Teen hits another with brick over head

Officers spoke with a bleeding 35-year-old First Street man who first said he was not involved, then admitted he was part of the scuffle
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 23, 2014


Two local teens are facing felony charges for a Sundayevening fight in which a man was beat with a brick and a bat.

A 17-year-old East Madison Street boy was charged with felonious assault and obstruction. Police also issued a felonious assault warrant for Trae Caffey, 19, of Port Clinton.

A resident called Sandusky police at about 8 p.m. Sunday and said a group of 50 people had begun fighting with baseball bats at a park near Huron Avenue and Elm Street.

While most of the group had scattered by the time police arrived, officers were able to round up a few stragglers who offered their own accounts of the brawl.

Officers spoke with a bleeding 35-year-old First Street man who first said he was not involved, then admitted he was part of the scuffle.

A nearby resident had alerted the man after she saw a group of kids approaching the man’s son and other boys while they played basketball in the park, according to a Sandusky police report.

The man darted to the park, where he saw a group of boys surrounding his son. When the man entered the fray, the 17-year-old Madison Street boy struck him in the back of the head with a brick, the report said.

Caffey then allegedly struck the man with a baseball bat. Officers did not find Caffey at the scene, so they issued a warrant for his arrest.

A 15-year-old McDonough Street boy was also arrested following the incident, as he allegedly ran from police and was carrying tobacco when he was caught.

The 17-year-old, meanwhile, denied being involved. He did say the First Street man pulled a knife before the man was struck with a brick, the report said.

An elderly woman later called police to explain the fight’s origin. The woman said it stemmed from a February incident in which the 17-year-old’s brother was jumped by members of a local gang.

On Saturday, the brother went to a family party that was an alleged setup, where he was again assaulted by gang members, the woman told police. The boy’s grandmother was later awoken by several teens in front of her home, holding bats, shovels and metal pipes, the report said.



Let em duke it out


this makes me so mad!!! these kids that are off fighting need to be locked up. no slaps on their hands, or scolding. they know that there will be no punishment for their bad behavior. for all the kids in todays paper that you can be proud of this crap should not be tolerated.

sandtown born a...

Just another warm spring day in the ghetto AKA Sandusky , the town we used to be proud to call our home has turned into a cesspool of crap!


You ever stop and think about how nice this city would be if all these worthless Czechs just all went away. You know they are the whole problem in this town yet no one admits it and we pretend there is some other excuse. Sandusky doesn't have a crime problem, Sandusky has a Czech problem.

sandtown born a...

Watch out all the defenders of such people will be a over this comment. I'm sure it was the upbringing or maybe the man holding them down, WAIT FOR IT

Stop It

Given the neighborhood, santown419 is gonna be all over it.

he said she said

I have said it before and I will say it again...these little pukes here in Sandusky who think they are something are nothing compared to the gangs in Chicago and LA. They would not last a second if the Black Gangster Disciples came from Chicago and made a home here.

Most of these pukes here in Sandusky act big and bad with their friends but will hide behind Daddy's coat tail when someone steps to them....