Fireworks set off charges for slew of residents

Sandusky police busy responding to complaints, business on fire
Alex Green
Jul 6, 2014

Sandusky police officers may very well enjoy the Fourth of July, but it's safe to say they're glad it's over.

Officers responded to numerous fireworks complaints during the past two days, and one incident prompted an angry mob to throw bottles at the officers.

Multiple residents in the area of Reese and Hancock streets made complaints about loud fireworks.

Police went to the area around 11 p.m. Friday, where a large crowd was still celebrating the holiday and setting off fireworks.

Glass bottles were then flung in the air toward police when they exited their cruisers, a police report said. One landed a foot away from the nearest officer and citizen.

"I tried driving towards the largest crowd," Sandusky police officer Dan Lewis said. "I turned on my sirens and they began (to disperse)."

The bulk of the crowd then began walking away, the report said.

Lamar Walker refused to, however, the report said. Walker, 41, of the 1100 block of Parish St., in Sandusky was told to leave several times, and was ultimately arrested when he didn't, the report said.

He was heavily intoxicated, the report said, and police found a small amount of marijuana on him. He was charged with failure to disperse, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

Other incidents

During another one of the several incidents, a small fire erupted inside a business on the 200 block of Reese St.

A business owner reported someone threw two fireworks or firecrackers into his drive-through, one of which caused a small fire on the inside of his door, a police report said.

The man put the fire out himself with an extinguisher, the report said.

As police spoke with the businessman, another burning object was sent soaring through the air toward the group of people. It exploded in the street, the report said.

Police said the man wreaking havoc was Kevin Herrin, a 26-year-old Sandusky resident. He was charged with discharging fireworks, a first-degree misdemeanor..

Fireworks were also observed by officers in the area of Lindsley and Tyler streets around 1 a.m. Saturday.

They saw Marshall Fiske, 44, of Sandusky, leaning on the ground prepared to light a fuse.

One of his friends yelled "cops", the report said, sending all but Fiske scurrying away from the scene with the bulk of the equipment. Fiske was charged with discharging fireworks.



Lamar Walker has over 30 charges from domestics to drugs! Surprise surprise!

lunchtime 175

why is someone like that still on the streets with that many charges against him over time?


SPD thanks for letting us enjoy the 4th of july.....As for these dummies well you'll have that!!



Stop It

Same stuff that happened there last year.


First one of these people was in peril they would call SPD and expect them to there in an instant and if not complaints would roll at City Hall. These officers risk their lives everyday and you get a bunch of trash like this who should be off the streets and sitting in jail impeding them doing their job. Then again given Erie County its always Sandusky where this happens. How this city has changed over the years for not for the better always.


Quit trippin'. It was the Fourth of July! How can anyone expect people to buy fireworks (legally might I add)but not discharge them? Totally ridiculous. I heard fireworks most of the night where I live and several law enforcement officers live in the neighborhood. Seems like only certain areas were an issue. Interesting!


Did you see/hear about the elderly couple that died in their home that caught fire and burned due to fireworks that landed on it? That is just as ridiculous. No, it did not happen in Sandusky, but just as easily could. With as close as the houses are. There are reasons that fireworks should not be shot off inside the city limits.


Did anyone shoot off fireworks in your neighborhood? Did you call your hubby? Did he say "it's the Fourth honey"? Yes, there are dangers involved but if you don't want people shooting off fireworks stop selling them to the public!


Yes they were shooting them off in my neighborhood. No I didn't call hubby, all the other people in town did. Thanks for worrying about me though. And I do not sell them to the public. Those that do sell them to the public are following the law. They make the public sign their name to the fact they will be taking them out of the state to set them off. So those that do not are breaking the law. So go ahead and call the cops. And NO. My husband did not tell people "It's the 4th, go ahead and shoot them off" soon as there was a complaint, they were told to STOP or face a ticket.


We were saying the same thing. I was on Meigs st and people were lighting fireworks as the cops rode by and nothing was said or done. I guess it will always be freedom for some and not for others if all over town people are lighting off fireworks and only certain people and areas are focused on by the ones who are suppose to treat all the same.


Were the people you witnessed lightning fireworks on Meigs St. also tossing glass bottles in the air? Were they shooting fireworks into someone's place of business? Into an open door? Maybe that's why they weren't questioned and not because of any favoritism as you imply.


So Because it is said that people were throwing bottles in the air just like the ones on Meigs street they both were breaking the law. So where do you see this favoritism you are talking about? OR Are YOU Just Making up things again. We know you have a bias against people on hancock because to you and others they are supposed to be on assistance.


"We know you have a bias against people on hancock because to you and others they are supposed to be on assistance."

You are an idiot. I never said any of that drivel you just stated.
You just like to come on here and start sh*t. GFYS.

The Answer Person

Silly...they were celebrating Joe Yost's race to freedom!

Julie R.

Too funny.


Ban the sale of fireworks in Ohio. Seriously! Why sell them when you can not legally set them off in the state? We can see how many people "promise" to take them out of state like they say they will.


I agree. Why even sale them?


If you can't buy pot here and sign a paper that says you're only going to use it in Colorado, then why sell fireworks here? I am neither a marijuana advocate nor do I think fireworks should be an issue. Why have a law that means nothing?


We live a block away from Rt. 250. On the 5th, people in our neighborhood were still shooting fireworks. As anyone who owns a dog knows, they become very nervous and scared from the loud booms. They don't know what it is. We own an awesome Queensland Heeler, he has never ventured out of the yard unless leashed. That night he was so upset he jumped our fence and ran away. My neighbors and my husband went hunting while I waited home praying he would return. My husband spotted him running right down the middle of 250, he finally caught up to him at Pat Catans scared to death. I realize people want to celebrate but I didn't think this type was legal. They were huge, looking as big as Cedar Points and sounded even louder. I don't have the answer,I just wanted to tell the story of what happens to these poor animals.