Local school districts benefit from casinos

“In this day and age of tight budgets, any revenue is always welcomed”
Andy Ouriel
Jan 18, 2014


It’s illegal for anyone under 21 to gamble in an Ohio casino.

But the youngest people are among the biggest beneficiaries from those legally playing poker, blackjack and roulette.

Area schools in Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky counties have collectively received about $2.9 million in casino-related taxes since Ohio’s first regulated gaming establishment opened in spring 2012, according to a Register analysis of state data.

The extra income helps partially offset massive state-imposed cuts local school districts have endured in recent times.

“In this day and age of tight budgets, any revenue is always welcomed,” Sandusky Schools board member Jeff Krabill said.

The amount each public school district receives is based on enrollment. The more students enrolled into a district, the larger the share.

Mad money
One-third of a casino’s gross revenue, or total take, helps fund local governments, such as schools. In total, more than $11 billion has been wagered at Ohio’s four casinos since the first one in Cleveland opened almost two years ago.
About $3.72 million has been paid out in taxes, broken out as such:
Here’s how the tax money is divvied out:

• 51 percent: County fund — Money is distributed quarterly from this fund to Ohio’s 88 counties based on population.

The state’s eight largest cities — Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, Canton and Youngstown — also receive a cut.

• 34 percent: County student fund — Money is distributed to all school districts in Ohio based on student population. The distributions occur twice a year.

• 5 percent: Host city fund — Money goes to cities with casinos, which is Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo

• 3 percent: Ohio Casino Control Commission fund — Money helps pay for Ohio’s governing body overseeing casino operations.

• 3 percent: Ohio State Racing Commission fund 

• 2 percent: Law enforcement training fund

•2 percent: Problem gambling/addiction funds

Source: Ohio Department of Taxation


JMOP's picture

Why is Edison and Monroeville listed in Huron and Erie county? Is it not where the school is located, but where students that live that attend the districts?


it is so sad that the schools depend on gambling money for a forum of revenue, why don't the mob just give to the schools while they are at it. Or better yet y don't big box businesses build school infrastructure oh wait they do. gosh darn it schools are about educating our youth not to use them as a means to get as much money as one district can off the backs of our youth.

William Jeffers...

A large % of the people that "gamble" (when you include the State Lottery) do not have the "means" to gamble and are subsidized to one extent or another by other benefits paid for by people smart enough NOT to p&ss away their hard earned dollars.


have u not noticed your property tax recently, most of it goes to the schools.

Whiskey Tango F...

More money for financially irresponsible is no different than more heroin for a junkie.

Azure Ray

I'm trying to figure this out - are you putting heroin junkies and school systems in the same boat? If so, you are off your rocker. If I'm reading it wrong, I apologize.


That's funny, I don't remember the Perkins school district disclosing their $171,000 in their list of incoming revenue during the levy campaign. Hmmmmm? I'm sure it was just accidentally overlooked. After all, it is a small number.


I learned a lot from casinos. I learned percentages (Have to learn the odds and percentages of hits to stay in the game) from playing Roulette, How to count to 21 from playing black jack and how to subtract when i left the building. I learned Sociology from sitting at the bar and interacting with the people around me and creating networks. I learned More English curse words than i care to mention from the old ladies on the slot machines. I learned about government when I hit it big and spent 30 minutes trying to fill out the tax forms and last but not least I learned Home economics when I came home and was so broke i learned 47 different recipes for Ramen noodles. So yes the Casino's do contribute more to schooling than just money.