Man with box cutter threatens ex-girlfriend

A Sandusky man is facing charges for allegedly holding a box cutter to his ex-girlfriend’s throat and threatening to kill her Thursday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 18, 2014


Aggravated menacing and assault charges are now pending for Lonnie Engle, 19, of the 200 block of Lawrence Street.

Engle strolled into his ex-girlfriend’s house around 1 a.m., open box cutter in hand, and threatened to kill her if there was a man in the home, according to a Sandusky police report.

He then accused her of giving him an STD and held her down so she couldn’t reach the door, the report said.

She managed to break free, but Engle allegedly closed the door before she could escape, then held the box cutter to her neck, saying he was going to cut her throat and kill her, the report said.

When officers later arrived, the woman was shaking and obviously upset. Officers found a box cutter on a living room table and issued warrants for Engle’s arrest.


From the Grave

Lonnie, half the population are women. Just thought I'd point that out.


Abuse is intolerable. All women deserve to live a life free from abuse. If you are being abused call Safe Harbour 419-626-2200


If there was a child there then hopefully it will call that number and get protection from both the scums.