Perkins, Margaretta school leaders apply for other districts’ openings

Includes pdfs of applications.
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 7, 2013
Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner said he’s available to leave the district Jan. 1, according to a job application the Register obtained Monday.

Gunner recently applied to be superintendent at Tiffin Schools and Findlay Schools.

Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt is also vying for the Findlay Schools job.

The Register obtained copies of applications and resumés they sent to the districts.

In Gunner’s application to Tiffin Schools, he lists his “date available for employment” as Jan. 1, but says his “preferred hire date” is Aug. 1. The current Tiffin Schools superintendent is set to retire Dec. 31 and board members hope to select areplacement by the end of the month.

Gunner’s contract with Perkins Schools ends July 2015. He currently receives about $117,000 a year and is requesting a $120,000 salary at Tiffin Schools.

In their applications to Findlay Schools, Gunner and Kurt were not required to list their preferred hire date. Board members hope to announce their selection in late December. Their superintendent retires at the end of the school year.

Gunner is requesting a $150,000 salary at Findlay Schools, while Kurt is requesting a $135,000 salary. Kurt receives about $118,000 a year at Margaretta Schools. His contract ends July 2016.

Gunner has not returned calls seeking comment on his job applications and other Perkins Schools issues.

When contacted this past week, Kurt said he is happy at Margaretta Schools, but is exploring other opportunities.

Copies of the applications and resumés have been posted below


Good 2 B Me

What? Gunner is not returning calls? No way!


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Peninsula Pundit

How would Register employees like their application for employment at other newspapers put on the internet for their current employer to see?
Where did the Register obtain this information?
I'd just like to know so I'm certain not to post anything on that site.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Any job applications emailed or sent to a school district are a public record — especially important when it's a school's top job. Any teacher or administrator's personnel file, full of hundreds of documents like this, is also a public record. They're public records because taxpayers pay a public school's employee salaries. Anyone can ask to see files like this at any time simply by submitting a request, including their current employers.


Just because it's legal to do so, doesn't mean you should do so. All you are doing is fanning the flames.


So you're asking the Register to be like the school district and keep everything a secret from the public? Public life isn't conducted in executive session, kal-el!


"be like the school district and keep everything a secret from the public?"

Really 15th??


What do you call not disclosing that the stadium contribution of 1.7 million was included in the 3 million plus design loan? Also, you can't tell me the board didn't know Gunner was applying elsewhere. It doesn't matter, Brad. What is your plan moving forward?


The loan was voted on at a public board meeting. It was also the subject of a Sandusky Register Article in the fall 2012.

I'm sure the board knew he was applying elsewhere. What's your point? I don't blame him for applying elsewhere, and if he leaves, I wish him the best.

My immediate plan - pray for this community.

Good 2 B Me

Pray? What does that have to do with Gunner screwing things up and then trying to run away?


I don't think Gunner is to blame for this. I'm not saying he's perfect, but the blame does not rest with him.


Was it disclosed at the Fall 2012 meeting exactly what the loan was to be used for? After all, it is our loan they are taking out.


Should be in the minutes. I was not at that meeting.


fanning the flames ? are you serious? this community and school district is in the middle of an inferno right now. we need to get it all on the table and get it straightened out, the time for closed doors, secretly moving money, lying, and all the other crap that is going on needs to stop now. lets get it all out there and in the end all the bad and negative will be gone, this community and the school district will rebuild and be stronger than it was in the past. the answer is not all the haters voting no on everything because not 100 percent of everything is going their way. and the answer is not to all the supporters who vote YES on everything and just believe what is being told. I believe we have truly lost the focus on what this is about, the kids. this is a huge mess and it's not going to be fixed overnight, we need the community to pull together and create a solution, and if you don't want to be part of that then maybe you are part of the problem. 1 new person on the boe or 1 old person on the boe is not going to solve and or keep this problem from getting fixed. if you like what somebody is doing let them know, if you don't call them out and make them give you answers and make it public so their answers not going to just one person but to a whole community. we were at the top before and we will get there again. go pirates!! go Perkins Township !!

Good 2 B Me

This has EVERYTHING to do with the kids. We are showing the kids that when the powers that be are corrupt, you fight them and get rid of them in order to make the changes needed to improve the situation.

If we just vote yes just to soothe the kids, what are we showing them and teaching them?

Tell it how it is.

Alissa, the entire newspaper is based on public records requests. We see that. There have been entire stories on the basis that you did a public records request. The story is that he applied to other school districts. The story is not posting his application and resume. That is intended to smear in my opinion. Do some actual reporting and find some good stories. The stories intended to sell newspapers are not shining a good light on the community. Even the NO voters believe the district is a great district. 500+ students that choose to enroll there from outside districts must also think the district is good. I have never read a newspaper this bad. You just go too far. It is one thing to discredit somebody but it is another to kick them when they are down.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I appreciate everyone's feedback on this topic and I'll keep it in mind moving forward. The Register's decision to post this information wasn't based on a decision to smear any district or make it look bad, however — it was a decision based on a stance of keeping readers informed about their public school leaders. I'm unsure how posting a superintendent's resume and application listing his credentials and achievements at a local district makes the said district look bad, but you're all entitled to your own opinions.

I hope my comments clarify our position on things.


Well put Alissa, and not only that but when gunner is gone and somebody else is applying for this position I hope their resume also gets put out so we can see what this person's intentions, goals, and priorities are for our children in the future of our school district

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

If there are any local superintendent searches in the future, you can count on it.



You could have reported on the relevant facts and collaborated them with redacted versions of the documents. There's no need to publish his personal contact information such as his phone number. As contemptible as Gunner's official conduct is, that doesn't justify opening him up to harassment in his home.

John Harville

PUBLIC school applications are PUBLIC information. It's the other 'blade' of the First Amendment.

Good 2 B Me

I have to wish Gunner the best of luck that one of these will turn up a job offer. I'd hate to see him continue to Detroy the Perkins School District.


Don't worry Mr Gunner, i know you will find new employment, keep your chins up !


Real classy.

Good 2 B Me

Not near as 'classy' as the YES voters and their name calling and insinuations that us NO voters are all uneducated and dumb.


Hey good, I'm not saying its you but it is a shame that this whole thing has turned into yes voters and no voters. all the focus has been on yes voters and no voters, we need to keep in mind the kids, we need to be kid voters and that is to do what is best for the kids, weather we love or hate a certain person of the process


I agree on the yes, no division. It is what it is but has to stop to move us forward.


You're right 15th all this garbage needs to stop for us to move forward. The writing is on the wall that gunner is gone, and someone earlier made a great point that he was brought in to move us in a new direction, and he did have BIG plans, too big of plans for what the community wanted to support (right or wrong) i think gunners issue was that he was not going to waver from his plan, and started doing some things that the community thinks ( and rightfully so) were dishonest and unethical. The yes's and the no's need to all take their blinders off, look at the whole picture and not just one factor or person and this whole situation / opportunity (mess) we have will turn around ! The yes lovers and the no haters remind me of our government with the repubs and demos, and look how well that works for us.


Transparency is great."Authority" on all levels must be accountable.


I would say the school board members know he is looking elsewhere as some current and former school board members are listed as his references.