Couple land charges after sending kids home alone

A drunken Sandusky couple were arrested Sunday morning for reporting four children missing after they sent them home alone at 3 a.m., police said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 23, 2014


Angela Jackson, 42, and Tobias Reed, 34, both of the 200 block of Center St., were each charged with child endangering and disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Jackson and Reed were celebrating Easter at a relative’s Townsend Street home when they told Jackson’s 10- and 12-year-old children, and Reed’s 8- and 10-year-old children to walk back to their Center Street home at about 3 a.m., Reed told police.

Jackson’s teenage son was home at the time. He said he heard the children return home but never spoke with them, according to a police report. When the mother of Reed’s daughters arrived and no one knew where her children were, she called police.

The kids were later found at a friend’s house, also on Center Street. They said they argued with Jackson’s son when they returned home, prompting them to leave again and go to their friend’s house, the report said.

The couple were held at the Erie County jail.



I know Sandusky isn't YET the crime capital of the mid-central US (but it's getting close unfortunately), but was EVERYONE at this relative's house that they were drinking at already drunk that no one thought anything of sending out at 3am 4 children - not even teenagers not that that makes any differences - out to walk home alone. Now I only just found out recently where Center St is and I have no clue where Townsend St is so I don't know how far they had to walk but since I do know where Center is it's not in the best part of town and it was 3 in the morning! Again was there no non-drunk person at that house??? And were the kids awake at that time or did they wake them up and send them home? I can see the 12 year old possibly still being up at 3 and maybe the 10 year olds but the 8 year old might be - unless they were used to it - ready to hit the sack by midnight at the latest, so I'm thinking they not only sent these kids out in the middle of the night but they did it with sleepy kids! And the last line of this says they "were held" at the jail? Are they out? I'm sorry for the rant I just get so bothered when people brush off their responsibilities for a party


Crime is everywhere, not just here nor is it anywhere near a crime capital.

Someone is not being honest here. The kids were way too young to walk home alone at that time of the morning regardless of the neighborhood!

Stop It

Agree, even if it is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Gotta cross Rt. 4 for sure.

Erie Countian

My once proud hometown is being overrun by druggies, drinkers, bad parents, out-of-control children and irresponsible lowlife trash of all kinds. I know there are still many good people who live in the city, but it breaks my heart to read the police calls and news reports as to what happens in Sandusky on a daily basis. Sandusky used to be a much kinder and gentler place, and it fills me with dismay to realize what it has become. City Commissioner Murray wants to begin planning a celebration for Sandusky's Bicentennial in a few years. I fondly remember our Sesquicentennial Celebration back in 1968, when Sandusky was a safe, proud and prosperous city. Sad to say not much has happened to celebrate about in the years since then!


they deserve to lose those children but is the foster system much better? maybe there won't be any drinking, but there could be abuse. neither situation is ideal. such a shame.

A Young Adult's...


Rusty of Sandusky

@candleburner Townsend Street is that one way street between Columbus and Hayes Avenues that forms the third side of that triangle block -- it is the street that most people speed down like it's a drag strip as a short cut to get from Columbus to Hayes.

It is a very short walk, but still not one that should be made at that hour of the night by children without an adult.


Rusty thanks for trying to explain where it is to me but to be honest I'm totally lost at this point! I guess if I was in the car and driving it I'd have a better idea of where you're talking about but to try and figure it out in my head it's just not working. I know where Columbus and Hayes meet but that's at that 5 points section so that's why I'm not sure where to go from there. If you haven't figured it out, I'm very directionally challenged! LOL!!


@candleburner, get on Columbus Avenue at Scott street and you will be facing north. when the traffic light turns green, go about three or four properties on your left and look for the street on your left. if you get to the five-points, you missed it. If you get on hayes avenue it will be a one-way/do not enter street on your left before you get to tyler.


Shameful parenting.....


This country will see more and more of this type of activities in the future. It's the result of combined poor educational systems which leads to rampant ignorance, the entitlement mentality, drug & alcohol abuse, and the inability of this society to hold people responsible for their own actions. The hell of it is, there is no simple, fast fix. Politicians are (in my opinion) universally useless, but someone has to wake up and realize our country is heading in the wrong direction.