Video of fight triggers arrests

Police watch YouTube
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 17, 2014
Six Sandusky teens are facing aggravated rioting charges after a Sandusky police detective identified them in a YouTube video of a Decatur Street fight.

A 17-year-old LaSalle Street boy, 14-year-old Decatur Street boy, 14-yearold Tyler Street boy, 15-yearold Dixon Drive boy, 14-year-old West Adams Street boy and 19-year-old McDonough Street man Jarvarius Glenn were each charged for their alleged involvement in the fight.

Sandusky police responded to the area on the evening of April 5, after a resident reported a group of teens getting ready to fight, according to a police report.

When officers arrived, numerous people were leaving the area.

Watch video of the fight in the player below

One boy said members of a local gang tried to fight him, and though he denied being a member of a rival gang, another officer identified the boy as a leader of the latter group, the report said.    Officers left the area and were finished with the complaint. Later that day, however, someone uploaded a video of the fight to YouTube.

Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon discovered the video earlier this week and immediately recognized some of the boys from previous cases, Detective Jon Huffman said.

The teens are seen yelling and enticing each other to fight outside a Decatur Street home. One boy was armed with a walking cane, while another grabbed a “for sale” sign to use in the scuffle. At one point, a girl is seen tossing two large sticks into the fray so other boys could use them as weapons, Huffman said.

Nixon identified all the people who were seen actively fighting in the video, then conferred with prosecutors on charges.

The Adams and Decatur street boys were arrested Wednesday and officers issued warrants for the rest.


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The Hero Zone

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Dr. Information

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So you are calling someone who is trying to avoid a fight and consequences a coward? He picked up a sign and threw it down..good for the kid for realizing it was wrong and going in the house. More mature than all of the others. Don't they say the right thing to do in this kind of situation is to walk away? I think chasing people around with sticks is pretty cowardly if you ask me.

Tired Of The Bull

Arrest them all!!! Even the videographer and bystanders!!!!


That's what they are doing. An excellent use of our resources. Not.


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I have to agree. This is muchado about nothing. Keep race out of it. Kids of all races fight. It is painfully obvious exactly who the racists are on this forum! As much as some of you be on YouTube you should see this stuff from everywhere.

Bottom Line

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The Hero Zone

I agree, deertracker, except for you not having a cause. You do. Your own life, family, and happiness. That's a cause that is worth maintaining and I'm glad that you won't allow other people to define you with their words. Whether you want or accept it you have my respect, even if we disagree on occasion. That's the truth.


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Post their names Sandusky Register...these kids think they are grown so treat them as such. Post their names and pictures.


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Not too hard to figure out who's the aggressor in this one. Just amazes me how many times the n-bomb is dropped. If that was a white person on the same shoes, doing the same thing, there would be hate crime charges on top of the assault, unlawful entry, and so on and so on. Then there would be protest rallies, marches, and so forth. Can I get an Amen on that Rev. Darden?

Dr. Information

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What a bunch of losers...and way to prove that criminals have low IQs by uploading the evidence to a public forum like YouTube! I'll bet this isn't the first time (and almost certainly won't be the last time) police are called to this address! The crowd, the condition of the front yard -- what a mess!

If this is a rental unit, why isn't the landlord doing something? Surely HE can't want that kind of mess associated with his property! And if the homeowner is actually the resident, why isn't he/she being charged for being an "attractive nuisance" or whatever it is they legally term "trouble magnets" like this one appears to be?

This kind of thing will continue to happen until neighborhoods take back their homes and demand such problem residents shape up or ship out!

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I don't think this was a riot. It seems to me that this was more of a show than a fight...lots of arguing, too many of the n bombs dropped, and a lot of chasing around with sticks. Hell, I chased other kids around with sticks when I was a kid yelling 'police stop!' when playing cops and robbers.
These kids around here that think their gang is something to be proud of would never make it in a place like LA or Chicago...these are play groups around here compared to those....


ORC states 4 or more makes it a riot.


Girl who posted video now a gang target...was that her aim?

The New World Czar

One question...where are the parents?