Man accused of stealing monitor charger

A Sandusky man was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing a man’s ankle monitor charger so it would appear he wasn’t home, according to a Sandusky police report
Sandusky Register Staff
May 6, 2014


William Jones, 27, 400 block Mill Pond Drive, was charged with theft and also arrested on an outstanding warrant. Jones was at the man’s West Osborne Street home earlier in the day, but after he left, the resident noticed his ankle monitor battery charger missing, the report said.

The man speculated Jones stole it so it would run out of power and get him in trouble. Jones first told the man he’d drop it off, then back-pedaled and said he was headed to the bar instead, the report said.

A Sandusky police officer called Jones, who admitted having the charger in his bookbag. Jones didn’t think he had to return it, however, because “someone else put the charger in his bag,” the report said.

When Jones finally returned it, officers were standing by and placed him under arrest. Jones later said he held onto the charger out of frustration over a recent break-up.


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