Four SPARC shelters in Sandusky to open soon

Sandusky Transit riders should see shuttle shelters pop up in four popular city locations in the coming weeks.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 27, 2014


Riders can find the shelters, resembling bus stops found in major metropolitan areas such as Cleveland or Toledo, at:

• City Hall, 222 Meigs St.
• Lawrence and West Madison streets, near Central Park.

• 1319 Tiffin Ave., near the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.

• Buchanan Street and Hayes Avenue, near Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Read what ideas city officials have for more shelters HERE

A $68,000 grant will cover expenses for all four 5-by-12 shelters, each offering concrete floors, seating, a skylight roof and a trash receptacle.

“You want to make public transportation as good as possible for the public” Sandusky Transit administrator Thomas Schwansaid. “There are a lot of times I see people standing out in the snow and rain, waiting for a bus. They need something to stand under”

Numerous delays pushed back the shelters’ debut.

Officials first projected the shelters would arrive about two years ago.



So glad so know that shelters are going to be installed soon. Equally glad to know that public transportation use is on the increase--better for the environment and gives elders independence to travel!


So someone in the comment section calls the city out on having the shelters already and just not putting them up?? And it worked?!?! Sweet, good to know someone's reading.


They need to put one up at Kroger, the mall, and Walmart! I always see people standing outside at those locations. Not sure why one at city hall would be more important than one of the three places i mentioned. Seems to me that those places would be frequented more often than city hall..I could be wrong though.


I agree with Kroger. But Wal-Mart and the mall are outside city limits. I've never seen anybody waiting at the stop on Tiffin ave. I'm just anxious to see what a $17, 000 bus stop looks like. Seems kind of pricey.


I thought SPARC was broke?


It's a real shame it has taken so long to get some shelters for the people riding the bus.

And it's a good idea for businesses to help out with the shelters for those coming and going from their establishments.


SPARC is not broke after all those whom use this service probably are the ones getting anywhere between 8 and 9 thousand dollars from the government from income taxes


long time coming


The concrete pads were poured for these stops a year or 2 ago. jamo since your so anxious to see what the shelters are going to look like take a ride to the OVH, there is one at that stop already. Dont get me wrong there nice for riders to get out of the elements, very simple plexi-glass structure, I cant see it being a $17,000.00 structure though. Also I talked to a STS driver the other day and he told me that in the last 22 months there have been only 3 passengers that have got on/off at the Tiffin ave stop in front of Dicks, which is where they are putting one of the 4 shelters. On the other hand this is a good sign for all the nay-sayers that our public transportation system is here to stay.


Pads were poured last spring.


ask the driver how many foreigners they pick up in the summer?


Pricing on passenger shelters seems to be high. Price list at