Camera catches theft at hospital

When arrested, he told police the wallet only contained $107, which he used to buy heroin
Sandusky Register Staff
May 26, 2014


Sandusky police arrested a Sandusky man Saturday morning for felony theft after they say he stole from a woman in out-patient surgery at an area hospital.

Officers arrested Ira Churchill, 39, of the 2000 block W. Forest Drive, at about 6:30 a.m. after video from Firelands Regional Medical Center caught Churchill with the patient property bag of Jasmyne Williams.

Williams was in a hospital out-patient surgery room Friday when she discovered her bag containing her wallet, purple jacket and clothes gone. Churchill was in the hospital with his wife, who was in the out-patient room next to Williams.

An employee observed Churchill repeatedly looking into Williams’ room while leaning against the wall separating them. The employee did not see Churchill go into the room.

Video captured Churchill carrying the bag into a bathroom. When officers checked the bathroom, they found Williams’ property, minus her wallet, which she said contained $300.

When arrested, Churchill told police the wallet only contained $107, which he used to buy heroin, said Sandusky police Lt. Danny Lewis.

Churchill apologized and said he felt bad about the theft, Lewis said.

Churchill has an extensive criminal history, including prior drug and theft charges, according to police.


Whiskey Tango F...

Is it time yet? Can we start to take back our town and county? Do we need a bigger prison? I hate levies, but I'll gladly vote for a bigger stronger prison! Not possible? Then let's get a private prison built and pay them to house these crackheads.
CHAIN GANGS!!!! They can sweep streets, clear ditch banks, seal parking lots, shovel snow, what ever it takes! $1.00 per hour paid to the inmate... Pay off the fines, pay back the owners of the stolen goods! They will grow a garden and offset the food bills. It can be done and it happens everyday in other regions of this once great nation.


exactly right! they need punishment not babying while sitting in prison and good old fashioned hard labor should do the trick!


Yep, see other comment another story, Sheriff Joe needs to step in.


Have you hit bottom yet, Ira? You have a mother that loves you, 2 kids that are great, a new grandbaby too. You really cant sustain this way of living for much longer, please get help.


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Julie R.

Gee,(said w/sarcasm) why are they calling this theft? After all, when a public official steals they don't call it theft. Instead they call it an "inappropriate" use of funds, like the former Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton.

Julie R.

This guy admitted that he stole to buy heroin. At least give him credit for that. That's more than the public officials who steal thousands do. And how about attorneys? According to a recent article the Ohio Supreme Court ~ who oversees the Ohio Securities Fund ~ reimbursed more than $1.1 million in the past year to people ripped off by their attorneys. The previous year it was $930,000.00 paid out to victims of attorney theft.

Ever notice how dirt-bag attorneys and public officials (the ones that get caught, that is) never give any reason why they steal? Ever notice also how the majority never go to jail?


Why do Julie R.'s comments always consist of the same old tired ranting that usually has nothing to do with the article?