$150K heist unravels

Police arrest alleged mastermind of jewel robbery
Courtney Astolfi
May 21, 2014
The   alleged mastermind behind last week’s jewelry heist on Sandusky’s west end was arrested over the weekend in Virginia Beach.

Mohammad Hamad, 26, formerly of Stonewood Drive, was charged with complicity to kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and theft, all first-degree felonies.

Officials have yet to arrest the two men who actually committed the offense and are still working to identify them, Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said.    Nellie Lee Dauch, a Pinewood Drive resident in her 70s, was getting ready for work May 14 when two men stormed her garage, bound her with duct tape and robbed her of numerous rings, necklaces and other baubles.

The men made off with nearly $150,000 worth of Dauch’s jewelry, Wichman said

One thing was clear: Dauch was specifically targeted for her pricey accessories.

During the course of their investigation, Sandusky police learned Dauch may have escaped two prior robbery attempts, Wichman said.

First, on May 12, a man approached Dauch and asked her to help search for his lost dog. But Dauch’s neighbor soon arrived and before long, the man had disappeared from the neighborhood, Wichman said.

At about 7:30 a.m. May 13, a neighbor saw a suspicious vehicle parked in their semiprivate neighborhood with two people inside.

“She had enough presence of mind to realize the (vehicle) did not belong there. She stood there at her door and memorized it in case something happened,” Wichman said.

That same vehicle — a 2001 Mercedes Benz — reappeared the day of the robbery. A witness saw the vehicle drop off two people in Dauch’s neighborhood at about 7 a.m. that day.

Witnesses also saw the vehicle a short while later near Bardshar Road, the same place police dogs lost the scent of the two alleged robbers who attacked Dauch.

Wichman learned Hamad knew Dauch as a family friend, and he’d worked for Dauch’s family business in the past.

But not only did Hamad know Dauch through his former job — Hamad’s father, Mike Hamad, had done almost all the custom work on Dauch’s jewelry.

Mike told the Register he’s been essentially estranged from his son for the past few years, citing Hamad’s addiction to pills.

"My son or not, if someone commits a crime and is guilty, they should go to jail” Mike said.

“(Dauch) is a very dear friend of mine and my family. She’s come to Thanksgiving dinner and has come to eat at my house at Christmastime,” Mike said. “My sympathy goes to (Dauch) and her family and anyone that got affected”

With Mike’s help, Wichman was able to estimate the total value of jewelry stolen and was also able to track Hamad to Virginia Beach. He was arrested there Saturday and returned to Erie County late Monday night.

Wichman is still working to identify Hamad’s alleged accomplices.

Hamad remains in the Erie County jail on $240,000 bond.


Dwight K.

If they memorized the car did they memorize the license plate?

Kottage Kat

Prayers to Nellie. This has a ripple affect and will affect many.


I'm glad that the father helped to turn his son in for this sickening crime, but I have to disagree with his comment that they have been estranged. I have seen the kid working the jewelry store in the center of the mall, quite recently and quite consistently.

I feel like his comments are just trying to save his business now. Good luck with that! I will never go near that place again!

super clean

Mo was in virgina for 3 weeks got pics of him there on fb this is all a set up free mo


You don't have to be present if you're just the mastermind. Still a crime.

Ralph J.

Is this the same Mohammad Hamad with the business H&M HOUSING LLC? Can't see his eyes in the mug shot.


Yes. Notice he uses the parents address on Stonewood, where he was raised. It looks like the estrangement was not a few years, as the father is claiming, but a few weeks.

Ralph J.

Mohammad Hamad has a long record at the Sandusky Muni Court.


I remember when I was a lot younger, Mohammad Hamad cracked a kids head open with a rock. A neighborhood bully then, and now a felon. He's always been trouble.


Another reason they shouldn't let foreigners in our country


He stole and cheated while he was in grade school (I know this for a FACT because I witnessed it first-hand) and is finally going to end up where he belongs.


Hang his as$! Because if not, Don will......


Go get him Don......I will help.....


This kid has been a career criminal just like his father look it up its public knowledge. His father is just as bad as he mike hamad is a criminal just look it up.....why throw stones when the truth is soooo much worse


his dad is on his visitor list at the jail, I bet he post bond very soon.


I thought they were estranged? I thought you should go to jail if you committed a crime? hey thats what the article says so........


yes, your correct it doesnt say he is guilty tho or that he did anything so what is your point?! I do know Mohammad he's a good kid with a big heart and I pray for all involved, especially miss dauch! That shouldnt happen to nobody especially at that age!




I know the family better than anyone on this board.....it really is up to fate to decide...could careless...mother nature should have her way in the end


doctorsrdugdealer......what do you know did you grow up in stonewood? ya I did did you grow up next to this family? guess what I did....I know this family I wish they wouldnt went down this path but it is what it is.......you cant debate me I know this family when they moved in..


maybe you should run for prosecuter ace... idk
You have to much time on your hands sir... You never heard of the saying believe nothing you hear and half of what you see. 150k over a 5yr period exuals 30k a year not counting expenses and cost of jewely for them. mike is not in trouble for this so why drag his name through the mud?! No need for a answer just something for you to think about! godbless you 2....


certainly......I do find it interesting that the son rob Lee Dauch of one of their best clients.......I guess it was just a coincidence.....


interesting right?


atleast u deleted your comment before sir. what ever the ccircumstances are. miss dauch or mike didnt do nothing wrong and dont deserve to be bashed by the outside world just saying!


yep you go got it.....mike didnt commit serious crimes in the 80s and his son is wrongly accused I guess.....funny how this family keep popping up over and over and they do nothing wrong. interesting I wonder why i saw things from that mario di napoli in mike's garage.......brick oven?...ahhhhhhh






at the end of the day you know what you see......it doesnt matter if the public believes. kharma catches up to everyone i could care less if people believe me.


delete this or that...i readily admit I wanted to reword my statements. I could care less I grew up next to these people I know each and everyone of them alone with the gonos family give me break.......try me


A great friend of mine had his son get hooked on heroin, it shocked the s--- out of the family. I wish I had the answer but if we started hanging the dealers in front of the court house every Saturday afternoon like another great friend suggested,it my just slow down some, maybe put the military on the Mexican boarder, after all we have those resources with orders to take out anyone caught smuggling drugs.