Witnesses: Man tried to leave scene

Accident on Hayes Avenue
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 7, 2014


A Cadillac was seen heavily damaged and leaning against a utility pole on Hayes Avenue near Osborne Street in Sandusky.

The only information available about the alleged crash has come from witnesses. 

They said they saw the story develop in front of their eyes around 6 p.m. Sunday.

A tattered man stumbled down Hayes Avenue shortly after the wreck, neighbors said, with blood coming down his face.

"He was just walking, not running," one man said. "Maybe he had some kind of warrants."

"There was blood all coming down his face," another witness said. "He was just walking away from (the scene)."

But with the man walking at a sluggish pace, police quickly caught up and pinned him up against a brick wall.

Another woman, allegedly involved in the wreck, was seen frantically yelling near the scene.

"He just walked away," she yelled at one point.

Sandusky police handled the crash but could not provide insight into the crash late Sunday.


*This story has been updated



it would have been a good time for a little police brutality. he's already bleeding. they could blame the injuries that they inflict on the crash. i cant believe they let that great opportunity pass..


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did anyone think that maybe the guy was in a daze from being in the accident and injured????? and bleeding from internal injury??? People are so rude anymore and don't want to get involved in anything and let people get beat up and injured, etc. and just stand there and not offer to help or call 911. Whatever happened to people helping people???


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Sandtown..Snorwalk..Beverly Huron..and the rest of surrounding towns..are all the same..they will NOT help thy neighbor..just complain about it..OMG someone might need help..quick take a pic and b...h about why no helped.. bunch of hypocrites..

From the Grave


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Most of the people around here do not deserve help. The people who have decided that government handouts and "assistance" as their way of life are at the top of that list. Odds are this person didn't have insurance, and that is why they left the scene. I'm sure we taxpayers are paying for this person to break the law anyway.


"Fleeing" implies something extremely different than "walking away in a daze."


Not sticking up for the guy, but the accident did happen just a couple blocks away from the hospital. Maybe he was simply walking to get his injuries looked at, and didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for a 30 second ambulance ride.


my son in law was in a car accident. he sustained a concussion. he got out of the car and started walking to work without realizing what had happened. brain injuries could account for this man walking away.


the same thing happened to me and I was DRIVING an ambulance when a drunk driver hit me!! I got out of the squad - once I woke up - and the next thing my partner knew (he was checking on the drunk) I was walking towards oncoming traffic! I'm not saying that's what happened to this guy, or even that he was walking away because he didn't have insurance. It's possible that he was walking away - and he was thrown against the wall by police - because he was intoxicated and was resisting arrest. A head injury and alcohol aren't exactly a good combination.


Where did it say anything about alcohol in the article?