Brother charged with assault in estate spat

A Sandusky man knocked his sister’s head through drywall on Monday following their mother’s funeral service and an argument over the dead woman’s estate, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 21, 2014


Jefferson Goudy Jr., 63, of the 1900 block of E. Oldgate Road, was charged with assault and domestic violence. 

Police were dispatched at about 2 p.m. to Toft Funeral Home & Crematory on Columbus Avenue, where Goudy’s sister, Catherine Terrell, 61, also of Sandusky, said she wanted to file charges against her brother.

Terrell allegedly told Goudy he was going to die, which prompted Goudy to push Terrell into a wall, a police report said. Terrell’s head struck a wall so hard, it put a large hole in the drywall. Police then set off to find Goudy, who had fled on foot. Officers then talked to his wife, who agreed to bring him to the police station as soon as she found him.

Goudy soon showed up at the police station to sign his charges, but he was released on his own recognizance because of health problems, the report said.



Did he not know that we're all going to die? Was this news to him? I feel so sorry for his wife. Having dealt with family issues following the death of my own mom 2 months ago, I can understand that tensions are high but this is just plain foolish! And believe me some of the crap that my family went thru after my mom died was right up there, but we never had the police called - especially at the funeral home!


My mother always told my brother and I (when we were younger and fought like cats/dogs) "Someday when I dead and gone, all you will have are each other, I can only pray by then you can get along". We are now very close and depend on each other for everything. I could not imagine this happening at my mothers funeral.


So, his sister tells him that he is going to die, AND THAT WAS NEWS TO HIM?!?!? I knew that some that walk amongst us were doing so blind, but not that darn blind!


Given that he was released by the police due to health concerns, it is not a possibility that the man is going to die soon as opposed to eventually? Is it possible that the man reacted the way he did (which is inexcusable) because his sister made a taunting remark to him about his own impending death? If that's the case, the sister's conduct is also reprehensible.

Julie R.

This article doesn't really make a bit of sense. The headline says the assault took place because of an argument at the funeral home over their mother's estate ...... yet it then says the brother assaulted his sister because she told him he was going to die. (????)

There's more to this story. They should get the brother's side.

Stop It


Julie R.

There were issues in my mother's estate, too, but I didn't know it until weeks after her funeral. That's when I found out about all the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that went on during the eleven months she was in that stinking nursing home owned by corrupt Erie County. Looking back, I should have known at her funeral that something dirty went on before she passed away. Everybody at her funeral kept asking me why her obituary gave her middle name as "Lois" when that wasn't her middle name. I asked that question, too, only I couldn't get an answer from my stepfather or sister. (I didn't find out until later that's the fake middle name that was on that forged POA I found concealed in the Lorain County Recorder --- the forged POA that was falsely stated on a fraud QuitClaims Deed to be on file in the Erie County Recorder under the correct middle name) Another reason I should have known something went on was because both of my mother's Huron attorneys were at her funeral but I got the impression they were trying to avoid me --- especially the one.


Domestic violence often occurs because the perpetrator believes that abuse is acceptable. Safe Harbour's mission is to provide each person with alternatives to family violence in an atmosphere of safety and encouragement. Call 419-626-2200 for more information about services available to victims of abuse.