Port Clinton High School seeks job seekers

Job fair March 19 with potential employers from across three counties
Mar 12, 2013


Port Clinton High School will host a job fair March 19 with potential employers spanning three counties.

The free event is from 1-3 p.m.

The goal is to help high school students gain knowledge of career skills while also helping local businesses fill their summer employment needs.

To reserve a table at the fair, call guidance counselor Rick Dominick at 419-734-2147 or email rdominick@pccsd.net.

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Job Fairs, to me, are a complete waste of time. Some might get a job that way, but I think the traditional route of sending a resume or filling out an application is better. I am glad the video resumes went to the wayside. I thought those were stupid too and only helped one or two people to actually get work. The idea that we are a commodity and have to sell ourselves kind of irritates me. Many sell themselves and then don't do a good job once they get it. I'd rather have an employee that doesn't stand out like a movie star but gets the job done and one that I can count on. The superficial generally lack depth.