Man, 56, threatens his wife with knife

“(Expletive) it, it’s time to end it, you’re evil and you deserve to die”
Courtney Astolfi
May 1, 2014


A Sandusky man was arrested Monday night for allegedly threatening to kill his wife and ordering her around the house at knifepoint.

Bruce Washburn, 56, 1600 block S. Larchmont Drive, was charged with abduction, a third-degree felony, as well as aggravated menacing, threat of domestic violence and obstruction.

Officers responded to Washburn’s home around 8:30 p.m. Monday after Washburn’s wife escaped and dialed 911 near Roosevelt St., according to a Sandusky police report.

The woman said she and Washburn had been arguing on and off all day regarding their electric bill, and though she left the residence to let him cool down, he was still agitated when she returned, the report said.

While the woman began to clean the house, Washburn allegedly began to yell his intentions to kill them both.

In the past, Washburn has made threats of a murder-suicide, the woman told police, and said she’d never be with another man, the report stated.

Washburn then allegedly approached the woman, paring knife in hand. He pointed the knife at the woman and forced her into their TV room and onto the couch, the report said.

“(Expletive) it, it’s time to end it, you’re evil and you deserve to die,” Washburn allegedly told his wife.

Washburn headed to the kitchen and the woman heard him rifling through their cutlery drawer. “(She) believed he was getting a larger knife” the report said. Not missing a beat, the woman ran outside and called police. Washburn refused to comply with officers’ orders, closing the door on them as they ordered him outside at gunpoint.

Officers then forced their way inside, and Washburn allegedly refused to show his hands. He said he had a “9 mm” on him, but later said he was referring to a “9 mm pill” the report said. After officers told Washburn he was under arrest, he said he wanted to pursue charges for his wife assaulting him the week prior, the report said.

He is being held at the Erie County jail without bond.



Seriously deranged!

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Topcop... You have no idea who really is deranged... His wife just got out of prison April 9, after 22 months...


seriously time for a divorce also.


Safe Harbour's mission is to provide each person with alternatives to family violence in an atmosphere of safety, encouragement, and support. Safe Harbour will be recognized as a community resource for individuals seeking relief from domestic violence by providing shelter, counseling, advocacy, support groups, and community awareness education. Call 419-626-2200 for information.


just like retraining orders do.


wow ! USARB

Julie R.

Arguing about an electric bill?

Well, I will admit those electric bills sure are getting out of hand. Won't be too much longer people will have to stop eating just to pay their utility bills!


I use to dread the electric bill in the summer. Now it just doesn't let up. When my bill was 300.00 last month I did start to think of different ways to stretch that dollar ( that was screaming already ). I remember when the electric bill only had one charge on it.


What?! Returned to clean house? That guy has a real woman & does not know it!

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Give me a break.

The real story never gets reported from the other side... Facts are not in this story via SR... So take it as grain of salt.


compared to what he did to his first abduction of Katherine, he is being nice...he had three staulking orders (mine included) filed in Dayton OH only on parole for two years and assaulted/abducted a lady named Katherine ...He was a volunteer for an ex-offender re-entry program called Powernet and worked at United Way...My Montgomery County/Ohio should have revoked his parole and sent him back to jail along time ago.