Woman found dead in home, autopsy ordered

She had started to experience medical problems with headaches, nose bleeds and blurred vision.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 25, 2014
Woman found dead in home, autopsy ordered
From staff reports



   The Erie County coroner has ordered an autopsy for a woman who was found dead at her parents’ home. Sandusky fire and police responded to the 1400 block of Buchanan St. on Friday morning. The parents of Carmela Davis, 38, called after they found their daughter unresponsive in a room when they went to check on her. Their daughter had gone out for the evening and returned home about midnight. Her father went to check on her about 10:45 a.m. because she had not been up yet, said Sandusky police officer James Desalle. Recently, Davis had started to experience medical problems with headaches, nose bleeds and blurred vision. She had also been known to abuse prescription medication and to drink heavily, according to a police report. Police said there were no indications of anything suspicious; however, due to her age, Erie County Coroner Dr. Brian Baxter asked for an autopsy.


Tsu Dho Nimh

Why does the Register need to report this? Just let the family grieve instead of putting their business out there.


"Why does the Register need to report this?" - A valid question which deserves a serious answer.

The Register is a business which exists to make money for its owners. Reporting events and circumstances which people can read and feel superior about fits the business model. This works well for The New York Post, The Daily News, The National Enquirer, and other cheap rags designed for the gratification of low achievers who want to feel superior.

Adding the benefit of allowing comments so people can explain their superiority, not only to the unfortunate subjects of the misery articles, but also to other commenters is just a bonus.

Ads are priced by the number of clicks. Lots of clicks on the same online articles spells revenue.

You are being used to make money for the Register, who does not give a single damn about the morality of it or about the consequences.

That is all.


I was thinking the same exact thing!!! Is it really necessary for this to even be published? What is there for the Sandusky Register to gain besides people commenting here? Matt Westerhold, I'm really starting to lose any respect I had left for your newspaper! Especially since the person that wrote this article felt the need to include the fact that this woman used alcohol and took prescription medications. There is really absolutely no need for this at all what so ever!! I did not know Ms.Davis personally, but from social media I gather that she was a very loved, caring and kind woman! Again, Sandusky Register should really be shamed of yourselves for some of the things you publish that are not necessary!!!!! Sending my prayers and sympathies to Ms. Davis's family and friends.


I think they should be reported why hide it. You can look at the obituarys and see young people everyday dieing unexpectedly in there 20s and 30s. Instead of just stating the obvious. Maybe if young people seen this they would choose another road or path... Instead everyone wants to cover it up and hide it. Maybe bringing it to light can save a life! It also dont say she over dosed on anything, she was having medical problems.. Prayers to the family R.I.P Carmela.


"It also dont say she over dosed on anything, she was having medical problems.." You contradict yourself because you state one thing in the beginning of your post, but state what I quoted at the end. And it's the exact reason that the Sandusky Register did not need to include that information in their article that makes me mad! She was having medical problems. They don't know, neither does anyone else, how or why Ms. Davis passed away at this point in time. In my opinion, the S.R. didn't need to publish anything on this at all, other than an obituary. This article is very disrespectful to the deceased and her family.


That would be great, but I don't know many young people who read the obituaries. I have 3 teens and they don't read them.


knuckledragger: Wow, did you read your mom's obituary?


Don't send her to Lucas county for an autopsy !!!!!

From the Grave

Why, because it will take 3 months? Good Lord!


kick em when they're up, kick em when they're down..

Stop It

"We got the bubble headed
Bleached blonde
Comes on at five
She can tell you 'bout the plane crash
With a gleam in her eye
It's interesting when people die
Give us dirty laundry"


I'm so glad that my hair is black now.


My condolences to this young woman's family and friends.


Ok, here's to all the drug addicts out there. This is not necessarily a natural death at such a young age. The Register is possibly trying to give others a heads up about the dangers of drug use as it is nothing but a game of Russian roulette with chemicals. Get it?

No one is forcing the drugs on you, are they? You are taking them by choice and the early demise of so many young people is really alarming.

The Register is doing its job and whether or not you like the information that they put out, it's still newsworthy or you wouldn't be on here looking for news. Get over it.

My sympathies and prayers to all involved.


best comment. thank you for being objective and realistic. it's refreshing!

yea right

this is why the sr gets awards..for the best gossip paper ever


this is not gossip. gossip is crap most people make up before they know the truth.


Did you ever stop to think that maybe her medical problems were the results from her drug abuse? Also if her medical problems were truly that bad, should she have been out partying the night before? The Register is only writing about what "may" have caused such a young woman to pass away. Especially with the crimes that have been occurring as of late in our city, it eases the minds of the community knowing this woman wasn't assaulted, beaten or murdered. I'm in no way trying to make light of this young woman being taken away from her family at such a young age, just stating the facts. My condolence to the family, R.I.P. Carmela


First and foremost, nowhere in the article does it state that she was out "partying" the night before, only that she had "gone out" the night before. How do you know that she didn't go "out" to dinner and a late movie? I have gone to a 9:40 movie before and not returned home until after midnight! That's the problem with society, they do too much assuming, and you know what they say about people who ASSume! Also, the newspaper prints what they "hear"! How do you know that someone didn't say that they heard from someone else who heard from Joe down the street that Janes brother down the road that Bob's sister downtown reported to the police that she drank and did prescription drugs?? Don't always believe what you read just because it's printed in black and white by a newspaper!! People really need to leave this woman alone and stop smearing her name and let her rest in peace. If it were YOUR mother, aunt, niece, sister, best friend, etc., would YOU appreciate the newspaper printing irrelevant information about how they lived their life? I don't think you would! For those who are saying they published it to "save someone else from using drugs," bull! First, nobody that is addicted to drugs that bad is going to miraculously change their life because they read an article posted on the S.R., second, the S.R. is focused on ratings, they could care less about anything else. Nice try though people
P.s. The names I mentioned in my comment were random and we're used as an example only, If Ms. Davis knew anyone by the names I used I apologize in advance.


Very well said. Many late show movies are 9:20 or 9:40 putting you home after midnight especially if you stop to get a burger or taco at a fast food joint. Not everyone is a druggie. Yes you can be, but not everyone. As for headaches and nosebleeds, has any heard of high blood pressure? OR a number or other conditions? Migraines? Stroke?

I can only hope I can this much press when I die. Who could guess it could be so exciting?!?! Migraines and High blood pressure or any other mundane medical condition. (IF ...IF this is what it is...NO one knows at this point...it is just the police blotter at this point. As well as just the ambulance run, is it really news worthy???)


Agreed, people think that just because you are out past midnight you must be up to no good. When we go out for a family night, the 5 of us usually go to dinner and then to Cedar Lanes for an evening of bowling. We may not get him until after 1am. I can assure you that the strongest thing any of us have had was a cup of coffee. LOL


Did you ever think that her medical problems are none if anyone's business and to end the comment with r.I.p. doesn't make the comment any better.


The SR puts it in their paper as they hear it from dispatch, thereafter they look into the police report that is made by the officer that is on duty at that time. If there was anything wrong with her it was not assumed by the register or anyone else; it is what was gathered from the spd report and family members. It is a trageusty that she had to leave this earth do young and for whatever reason it may be. But you cannot blame the SR, it is news and nothing other than that


...the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position. It is a kind of fallacy/reporting that is of selective attention and very well may be intentional.


I am suggesting that maybe SR had "selective hearing and/or selective reporting from dispatch in this case.


Yes, it IS news that Ms.Davis tragically passed at such a young age and her dear parents were the ones who tragically had to find her deceased in their home. It is NOT news how she lived her life in the past. Whether or not she was known to use prescription drugs and drink alcohol is none of the publics business. It is only relevant to the coroner, NOT you, I, nor Tom, Dick or Harry!!


I have two kids to protect from this. Prescription drugs comes from DOCTORS.