Police set up perimeter, arrest one

(Updated 7:30 p.m.) Ford Escape chased into Sandusky where one occupant left on foot
Sandusky Register Staff
May 20, 2014


Sandusky police arrested Dominque Morris, 19, of the 800 block of Perry St., after a brief police chase Tuesday afternoon.

Morris was wanted on an assault warrant out of Cuyahoga County and an outstanding warrant from juvenile court, officers said.

When Sandusky officers tried to stop him as he drove an SUV near Columbus Avenue, Morris allegedly sped off, leading police on a chase that spanned a few blocks until Morris ditched the vehicle in the front lawn of an acquaintance's East Madison Street home. He ran inside the home, where he was arrested after a brief struggle, police said. Morris now faces additional charges of fleeing and eluding, obstruction and burglary.



WTG SPD!! Time to take our city back!!!! These "people" are CRAZY!!!


Again, Stay safe SPD and SFD!! Looks like it's going to be a looooooong summer~they're restless already!!

Dwight K.

What's his excuse.." I didn't do nothin"


Well I guess this was the easiest way for him to see his mom and brother. If you remember the story about the couple that stole the maroon minivan, that was going from store to store on a stealing spree , well that is this guys mother.

Darwin's choice

"Nuts don't fall far from the tree....."

What wonderful parenting......

pigeon farmer

All you need is an IV line and two bags of saline. Scrotal inflation will slow him down for a good three days.

Comrade Boose

Want to help take back the city?
You can do your part one neighborhood at a time.

Check us out facebook.com/RebuildSandusky


I thought it was against policy to have a "dip" in while on duty...looks like someone in photo #2 is chewin some baccer !


Nice eye, I chew as well and I caught it.


Thank you SPD for taking control of Sandusky. Message to the perps: Straighten Up or Get Out of Sandusky!

Stop It

Of course he has his pants hangin down to show others that he's ready for some good ol butt sex.


Does his last name begin with an "O"??

2cents's picture

I guess his Ford "Escape" did not do it's job : )