Area schools in running for Straight A Fund grants

Eight of 11 area districts vying for a state innovation grant made it past the first round of eliminations.
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 19, 2013


More than 400 districts statewide applied for Straight A Fund grants this past month from the Ohio Department of Education, which would earn them a slice of $250 million next year.

The state narrowed about 600 applications to about 360 this past week.

Area schools still in the running for one of the competitive awards: Clyde-Green Springs, Edison, Kelleys Island, Monroeville, Norwalk, Perkins, Port Clinton and Vermilion schools.

Proposals from Benton-Carroll-Salem, Huron and Sandusky schools, meanwhile, were rejected for not being fiscally sustainable.

A nine-person board reviewed the applications and eliminated any that did not sufficiently indicate how programs or projects would continue after grant funds were exhausted, according to the Ohio Department of Education website.

Edison Schools, for example, indicated North Point Educational Service Center could help sustain their potential Straight A Fund program.

If approved, the district’s grant would fund an expansive technology and teacher training initiative in Erie County, impacting EHOVE Career Center and Edison, Huron, Margaretta and Perkins schools.

“North Point Educational Service center could continue to provide ongoing professional development at no cost to the district, since we’re already a partner, which makes our grant uniquely sustainable,” said Catherine Puster, the district’s director of curriculum and instructional planning.

The state board is expected to announce all grant-winning districts in mid-December.

The grants — $100 million to be awarded this year and $150 million next year — aim to encourage innovation in schools. Districts winning awards will likely have pitched the most creative, forwardthinking ideas possible.

The next round of scoring will be based on how the proposals will increase student achievement, reduce district spending and target more resources to classrooms, according to the Ohio Department of Education website.



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So, a grant that expects the district to sustain spending after the grant expires... yet a requirement to "win" the grant is to reduce spending????
Yeah, the state should be involved in education.


And just to think these are the same people that are teaching our kids
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Innovation or innovating requires out of the box thinking. Challenging previous theories, practices, and laws of... Cirriculum for elementary, middle (junior high), and high schools are all basically the same. Memorization of basics start the beginning of each new school year math, reading, and writing. But as the students progress through the years, time allotted to basics is reduced. The children need solid grasp of basics in their elementary years. Evolve, learn, and familiarize themselves with real world problems during middle school years. In high school start focusing professions and offer "think tanks" or "creative labs." Each year would have to start with different real world problems. Grading scales would have to be based on class participation, and knowledge gained on the problem at hand. Tests would have to be from students research, this would teach them how to provide a work sited page in their research. Not everyone is going to be a doctor or a lawyer. But the fields that will change our future the most will lie in the fields of engineering. So many different paths in engineering, but require high levels of mathematical skill.

This straight A grant fund for innovation needs to be held for longer than two years to see any effective use of funds, whoever receives them. The funding should last for at least for four years. To see if there is any change in the students high school endeavors. As new classes would be needed.


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