Shot rings out near Camp St. store

Police hope surveillance video will reveal suspects’ license plate number
Courtney Astolfi
May 24, 2014


An early-morning dustup at a Camp Street convenience store led to at least one shot fired Friday, but ended in no arrests, police said.

A resident called Sandusky police at about 3:45 a.m. Friday after hearing someone fire at least one round near 7-Eleven, according to a Sandusky police report.

A customer later told police he was standing near the store’s front door when he heard a heated argument and one person say, “I got something for you; I will kill you,” the report said.

The man then heard a single shot and saw two vehicles speed off and head south on Camp Street, the report said. A clerk noticed a Ford Escape tailing a Ford Contour closely.

The witness thought a bullet had been fired into the Contour, the report said.

About two hours prior, the same Escape, occupied by two men and two women, had stopped at 7-Eleven, the clerk told police.

During that incident, a man exited the Escape, punched a customer, then hopped back in the Escape before the victim hit the ground, the report said.

Sandusky police are now awaiting surveillance footage from the store in hopes they’ll be able to retrieve a license plate number.

By late Friday morning, no one had yet responded to the hospital with a gunshot wound, the report said.



Another day in SanDetriotsky!

Stop It

He hit the guy and before the guy hit the ground he was in the car ready to roll. That's fast.

Faaip De Oiad

1) SanDetroitsky..hahaha. I'm using this from now on. Thank you!
2) I've stayed at a house on Camp Street a couple houses down from 7 Eleven. I never realized Sandusky was even a little bit dangerous until I was told not to walk to the store for a pack of cigarettes by myself. Sandusky is a huge culture shock when you grew up in New London. Haha.