Local supers in the running

Gunner, Kurt secure interviews for spot at Findlay Schools.
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 8, 2013


Two local superintendents have secured interviews this weekend for the top spot at Findlay Schools.

Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner and Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt are in the top 5 of 10 candidates who applied to the job of Findlay Schools superintendent.

The pair will be interviewed Saturday morning during a closed-door meeting, said George Tombaugh, an assistant superintendent of Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, the group conducting the superintendent search.

The other three candidates in the Top 5 are the superintendents of New Boston Schools, Northeastern Schools and North Union Schools. Final candidates will be interviewed in December.

Findlay school board members hope to announce their selection during winter break in late December. Their superintendent retires at the end of the school year.


Good 2 B Me

Dear Findlay Schools,

Dr. Jim Gunner is a fantastic Superintendent and leader of Perkins Schools. We would be sad to see him leave us, but fully understand that you have a School District in need of "Change."

Dr. Gunner is fully qualified to "Change" your School District like he did ours.

Please consider him for the poisition as he will be closer to his home and will take great pride in his "changes" that he can offer your District. Perkins is no longer needing him as he has "changed" enough here. Thank you for considering his application!


Perkins Voters


I read this 5 minutes ago. I just now made my way up from the floor and back on my chair. Too Funny.


I bet he answers the phone for them.


I would love to hear two things; will Gunner promise to move to either of these districts and then fabricate a feeble excuse as to why he can't comply with his prior promises, and will he take his puppet Be Hurling with him to be his unofficial and unpaid spokesman?


Now wait a minute...Many Margaretta voters would love to see Kurt get the job.


Send them both