Beer bottle used in fight

Woman strikes woman with beer bottle Sunday evening
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 17, 2014


A Sandusky woman was arrested for striking another woman in the head with a beer bottle Sunday night, Sandusky police said.

Erin Selvey, 32, of the 2100 block E. Forest Drive was charged with felonious assault.

Police received a call that a woman had fallen off her bike, the report said.

But the alleged victim went to police hours later to say she did not fall from her bike, rather, Selvey hit her in the head with a beer bottle, according to the report.

Both women had been drinking, the report said, but the alleged victim recalled Selvey hitting her on the side of her head.

She did not know Selvey before Sunday, she said, but they began arguing and a man encouraged Selvey to hit the woman, the report said.

She was treated at the hospital before she spoke with police, therefore police did not see her injuries since her head was wrapped in gauze, the report said.

Police located Selvey who denied the assault. She was found with injuries on her hand, the report said.

Police found an active warrant out of the Sandusky County Sheriff's office and incarcerated Selvey.



by age 32, one should be grown up enough not to assault someone with a beer bottle (unless of course they are defending themselves). it makes me wonder how often she resorts to assault while drinking.


my wives do this all the time..




So did the other woman get a dui for being on her bike while drunk?