7-Eleven robbed

Sandusky man arrested after falling off his bike
Melissa Topey
Jun 15, 2014


Sandusky police arrested a 23-year old area man for robbery after he stole cigarettes from the 7-Eleven.

Officers charged Benjermin Jackson, 23, 1500 block Brown St., with robbery, drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct while intoxicated, according to a Sandusky police report.

Police say Jackson at 3:11 Saturday morning scuffled with the store clerk after grabbing two packs of Newport cigarettes and trying to run from the convenience store, the report states. The clerk told police the man who robbed him went south on Camp Street before getting on a bicycle and turning left on Tyler Street.

Officers found a man matching the description on a bike approaching Central Avenue, according to the report. When the cruiser lights were activated officers saw the man stuffing something into his left coat pocket. The man then tried to stop his bike but fell over, hitting a car before hitting the ground. Officers identified the man as Benjermin Jackson, the report states.

Police say Jackson tired to stand but became tangled up in the bike still between his legs. When he did stand Jackson was unsteady on his feet and officers could smell alcohol. They found the cigarettes on the road in the area where Jackson fell, according to the report.

Officers, when checking Jackson for weapons, found a glass pipe with suspected marijuana residue inside.

Jackson admitted to stealing the cigarettes, according to the report.



Close 7-Eleven

William Jeffers...

It was not a good night for Ben...and this story would make a great anti-smoking commercial.


Lol dumba&& not much of a robber.


Comic relief


Why didn't they give him a DUI ?

local man

Isn't this a shoplifting incident, I thought burglary involved a weapon.

Stop It

Newports, huh? Yeah, you be goin' down ma-fa uh.


Yeah you like that don't you stupid I mean jerry? Mr sandusky if you nasty