Gunner, Kurt apply to be Findlay Schools superintendent

Perkins, Margaretta superintendents are two of 10 applicants revealed Thursday
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 1, 2013

Jim Gunner and Ed Kurt, superintendents at Perkins Schools and Margaretta Schools, respectively, are vying to be superintendent at Findlay Schools, according to the Findlay Courier.

An article posted to the Courier's website Thursday lists Gunner and Kurt as two of 10 applicants seeking the job.

When contacted Thursday, Kurt said he submitted an application a few weeks ago. The application process ended Oct. 25.

"It's an opportunity I'm exploring," Kurt said. "I'm very happy where I'm at. We've accomplished a lot and there's still a lot to accomplish, but I'm looking into that opportunity."

Gunner did not return a call Thursday evening seeking comment.

Findlay school board members hope to announce their selection in late December, according to the Courier. Findlay Schools superintendent Dean Wittwer is retiring at the end of the current school year.



Of course Bherrle has no problem with "Jim" applying for the Findlay position, as he blindly follows whatever he's told without question, it seems. And I don't think people are hypocritically criticizing Gunner appyling to Findlay. Rather, it just confirms what most of us who aren't blind already knew...Perkins isn't his main priority. His resume' is.

Strong Schools ...

Vote yes in November



The "no' voters are trying to solve an immediate problem (building a school without public approval) to offer a clear path to the future in our community.

With two new school board members and the new superintendent the path presently filled with lies, bullying and distrust can be opened back to moving the school system forward with community support.

With continued "no" votes the majority of the community is using their constitutional rights to direct their school system and remove those who want to take away those rights.

The "no" voters are looking to the future. A future filled with maintaining their voting power on the direction of the school.


MrGadfly....I approve your message.

Strong Schools ...

The No voters just want to complain. The NO voters want us to pay higher taxes by moving back the inside millage. The NO people are uneducated about Perkins schools but try to say they are. Support the students in November and get some pride back in this community. Check out the website for the real facts and disregard the misleading information from the NO voters.



No matter how this levy turns out the majority of the no voters on this forum will go back to their self-centered ways and the closest they will get to being involved in community or the school will be to comment about the next challenge dipping into their vacation fund.

Food For Thought

Really? You know nothing about the majority no voters, last time I checked there are more than just the 4 or 5 vocal posters here. I think you look petty and ridiculous saying that because I don't want to pay roughly $1 per square foot in school taxes I don't care about the community. It is people like yourself that sow the seeds of division rather than reaching out to those who oppose your viewpoint.

Strong Schools ...

The no people are ridiculous and can't think beyond themselves.
Vote yes for the students and show them we believe in them. Protect our future!


What a petty, small-minded comment. It's no wonder you're a levy supporter.


Nothing self centered about protecting your household income from reckless spending. How and where I choose to spend the money I earn is none of your business either, oldpie. Also you would have NO idea about what volunteer activities, donations or community involvement any of the NO VOTERS or I am involved in. And I would be pretty confident in betting a Happy Meal that any one of us do more than you! Send your levy donation in to the board office. Bet they will appreciate your generosity!

Strong Schools ...

Support the students and protect the valuation of our homes! Vote yes in November!

Brick Hamland

All the "No" voters wanted Gunner gone, that was why they voted "no" becasue they didn't like him. Many said, they would vote yes if he was gone... now that he is looking to leave they say vote "no." Isn't that what you wanted? Or is Gunner playing it that he is leaving to swing those votes for the levy... I just hope you No voters realize how underqualified Mr. Ahner is and that putting him in a position of authority is a joke.


Last I checked, he is still employed by the Perkins School District. It will take more than just one person leaving. The entire stink needs to be removed from that administration!


Fifteen you are just giving yourself a license to vote no forever. It is not possible to just wipe it all out and start over with a brand new board, and brand new super. After this election, you will want the other 3 to go before you vote yes to any levy. Then maybe one of the two that just got elected will do something you don't like, and you will say, I won't vote yes until that person is gone. You never have the option of wiping out an entire board and starting over.


Correct, Justme!


I do believe that adding 2 new people to the board will bring a little more balance make it more inclusive of all backgrounds, remember you were new once too.

Food For Thought

Brick, You are aware that when this country was founded the goal was to have average citizens serve the community in elected office. There are no requirements, so he's not qualified why? Because he's young? Because he disagrees with you? Because he's not a "Vice President" at a local company? All someone needs to be qualified is a spirit of service to the community and a willingness to listen to those they serve.

I in no way think that Ahner is a good fit for the boards, but thats because his idea's are really naive. What is wrong with everyone, why can't you disagree without being disparaging?

Brick Hamland

I don't have a problem with the fact that his views are different than mine. No problem, thats what makes this country great. Watch the debate. His answers to the questions... "i don't know, I will look into it, I will figure it out after i am elected," suggest that his not ready for this. He seemed more interested in name dropping his relatives and pointing out that he went to "THE Ohio State University" than answering the questions. Another issue I have is his criminal record in Franklin County Municipal Court. If you are serving on a board for the school it is my personal belief you should not have a criminal record, just my belief- I am not saying that is right or the view of the masses.

Strong Schools ...

Check out the facts and vote yes in November!


Let's see..............we've had folks on the school board that are supposedly qualified and look what a mess they have made. I figure a kid that is wet behind the ears and doesn't know "everything" may just be what the board needs. He has said he realizes he'll have to learn as he goes along but that means he has no intellectual pre-conceived ideas and will figure it out. He's got a good mind and the gumption to run for something he believes in. Good luck to both him and Franklin.


I believe that Ahner initially stated he was in favor of considering a merger with Sandusky, a statement that he did a 180 on in the debate at Chet & Matt's. That pretty much cemented my thoughts on his qualifications, as that that is the single worst plan ever conceived, both financially and ideologically.


".....voters realize how underqualified Mr. Ahner is and that putting him in a position of authority is a joke."

Yea, well, we tried to tell you the same thing about Obama!

As to us "no" voters now voting "yes" because Gunner might be leaving, why would we? We're voting for or against the levy to build a new school, we don't agree with that, and are waiting until the new board members come up with a better plan, and Gunner is gone. THEN, we'll support a levy.


What about a plan you like WITHOUT Gunner being gone? You are giving yourself a license to vote no forever. There will never be 5 sitting board member and a super that you like. So why not vote yes if you like the plan?


Only need the majority on the board (3) and a Superintendent with the community in mind and not himself. Thanks, Justme....


Ahh, but momX6 wants a new board, a better plan and a new super. That will take years. Why not just a better plan? If they come up with a plan you like, isn't that what is important? Again...a license to vote no always and forever.

themomx6 my post again. I said the "new board members" i.e. Franklin and Ahner, not an entire new board, just removing a couple of Gunner mouthpieces, and a new plan, which voting down this levy and getting rid of Gunner will enable/force them to do.


Justme, a "new board" is anything different than what currently exists. I don't care if it is just one voice right now. If that one voice is willing to be a conduit of information to the citizens of Perkins, we'll be on the right path towards resolving our differences. Others are willing to run once this process shakes out a little. As I've said before, the board is a puppet for the superintendent. They do everything they're told and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. That needs to change and a direct line of communication to the public needs to exist. Trust me!

Brick Hamland

I don't think the voters that voted for Obama were concerned about his qualifications, they were more interested in the handouts...


What the h--- does this have to do with Obama, people on here are crazy..

Strong Schools ...

Vote yes in November!