Video of fight triggers arrests

Police watch YouTube
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 17, 2014
Six Sandusky teens are facing aggravated rioting charges after a Sandusky police detective identified them in a YouTube video of a Decatur Street fight.

A 17-year-old LaSalle Street boy, 14-year-old Decatur Street boy, 14-yearold Tyler Street boy, 15-yearold Dixon Drive boy, 14-year-old West Adams Street boy and 19-year-old McDonough Street man Jarvarius Glenn were each charged for their alleged involvement in the fight.

Sandusky police responded to the area on the evening of April 5, after a resident reported a group of teens getting ready to fight, according to a police report.

When officers arrived, numerous people were leaving the area.

Watch video of the fight in the player below

One boy said members of a local gang tried to fight him, and though he denied being a member of a rival gang, another officer identified the boy as a leader of the latter group, the report said.    Officers left the area and were finished with the complaint. Later that day, however, someone uploaded a video of the fight to YouTube.

Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon discovered the video earlier this week and immediately recognized some of the boys from previous cases, Detective Jon Huffman said.

The teens are seen yelling and enticing each other to fight outside a Decatur Street home. One boy was armed with a walking cane, while another grabbed a “for sale” sign to use in the scuffle. At one point, a girl is seen tossing two large sticks into the fray so other boys could use them as weapons, Huffman said.

Nixon identified all the people who were seen actively fighting in the video, then conferred with prosecutors on charges.

The Adams and Decatur street boys were arrested Wednesday and officers issued warrants for the rest.



Obama voters at their finest…

Bottom Line


William Jeffers...

Kids have always fought, just this younger crowd has to have drama & video and it takes too long. Just punch someone in the head, they'll hit you back, don't use your stick and only one on one. Eventually your buddies break it up, you both go to the box for two minutes and feel shame.


Good comment! I had to read through 50 comments to get to it.


Ignorance at its best and products of their parents who I'm sure act the same way. Why do some people that this is an acceptable way to act, you sound ridiculous talking like that. And as far as the race stuff getting flung around I'm sorry but people wouldn't think like they do about the black community if the majority didn't conduct themselves in this manner. And I'm not saying the white kids are any better but if you want to stop the stereotypes then try bringing your children up better than this!


Yeah, white kids would never think of doing stuff like this?

Dr. Information

Sanduskys finest. Lol. Bunch of thugs.


Yea, this is a small percentage of the population of Sandusky. The city is relatively safe with a few low-class, low opportunity degenerate children and young adults.

It's a shame that such trashy excuses for human beings put such an eye sore on a relatively good community. There are great kids, great parents, and great diversity in this city.

A small percentage of the more than 25,000 citizens in Sandusky can add up to some trouble. Let the police handle it and quit defending kids like this.

It's too bad that there aren't laws enacted to force child felons into rehabilitation training or disciplinary training at a military school. It's not about how bad these kids are now, it's about how much better can they become if given the opportunity to eventually become contributing members of society.


You did watch the video?


A fight. Wat bs these lil idiots was jus puttn on a show. Lil sandusky. This aint even worth bein on you tube. And mom of the year wit her son. Give me a damn break.. Only thing good bout lil sandusky is BIKE WEEK...


Anyone that uses the n word is being racist no matter what color you are it's racist..


Coming to your home town soon!


Not all of these kid's parents are bad people. I happen to know the mother of one of the boys and she is a very respectable woman that works hard, has raised her son very well and in a very loving environment. He is a very smart kid that is obviously making some poor choices and watching this video makes me very sad. I know first hand that the boy whose house this took place at, his mother is either never around, and if she is she doesn't care whats going on. This kid beats on his girlfriend and she actually has a wired jaw because of him right now. The mom needs to pay some consequences for what is happening on her property. So if you are going to say that kids actions are a product of their parents, then recognize that one of them made the choice to walk away from it all and go in the house..and he did that because his mother raised him right.
(And yes he did pick up a sign, but he did not hit anybody with it.)He was defending his friend

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Thank you for sharing your insight on this and bringing a bit more context to it.


Good for him!! And good for his mother! ( to the one who walked away! ) I agree the parent who is not home, should also have a consequence to pay. Thank you for being so brave as to post this on here, as some would have not stepped up!


Wow, I am impressed (sarcasm with an eye roll) by the ignorance of these teens. Hey mom, that recorded the video, way to go. I think you may be mom of the year! Way to teach your child to become an upstanding citizen like yourself! I would be ashamed of myself for allowing my son to stand on a street with a bunch of loud mouth kids acting like a$$ clowns, let alone stand there and record them, then upload it to You Tube! I hope you don't reproduce again and your son don't ever reproduce!

Kids, it's time to grow up and stop acting like fools! Your actions today will only hurt you in the end. It isn't cool being a wanna be thug or a bully. And FYI that was the worst "fight" I have seen. I have seen squirrels fight better than that. You all just look like uneducated wanna be thugs that don't know how to dress! Oh one more thing, clean up your yard, slobs!


Hi 5! Well said! As per the mothers actions. And then we wonder why people or places ALL get a bad reputation!

Stop It

HEE HEEE HEEEE! Day just be playin'. don nobody wanna get hurt. dats how day do it in downtown sandusky.

Until after dark.


Guess we see who the adults are! Nice word play. You should be ashamed of your self.



go ahead condone this as nothing and ask 'like white kids would never do anything like this?' wow. why don't you worry about your own house (if you have one) your own neighborhood, your city and town instead of trying to fling responsibility by trying to mirror an act in another community.

if you cared about the city and your own home you wouldn't tolerate this and would act to make things better. but instead you just add to the problem.

you'll learn when you go to sell your house.