office the other day and asked why property taxes went up almost $40.00. Whoever I talked to said she didn't know --- that it could be because the Huron School levy passed. I said that can't be true because the school levy wasn't supposed to raise taxes ............ so she transferred me over to the Auditor's office. Whoever I talked to there wasn't sure of why they went up, either. She said it might be because the Huron Library levy passed.

(Do these people in the Erie County public offices know anything?)