K-3 elementary under construction

Building should be ready as early as the second half of 2014-15 school year.
Alissa Widman Neese
Dec 21, 2013


Despite a few snowy days this month, construction crews continued working on the new elementary building on the Vermilion Schools campus.

The district broke ground in early August at the corner of Sailorway Drive and Douglas Street.

Officials anticipate the building will be ready for kindergarten through third-grade students as early as the second half of the 2014-15 school year.

It will cost about $10 million.


Simple Enough II

Hmmm, looks like a prison?


How is the building being paid for?

It was my understanding that a bond issue for this building failed at the polls. Now they seem to have money from what operating funds to build it? In any case $10 million seems like a big chunk of change in anyone's budget to have laying around.

yea right

lets see new building for K-3..across from jr high..that has 6,7,8..
and high school.. where did 4 and 5 go.. always knew something wrong with Vermilion.. lol.. Money you ask..it is from all the tax from the beer they sell..thats ok still will not improve their education system..


Vermilion has a trail all over town of vacant school buildings. They actually have more former school building than the number they use today and believe it or not they want to build yet more school buildings. Have a superintendent and he/she wants this and few years later a new superintended and they want a totally different thing.

Several years back it was build a school where the child population was. Now the idea is to cluster all the schools on one campus. Wait....give it 10 years and they will want to build neighborhood school buildings again. They just can't seem to make up their minds.

I think at one time Vermilion had a plan to build a new high school and then remodel the current high school into an elementary building. Now that made a lot of sense build new and then redo what you had already spent money to build.

Like I say every time a new superintendent comes to town they come up with a new plan.

I remember one time listening to a local Erie County farmer who was both successful and wealthy and he said if I ran my farm like Board of Educations and superintendents run a school system I would be out of business in two years. He went on to say total up all the salaries of all the superintendents in Erie County and add in there the county service center super and EHOVE as well. He said my gosh you have upwords of a million + $$$ in salaries. He said I would let them all go and advertise for a new superintendent for say $225,000 a year and get a really good one probably one of the best in the US for that money. Said let them be one superintendent for the entire county and I would be saving over $800,000 in salaries of superintendents each year. He said we just don't need all these superintendents we have in Erie County.....its just plain wasteful.