Teens smash protected eggs

Three teens allegedly smashed Canada Goose eggs and shot at the birds with a BB gun Tuesday evening at AMVETS Park
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 24, 2014


Sandusky police were called to the 1700 block of W. Adams St. at about 8 p.m., arriving to find a 7-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy walking nearby. The two children handed three Canada Goose eggs to police, then explained they were walking in AMVETS Park when a group of teenage boys handed them the eggs.

The boys told the children they had to break the eggs, according to a Sandusky police report. The teens had been carrying a large bag full of eggs at the time.

A witness said he saw the teens chasing geese from their nests then stealing their eggs. The younger children identified some of the boys by name, so officers went to one boy’s home. The boy’s mother found her son’s BB gun in his car, but officers found no eggs at the residence, the report said.

Officers passed the information to the resource office at Sandusky Schools, and also forwarded a report to state and federal wildlife agents, as Canada Geese are federally-protected waterfowl.

The three eggs were then taken to Back to the Wild.



I have to praise The SR Staff for using the proper name of Canada Goose. Most people say Canadian Goose, which is incorrect since they are not citizens of Canada(and do not carry a passport).

A Marine Mom

Parents: Please teach your kids right from wrong. Kids: If it's not yours, don't touch it.
Whether something is 'protected' or not, leave it alone.


Agreed. Kids that will harass animals in such a way make you wonder what they will do when they are older. Then again, when you aren't taught respect why would you practice it?


THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD MY KIDS!!!!IF ITS NOT YOURS DONT TOUCH IT!!! I grew up on military bases until I graduated from high school. Respect is what is missing today. I raised three kids in this town and there are no consequences for bad behavior.


Hmmmm...I wonder who we can find to clean up goose poop from parks, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. this summer? Hmmmm...


It would be a great consequence if the judge would sentence those found guilty to clean park daily all Summer. Bad behavior needs to result in consequences.

A Marine Mom

Great idea, SamAdams! What would make it even better is if the PARENTS would assign that as punishment.


Marine Mom - You are absolutely correct. Right from wrong begins at home. I also believe that all of us need to step up and correct wrong when we see it. When I was young, everybody's Mom and Dad corrected us when they saw us misbehaving. That is something we are missing in society today.
Marine Mom you obviously did a good job, you have a Marine serving their country !!! Bless you , Bless your Marine - Hooorah to your Marine!!!


Yes, it does start at home. But the thing with today's kids..if you go home and cry to your parents that some other adult yelled at you, they call the cops on the "mean, scary adult" at the park. Our park has sculptures, a veterans memorial, complete with an airplane and tank, a pond, playground, ball fields, basketball courts, walking path, everything you could need. There are signs that say DO NOT CLIMB ON THE TANK. When you tell kids (teens mostly) to get off the tank they go home or to the ball diamond and tell mommy who then calls the cops on you. It is absurd! What is missing in today's society.....R E S P E C T.

A Marine Mom

Thank you for the kind words AnyMajDude. My boys(esp my Marine-haha) misbehaved, but I, like you, believe in correcting the wrong. Commit the crime, do the time. Not saying the parents of the boys in this article are not raising their boys right. I feel that society is lacking self-respect and respect for others.
Thank you again and Semper Fi AnyMajDude. :D


When I was little, if the neighbor saw me mis-behaving, they ripped me a new one and then told my Dad where I got ripped again. Now, if you reprimand someone else's child, you are told "there's no way my child would have done that! Why are you lying about my child?"...followed by "mind your own business". Sad. And heaven forbid Samadams that someone would ask those boys to clean goose poop this summer as a reprimand. That would be inhumane and undue punishment. (as I roll my eyes...)

Dwight K.

Next you'll read about these teens beating a kid or woman

Peninsula Pundit

Gimme a break!
Those accursed fowl befowl every area they land!
Why should they be protected at all?
You posters must not go outside.
That goose crap is everywhere!
There's a field at East Harbor park where you don't dare go barefoot!
It's disgusting, not to mention the possibility of disease.
The less of those darn birds around, the better!

nosey rosey

Really? So they are a little messy. Humans are so much cleaner and better stewards of the land - NOT. Maybe it's time to take out us.


Ahhh ~ so its ok. It really is ok. Next time they shoot at a goose with a bb gun, miss and take out little Johnny's eye. Childish mistake. Poor kids didn't mean it. Next summer we read about them throwing a puppy against the pavement and letting it hobble around with a broken leg. Shame on them ~ they are mis-guided. Couple years down the road, we find that they have beaten the crap out of their girlfriend after slamming their 3 month old baby against a wall. But ~ hey, who am I to say. Perhaps they should go to school and get a job with the Division of Wildlife?


So you are equating goose hunting with the eventual murder of a child? Boy are you a little off. My kids and I often hunt goose and none of us has ever had the inkling to throw a puppy or kill a child.

nosey rosey

I don't think ritt said anything about hunters killing children. But it is a proven fact that serial killers start with harming animals.

Peninsula Pundit

'But ~ hey, who am I to say.'
On that point, we agree.
Those are some wild trajectories you are going on.


I also hunt and have hunted with lots of respectful and responsible kids. Like you, I would never do such a thing. The kids I hunt with would never do such a thing. On the other hand, you and I are alike in that we grew up knowing respect and rules as did the kids I know. The kids n this article were not "goose hunting" ~ last I checked goose season went out in January ~ nor would I compare them to the responsible and respectful kids that do hunt.
I would think that you would agree that with lots of kids, bad behavior escalates into worst behavior. The wicked cycle starts somewhere. Not to mention, how many times do we hear about animal abuse turning into domestic abuse and violence with time?
Then again, maybe they have aspirations of working for the DNR and think they are merely trying to help with the nuisance population. If that's the case, perhaps someone should educate them on the proper protocol to do such.


I agree that what the teenagers did was wrong. As far as these geese they are a nuisance, they take over the area they claim. They run out all the other wildlife in the area. Is there a correct way to have them dealt with in the area?

Peninsula Pundit

Thank You, someone who obviously does go outside.


Same with seagulls...


Yes Lakeshores, there is a proper/legal way to deal with them. If you call the Division of Wildlife or the local game warden, they can give you the proper protocol and guidelines. Canada geese are, like it of not, federally protected so doing it the wrong way can result in a hefty fine.


Here's a suggestion. Get a truck load said geese, take them to the Canadian border and drop them off. Case solved. Also, until the kids learn right from wrong, they will only get worse.

shbamn1's picture

These geese are a problem. Protect them in Canada not here. The Vetrans Home got rid of their problem with them mysteriously. Why can't the city mysteriously handle the goose problem here?


Cant believe they are federally protected. They are annoying and need to be dealt with. I called the Division of Wildlife once and they couldnt have been more unhelpful except for telling me I needed a few permits to deal with them. Huh? No thanks! Get off my land!