Tuesday's closures/delays

Some schools have already canceled classes for Tuesday; check back here for updates as they become available, and email your cancellations to news@sanduskyregister.com.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 28, 2014

Schools closed Tuesday

•Bellevue Schools

•Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools

•BGSU Firelands

•Clyde-Green Springs Schools

•Danbury Schools

•Edison Schools

•EHOVE Career Center (evening adult education classes are not canceled)

•Fremont Schools

•Huron Schools, public and parochial

•Margaretta Schools

•Monroeville Schools, public and parochial

•Norwalk Schools, public and parochial

•Perkins Schools

•Port Clinton Schools

•Sandusky Central Catholic School

•Sandusky City Schools

•South Central Schools

•St. Stephen Kiddie College

•Terra State Community College is closing at 5 p.m.

•Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers

•Vermilion Schools


Sandusky Transit

•Public buses on a three-hour delay. Sandusky Transit, including SPARC buses, beginning service at 9 a.m.


Businesses/organizations closed Tuesday

•Bingo at Clyde St. Mary Catholic Church is canceled.

•Erie-Huron County chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 6:30 p.m. board meeting at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Norwalk has been cancelled, with rescheduled date TBD.

•Sandusky Central Catholic School and St. Mary's Church's Elizabeth Ficocelli presentations for Tuesday have been postponed.

•Sandusky Library is closed today.

•Sandusky Life Teen prayer night is canceled.


Last updated: 3:50 p.m. Tuesday


Tsu Dho Nimh

I'm sure they will but the parents will take responsibility, not the schools. Just imagine the posts if all the school districts were open with a level two snow emergency. I don't think we will see 5,000 kids out and about today.


I had cabin fever in 1978...could not even open my front door as it was piled with snow;shoved my driveway 7 times..fell down numerous times and injured my back ; cars would not start and emergency vehicles were used to shuttle medical teams to the hospital......front end loaders were used to clear rt. 75 one scoop at a time....I decided then to move to Florida...the high today is 80 degrees... ABOVE ZERO..need to mow the lawn...


Remember, it's not just about getting the kids to school. They also have to be able to get them home safely at the end of the school day.


Good point! I was told once that a child is the school's responsibility until they get home. If something were to happen, it would be the SD getting the heat. However, I would assume if a parent/guardian were to pick the child up, then it would no longer be the school's responsibility.


Tell that to the substitute bus drivers! They used to wait until a parent opened the door for the little ones (1-3rd), now they head out. My son was stuck in the freezing rain crying and nowhere to go because he forgot to stay after school. And then another time mine my other child was reading his book for school and was still on the bus went it go to the garage. They forgot to stop and drop him off. Now they have a checklist on their visor to follow.

Erie Countian

I appreciate being able to check here for closings and cancellations, but the Register really needs to continue updating the time and date on these alerts.


I actually found out that giro was cancelled on here before getting the generated phone call. If it was Tuesday I would have sent my kids to school because the heading didn't have a day or date of closing


Oh how I can't wait to drive all the way to BGSU Firelands from Fremont today just for a class that never goes longer than a half hour.


The winter of '76-77 was Ohio's record setting cold, I believe. Check the records.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I do remember it being cold. I went to school in a district that was reluctant to close but remember closing that year due to cold temperatures.


We have had so many mild winters the last few years that people have forgotten that this is winter in Ohio!! C'mon and toughen up! And why the schools have closed so much is beyond me.....Maybe tomorrow because it is going to be sooo cold. Oh well, when you sit inside and play computer games all day, I guess you think 30 degrees is freezing...


It isn't a matter of toughening up. It's a matter of safety.


Do you know what a windchill warning is? It means do not go outside unless absolutely necessary. Kids standing at a bus stop or walking to school is dangerous.


Yes, I do, I work outside and as a parent, make your child dress properly for the few minutes they are waiting at the bus stop or walking in the school. As for walking to school, you sure don't see much of that anymore. Do kids not go to school in Alaska??!! Our kids need all the schooling they can get...


Those who are parents of Perkins and Sandusky students, do you get tired of the lack of consideration of your districts not giving you more notice on closings? My God, most of the state has closed but these two are still dragging their feet.


Yes we do! They already know and all local athletic games for tomorrow night have already been cancelled also.


Huron hasn't closed yet either, although I'm sure they will.

They just closed.


Northstar, Gunner, Sanders, and Danhoff don't have children in the districts so of course it is of no inconvenience to them. Sandusky keeps preaching customer service. Maybe they ought to try it.


Perkins just closed!


Cool! Nice to hear.


Now SCCS Closed


Sandusky closed

Julie R.

So what have the kids been doing with all these days off of school? Anything useful, like maybe going around the neighborhood and shoveling the sidewalks and driveways of their elderly neighbors? Bet not. Like starryeyes83 said --- the kids today won't even know how to pick up a shovel because there isn't an app. for it!


I don't let my kids go outside when wind chills are 25 below zero. There's a warning. That means you shouldn't be playing outside.

Julie R.

A lot of the days they have had off so far was because of snow, not because of the wind chills. Today was the warning about the wind chills yet on the news tonight it showed a bunch of kids out sledding!


Well since there is no news from Erie County on tv, those weren't area kids. I have no idea how the wind chills were in Toledo or Cleveland, whichever news you were watching. Regardless, perhaps those kids' parents all have snow blowers and took care of their neighbors like my spouse and I do.
Take it from a parent, most kids are so bored because of this weather they would rather be at school. Mine is working on household projects but it is getting old quickly.


How many driveways did you shovel for the elderly when you were a kid, Julie? How many times did you have your kids shovel for someone else? When my spouse had surgery, our neighbor kids shoveled for us without being asked. Maybe you should look around before making blanket statements. There are some really cool kids out there today.

Julie R.

Well, some man on the news tonight said the same thing. He said he went over to his mother's house on Sunday to shovel her sidewalks and the only other people on the street out shoveling were women, one a single mother. The single mother told the newsman that she had to wait until her toddler took a nap before she could get out and shovel. The man then told the newsman there were plenty of men in the neighborhood with snowblowers and there also was at least 6 or 7 teen-age boys on the street ...... that neighborhoods sure weren't like they used to be.

(I'll bet the people in that neighborhood were embarrassed when that aired)

Common Sense

Julie R:
This was a case of one neighborhood. I would disagree with you when you say that "a lot of the days off have had off so far was because of snow" as nearly all of the days were due to winds either blowing snow, making driving dangerous or the wind chill. This is actually the third string of wind chill closures. As for students out shoveling, I would be terribly concerned about any one out in this weather. Lazy? Most students have jobs (in addition to school). Some attend college while in high school.

Yes, neighborhoods sure aren't like they used to be. We send our children out with reluctance because there are too many reports of children not returning to home. Does the word "abduction" ring a bell? Or how ab out the teen who froze in his truck?We didn't talk about wind chill in my days, but even my mother wouldn't let us outside on any one of these days.

Perhaps it is time for you to consider the words of wisdom as delivered by Thumper: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."


Common sense, I'm glad you and I have some of it, because some of the people's comments in here sure make them sound ignorant! Send our kids outside when it feels like NEGATIVE 24 outside?!? PUUUULEASE!!! Anchorage Alaska is about 41 degrees Warmer than us right now!!! If you are so worried about helping the neighbors Julie R., How about if you round up all your little friends who agree with you here, and go outside and walk around the neighborhoods and see who needs help??? P.s. make sure you dress "appropriately" and do not use a car to stay warm!! Let us know how that works out for ya'll in about 4 hours, if you aren't in the hospital with frostbite!!!