Man allegedly downloads child pornography

Secret Service, Sandusky police search home, seize laptops and memory cards
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 16, 2014


Investigators   scoured the home of a 60-year-old Sandusky man Monday to search for child porn, police said.

Four Secret Service agents and five Sandusky police officers executed a search warrant at the man’s home in the 500 block of E. Market St. at about 11 a.m., according to a Sandusky police report.

Secret Service agents previously learned someone downloaded multiple photographs depicting child pornography and tracked the user’s IP address to the man’s Sandusky home, Sandusky police detective Ken Nixon said.

Per the warrant, officers had permission to seize any sort of digital storage device found in the home. On Monday, they confiscated laptops and memory cards, which will be sent to a crime lab for testing, Nixon said.

Halfway through the execution of the warrant, the man returned home.

“He didn’t say a whole lot” Nixon said. “He didn’t deny it and he didn’t admit it”

Special agent Steve Snyder asked the man to submit to a polygraph test, but he refused.

Officers and agents have no indication thus far the man was involved in the production of child porn, Nixon said.

The man allegedly downloaded the photos from a website that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has flagged as a known child porn site.

Crime lab staff will now sift through the contents of the man’s computer to determine whether or how much porn has been stored on it, Nixon said.

Charges could be forthcoming once the investigation is complete.



I'm confused as to why the Secret Service was involved. Can anyone shed any light regarding that?

looking around

Hmmmmm.....good question, the only thing that comes to mind is that for some unrelated reason this individual was being investigated/monitored by the Secret Service and the child porn events came to light and they participated in the execution of the search warrant to look for other things that they may have been interested in. It's a stretch I know but it's the only thing I can think of.


Does it really matter? If your doing wrong you don't choose the boys in blue that come for you. Best get it off your computer or stop if your doing it. While your at it go get some help.


YES!!!!I KNOW!!!!local children were being identified in the porn


What I understand is that the secret service works at the will of the White House, so I am with you and totally confused.

The Bizness

They also do other things, like money counterfeiting.


Yes the secret services was originally set up to deal with counterfeiting money and were under the directive of the U S Treasury Dept., but they are now are primarily the police department for the White House and protection of first and former first families and I believe they fall under the direction of Home Land Security. They do get involved with matters of counterfeiting so that must be the only connection here unless the pictures were of a first family or former first family's children. I doubt that very much though.

Stop It

I agree. Isn't that more like FBI territory?


Could be related to human trafficking. I have heard that in this area, it could be gotten away with because of all the tourists, out of state license plates, etc. They could pass through here without being suspected.

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I copied and paste this from the Secret Service website:

The Secret Service has primary jurisdiction to investigate threats against Secret Service protectees as well as financial crimes, which include counterfeiting of U.S. currency or other U.S. Government obligations; forgery or theft of U.S. Treasury checks, bonds or other securities; credit card fraud; telecommunications fraud; computer fraud, identify fraud and certain other crimes affecting federally insured financial institutions.

*He possibly could've used a stolen credit card for the disgusting downloads?

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The Hero Zone

Possibly but by what you supplied the entity from which he downloaded would have been a "federally insured financial institution". I know that our endowment of the arts pays for works like Piss Christ ( but yeeeesh if it is supplying this stuff!

There is certainly more to this story, it will be interesting to watch. Thanks for bringing back the description you did!

Dwight K.

That's freaking sick...there's plenty of good porn out there


Why would you download it ?


Every time you visit a Web site you download all of the images on that Web site. You have no choice, that's how Web browsers and the Internet works. You go to a site, you computer downloads all of the images and content from the server and then displays it on your screen. If you clear your browser cache the images will be deleted (although in many cases the deleted images can be undeleted).

Truth or Dare

Just read an article today about the exploitation that goes on regarding our U.S. Departments cultural program. You know, foreign exchange students that come here to work for the summer, taking jobs away from U.S. teens, even adults, and no payroll taxes have to be paid for them. Great deal for the employers, eh? Oh, they're also susceptible to human trafficking. Big mistake in thinking it wouldn't happen in your own back yard! If the SS (Secret Service) is really involved, this is deeper then the downloading of Child Pornography on a home computer, and we will more then likely never know what's really going on!

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The Hero Zone

I certainly would be interested in learning that, too, but we also see that places like the Department of Education have armed agents in its ranks. Why? The Patriot Act for one, but if you'd like an interesting read:

"What does the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration need with 96 armed agents?"

Of course the Nevada incident is an interesting moment to ponder "what's really going on?" I don't mean to distract from this story with this kind of thing, but I felt it was relevant to look into why these things are going on.

Stop It

The answer to that is simple. They use doppler radar that is usually triangulated all over the USA. What you see on a doppler radar weather map is filtered just for weather. Ever wonder why you don't see air traffic? The gov't LETS weather stations use it, but it is under control of the feds.

Edit to add: Ever notice that all interstate highways have at least a level and a mile of straight road every so often? That's for the landing of aircraft in case decide.

The Bizness

Your statement about the roads is not true, it is a common myth.

The Bizness

Anyone can have access to the Doppler Network...

Anyone can have access to the Airspace Status...

Anyone can have access to flightplans and live tracking of aircraft...

What's your point? Do you not know how Doppler works? Did you also know that Doppler and how aircraft are tracked aren't even on the same wavelength?

Stop It

I stand corrected Bizness and Flyboy. Thank you for pointing those things out as I have a bud that thinks he knows a little bit about everything and he is usually right on most. He was clearly off base on these two items as was I for taking his word for it.

Again, thank you.


@ Truth or Dare

Does Cedar Point employ foreign exchange students and do they pay employer taxes for these workers such as Social Security, Medicare, Ohio Workers Compensation, Federal Unemployment and State Unemployment taxes?

I share your concern on human trafficking in this area and know it's a problem in this area that has not been addressed.


Good question. The rules are different for seasonal employers!!!!

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"The man allegedly downloaded the photos from a website that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has flagged as a known child porn site."

So why, with all the power these feds have did they not shut down the site and go after the people that had the site up? It is like going after the pot smoker and letting the dealer keep selling pot?


I am sure the site is not hosted in the US. Probably on a server in some Eastern European country.

looking around

Stewi you make a good point, Isn't it interesting also that the credit card companies that support the transactions to these child porn sites are not held accountable as well for complicity.


godiluvit!!! The SR uses a SPD report about the SS and from here we attack the National Endowment for the Arts (which supports freedom of expression), Dept of Education (with all the school shootings why wouldn't they have armed agents?), NOAA, NCMEC (human trafficking is rampant in northern Ohio - especially of children and teens) but no aspersions on Border Control or Sandusky County Sheriff, or...
You guys are so much fun. Why wait for SR to chum the waters when they have you?

Stop It

Part of butthurt Sandco? It smells like it.

It wouldn't hurt so much if you cleaned it up abit.

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The Hero Zone

There is no "we" nor attack. I brought them up and it wasn't done so in an attack. Please read for context. In this case I will assist you since you are broadening my comments beyond reason.

1. The paragraph JMOP brought back referred to the Secret Service acting on cases of credit card fraud. She added that probably they were involved because the accused stole one to access a site. At the end of the descriptor it said that the SS only seemed to get involved in cases of federal financial institutions. So, making a jest comparison, I brought up Piss Christ as being a federally-funded art source but found it hard to believe that they would also distribute child pornography. NOWHERE even in my joke did I bash, trash, or otherwise disavow the endowment. In fact I didn't even make a personal comment on my own thoughts on the Piss Christ AND EVEN provided a link so others who didn't know about the Piss Christ could read about it so they could get CONTEXT and form their own opinion on the piece. What kind of result are you fishing for with your allegations? Please chum waters with your comments elsewhere.

2. As above I didn't "attack" the NOAA. I simply questioned why they along with the Department of Education need to buy shotguns and have armed agents. Your reason of school shootings as a reason to have ARMED AGENTS in the Department of EDUCATION is nonsensical at best. But maybe you offered a reason like that as a joke? Here's something else to think about, why did the SSA need to purchase approximately 175,000 hollow-point bullets? We can read to see a reason:

3. Continuing the explanation which has now consumed more words and letters than the actual, original post, where does all the redundant agencies lead to? In the case of the Department of Education, why if given an explanation of why they need police-grade shotguns ( can't they instead work with existing agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Marshals, etc.? Or if this is about building security, why can't they contract out private or public security?

Just because someone asks a question or tries to provoke a thought doesn't mean they dislike or want to tear something apart. In fact, what if it is meant to help the very agency that we just presume is doing things efficiently, ethically, transparently, etc.? The entire point is to garner a better understanding for something which I, personally, may enjoy or even not dislike. I'm sick and tired of comments like yours that are a live-or-die, win-or-lose situation where there has to be 100% certainty or an implication that if someone doesn't like something the whole shebang has to go.

"Nya-nya Democrats are right 100% of the time. Ha-ha if a Republican idea has one flaw in it the whole thing is defunct from concept to body to implementation. If you even mention one possible thing bad with, or even dare to question one aspect of the Department of Education you MUST hate it and are attacking it to destroy it."

Grrr, I get frustrated to no end with this! Questions are asked to promote discussion, explore answers, find a better way if one is available, and even to grow a healthy respect for that which is being questioned.

That being said, why don't YOU ask a question here about Border Control or the Sandusky County Sheriff since those are YOUR concerns that others may enlighten you? In so doing I will presume in your benefit that you don't want Sandusky County to be without that law enforcement service and wish to instead use your question to better the department as it exists.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to rational people asking rational questions isn't that hard and you'll find many more allies that way instead of lobbing broadened accusations of "attacks" being made. Or...are you actually attacking the Sandusky County Sheriff's office in order to destroy it? Was my humane presumption about you incorrect? I hope not.

Stop It

Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Truth or Dare

Just an FYI, not attacking the Department of Education, just stating a fact, kind of giving a heads up about the abuses that take place. The article was rather interesting, and just another about a government program supported with tax $$$'s that someone ends up finding a way to exploit not only it, but most importantly the children involved? Foreign or domestic! I have no problem with the NCMEC, and am well aware of the fact that Northeast Ohio, particularly Toledo is ranked within the top 10 cities across America for human trafficking. Maybe that's where all the teenagers coming up missing on a daily basis from East Cleveland are ending up? I don't take this kind of stuff lightly! By the way, don't get me started on Border Patrol/Control, one of the fastest growing federal job opportunities for the last what, decade? That of course is only if you cut the freakin mustard! As well, and it's just a personal opinion, but Sandusky County, although it has nothing to do with this story, or does it, is jaded, period end!

Truth or Dare

Thanks Stop It, your right. I broke my own rule and will try harder. It's the second time this week and am quite disappointed in myself, but it happens on occasion, especially when I have a deep passion about something/someone. It might not be so hard if I didn't work in Sandusky County.


No such thing as privacy!


Big Brother is watching YOU (and everyone else)every second of every day. Cyber Cops are here to stay thanks to the Internet, credit cards, Cell phones, street cameras, etc. It's the price we pay for living in a modern (futuristic) style society.'s going to get more and more invasive. One day...there will be a global connected system to make sure we peons are behaving as they want. If not...POOPH! You disappear.

"They", the International Corporations and super-wealthy have a grand plan to reduce the human population down to 1.5 billion because the Earth's carrying capacity has been exceeded and they don't need we peons and they have the plan and ability to save themselves from the coming catastrophe. Because of Internet snooping...they will know enough about everyone to take control with a few strokes of the keyboard thus manipulating banking, energy, food supplies and whatever else they need to garner control. Impossible you say? Look what and how they are reigning in Vladimir Putin because he is "misbehaving".

The real "fight" won't be between blacks vs. whites, gay vs. straight, Republican vs. Democrats, etc. etc. It will be against the
New World Order Regime and those who are seizing control, little by little,today.

Have a lovely day!