Gunner, Kurt apply to be Findlay Schools superintendent

Perkins, Margaretta superintendents are two of 10 applicants revealed Thursday
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 1, 2013

Jim Gunner and Ed Kurt, superintendents at Perkins Schools and Margaretta Schools, respectively, are vying to be superintendent at Findlay Schools, according to the Findlay Courier.

An article posted to the Courier's website Thursday lists Gunner and Kurt as two of 10 applicants seeking the job.

When contacted Thursday, Kurt said he submitted an application a few weeks ago. The application process ended Oct. 25.

"It's an opportunity I'm exploring," Kurt said. "I'm very happy where I'm at. We've accomplished a lot and there's still a lot to accomplish, but I'm looking into that opportunity."

Gunner did not return a call Thursday evening seeking comment.

Findlay school board members hope to announce their selection in late December, according to the Courier. Findlay Schools superintendent Dean Wittwer is retiring at the end of the current school year.



make gunner earn his money have him cleanup asbestos


Its time [again] vote no.


How long after the election results are in will they announce another levy will be on the ballot?


I think this yes and no thing is a huge community issue. I have posted before and still see the same ole people here whining and complaining. Same ole people same ole conversation. When is someone going to take the fight to the people who actually have been told that we fund schools unconstitutionally. Who is going to lead us to Columbus to pitch the fight. Who is going to say....our district rep talked to us and told us there is nothing we can do. Who is going to go to the next level and end up in Columbus. If you vote yes we all pay. If you vote no, eventually we will pay one way or the other. Fix the school, move mills, asbestos, laptops, pay to play, pay to learn, take your pick. This levy does no one any good. The outcome is the same......EVERYONE PAYS. It may be you, your kid, your grand kid, relative. How bout if it passes.....the home owner. Why is it Ohio has been funding schools on the back of the land owner for years, been told its unconstitutional and we just sit back and pay. Then we all get to read todays paper and some nimrod says until the school learns to budget they wont vote on any levies. So now we have someone not voting. How responsible is not voting. We can read the comment many ways, but not voting is a cop out. Stop crying Perkins, you too Huron. Everyone who votes yes or no, we will all pay in the end.


Vote NO! Vote for Franklin & Ahner!


If Franklin and Ahner win, and a levy goes on the ballot with Franklin and Ahner's blessing does this mean that VOTENO is retired and VOTEYES is born? Are those two the community answer? Are they going after Columbus. Or are they another short term solution to a long term problem?


Either way: Vote Either way: There's work to be done!


Please please please take Kurt! Hopefully when the new board members are elected he'll be the first thing to go!

The New World Czar

First Findlay, now Tiffin schools?


Where did you see or hear that? That's great news though. I pray someone hires him.