Infant dies on Decatur Street

Sandusky police are investigating the possible co-sleeping death of a 6-month-old Sandusky boy
Tom Jackson
Apr 15, 2014


Kyair Babisak died Sunday after sleeping in bed with his 16-year-old mother in a home in the 800 block of Decatur St., police said.

Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon said police received a call at 12:07 p.m., after the baby’s mother noticed something was wrong.

“They were both in the same bed together,” Nixon said. “She said she woke up and noticed he wasn’t breathing. We don’t know (if) she slept on him”    

The mother alerted the infant’s grandmother, and they called 911. The infant was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Read Kyair Babisak's obituary by clicking HERE

Preliminary results from the Lucas County coroner’s office could be available as early as today, although full autopsy results aren’t likely be ready for at least six weeks, and possibly up to six months, Erie County coroner Brian Baxter said.

Referring to the baby’s mother, Nixon said, “We have no reason to believe she was drinking or under the influence of something.

”We’ll wait for the coroner’s report to come back as to the cause of death,” Nixon said. “In general, it takes a few months, as you know”

Baxter described the death as a possible co-sleeping death, which is when a baby is accidentally smothered after a parent rolls over on the child.

Baxter said that in eight years, he has dealt with about eight to 10 co-sleeping deaths.

The Erie County Health Department has tried to mount a publicity campaign warning parents not to sleep with their small children. Erie County health commissioner Pete Schade could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.

Baxter said there are dividers that can be obtained for a bed to prevent the parent from rolling over on the baby.

”When you have a kid, you get tired. Things happen. It just takes a few minutes,” he said.

Kyair was born Oct. 29.



This is the reason why babies need their own sleeping space, not to say that it wouldn't have happened, just that it might be sudden infant death syndrome.


This is why 16 year old girls should be in school and not having pre marital sex.

A Young Adult's...

I'm sure you know all of the details of the situation. Your comment is very necessary.

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Details are inconsequential. 16yr olds should NOT be having children. As sad as this is, if this CHILD were not a mother, this child would not be gone.


How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus?

A Young Adult's...

There are plenty of 40 year olds that shouldn't be having children. Seriously, who are you to decide whether someone should or should not be having children? My parents had me at 17 and I turned out just fine, as did they. It was an accident, but I guarantee you they don't regret a single day of it.

Please remember that not all 16 year olds are the same. Yes, it is younger than most would like to start having children; but there are plenty of fantastic young mothers out there.

The maturity of the individual is far more consequential than age, and in this case we do not know the details.


This is a false and ignorant statement. What if she was raped? You don't know that. A lot of people don't believe in abortion. There for unless you know her or know the situation I wouldn't make ignorant comments. I don't even know her myself but it's stereotypical comments like this that make me mad. This could have happened if the mother was 26,36,46! Accidents happen! To everyone. Don't act like your perfect and never had a accident.


This kind of thing happens to 30 and 40 year olds too. Age has NOTHING To do here.

Azure Ray

Huron - please keep your snobby judgement to yourself. Age has nothing to do with this kind of accident. Biologically and historically, 16 is a normal age to bear children. It isn't accepted by most of our society - clearly not in Huron, but it happens.


Didn't this happen once before? I seem to remember an article not to long ago about a woman that rolled over in bed and suffocated her baby. And if I can remember this happening not to long ago - and my memory isn't what it used to be anymore - why didn't something click in this grandmother's memory that there might be an issue somewhere when she saw her daughter and her grandchild every night getting into the same bed. Just really don't understand what people are thinking about - or with!

sandtown born a...

Babies having babies, teen mom being raised by grandparents, what the heck is wrong here? This is NOT a productive way of life people wake up!


Umm, the teen mom woke the BABY'S grandmother, which means it is the teens MOTHER...she is not being raised by grandparents. What the heck is wrong with you and your family tree skills?




WOW where is the sensitivity and empathy here. I feel the love.


Really? Everyone is making this about AGE????? THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT!.... Tell me please since all of you are ready to cast stones at this teenage mother.. Tell me that YOU have not been so tired and wore out from being up all night with feedings. Tell me that YOU HAVE STAYED ALERT AND AWAKE while feeding your child. Tell me that you have rocked your child back to sleep, or walked around the house, or did what you needed to do to get the child to sleep and then carried the child back to their bed because they had to be in their OWN SLEEPING SPACE (and risked waking the child up). GET REAL! GET A LIFE! and GROW UP!

Accidents happen~ and he or she who has not done something in their life that could have resulted in an accident please feel free to comment. If you have try keeping your mouths shut and allow the family of this baby some peace. God Bless the family!
(Which, by the way, I am not a part of the family, just highly irritated that people would crucify a person from behind a computer screen.)

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My heart breaks for this family.


Lots of assumptions here. It is sad regardless of what happened! RIP little one.


The teen pregnancy rate is the lowest in decades. Don't pull that "Oh, kids these days!" act. It has nothing to do with age. Co-sleeping can be dangerous and it doesn't matter how old the mother is.


First of all, my condolences go out to the baby and the family who now have to plan a funeral. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard that would be. Secondly, I do agree to an extent about co-sleeping, but none of you know if this was maybe a ONE time thing, MAYBE the baby was sick and fussy and mom just layed him in the bed with her to calm him back to sleep. Thirdly, since this baby was almost close to six months old, I would put my money on him probably passing from SIDS, since a 6 month old would more than likely have wriggled, cried, flailed arms, etc., trying to wake mom, if she rolled onto him. Fourthly, I would find it kind of hard to believe that you could easily roll onto a 6 month old baby and not realize it, unless: 1) You are under the influence of some pretty hefty drugs or alcohol, or 2) The baby is very very small for their age, or 3) You are Grossly obese, which would make the baby seem very very small.....anyhow.. that's neither here nor there....what I'm saying is....this baby boy probably died from SIDS and everyone here needs to stop criticizing this mother for losing her BABY!!!! Do you think that is what she needs to hear right now?? Is that what YOU would want to hear right now?? Maybe she shouldn't have had a baby at 16, it's too late for that, the baby was already here!!! Show some damn compassion or shut up!!! You don't KNOW what happened, neither do I, but I will not come here and lower myself to a level as despicable as some of you when MOTHER has just lost her CHILD!!!!


I'm going to defend my comment in yours. I stated that in a previous incident that the other mother had rolled over on her baby not this one. I don't know the details of the death of this child so I wouldn't be able to comment on them. As for her age, yeah I think it's to young to be having a child but that's not for me to judge. And I know about loss and the pain she's going thru, the hole in her heart that feels like nothing will ever be able to be filled again. Like you're walking thru life in a haze and you can't wake up from it. A pain with every breath that you take that just comes out of no where at times and you don't feel like you'll ever stop crying. You hear them and you go looking for them just to realize they aren't there any more and the pain is back fresh and anew and the tears start falling all over again. So yes I know what she's feeling all to well.

Kottage Kat

Heartfelt prayers for the Babisak family.
May the God of all comfort be with at this difficult time.

A Young Adult's...

Blaming this mother because she is young puts you on the same level as Rev. Darden for his comments in the other story.


has anybody ever thought about why she may have been a young mother. there are different cases some young mothers may have been raped or forced or something or maybe just being an average teen and trying to be grown and doing what they wanted! may nothad the money to buy one so had to do on whatshe had but my thoughts and prayers go out to the family


Statistically it is actually safer for infants to co-sleep if it is done safely. Stop and use some logic here for a moment--the high incidence of infant crib deaths each year proves that it is not automatically the safer option.

"If the incidence of SIDS is dramatically higher in crib versus a parent’s bed, and because the cases of accidental smothering and entrapment are only 1.5% of the total SIDS cases, then sleeping with a baby in your bed would be far safer than putting baby in a crib."



My husband and I slept with our baby, we are 35 years old. Sounded safer than a crib since blankets and bumper pads kill babies apparently. My heart goes out to this family and the mother. Nice of many of you to comment and make her feel worse than she does.


This is yet another example of why the Register must do away with anonymous comments immediately. Please change this commenting policy to one similar to what other newspapers use such as using your Facebook account. Heartless and judgmental comments such as many of these are so hurtful to people who are already grieving.

To the family of Kyair: You are in my prayers over the loss of your precious baby.

Stop It

Of course, your real name is luvschocolate. Two of my facebook accounts have nothing to do with my real name. Go there. I don't care.

Azure Ray

I agree that comments are unnecessary and don't promote actual news.

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I agree!

Hey Register,
People couldn't comment on Kalahari getting the Worlds Coolest indoor waterpark, but apparently you see fit for people bashing a teen after she's dealing with the loss of her baby???


You know the difference between a thirty year old smothering her baby while they sleep and a sixteen year old?? Not a damn thing.. So why make her feel bad it could happen to anybody


I'm related to the child, although very distantly - and I can tell you, some of the comments here are painfully disgusting. The judgmental and sanctimonious know-it-alls who have never made a bad decision in their life......just stop, get real. Those who have come to the mother's defense, we thank you, and please never forget, the grief of a daddy is no less painful.


Hazelkatb......please, send my condolences to your family, the mother, the father, grandparents, everyone who loved that baby boy! I can't imagine their pain and grief!!


hazelkatb, well said. The criticisms posted here speak volumes about the authors. These parents and their entire family are dealing with a difficult and tragic loss and they deserve better than the insensitive, dispassionate remarks of judgmental strangers.


The REGISTER NEEDS TO STOP with this anonymous commenting. Do like the News Messenger, log in with facebook.
Oh but then the SR Employees couldn't anonymously post. I'm sure that doesn't happen. (Sarcasm)

Sal Dali

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Parents of all ages take naps with their children when they are small; this could happen to anyone, not just a sixteen year old mother. Her age is insignificant. Some people are quick to be judgmental. This is a tragedy not another opportunity to bash young mothers.


An accident is an accident. If the mother was 32 would u guys have the same comments ? It doesn't matter age, accidents happen. Saying 16 year olds shouldn't have sex, how old were all of you having sex? Come on now, times are changing. People are having sex sooner. Be 16 and a mother doesn't make her less of a "mother". None of us know (unless we know her) how she cares for her child, she could be better than some mothers that are twice her age. All the unnecessary comments are ignorant and not needed. A child lost it's life.



That's nice.

By the looks of their Facebook pages, they both seem to be grieving parents. (Sarcasm to the highest degree.)

It's pretty ridiculous.


What's ridiculous is your comment! Everyone grieves differently. Given their young age, I am sure they are not grieving the same way as an older person. But, at the end of the day, EVERYONE grieves in their own way. There is no right or wrong. So unless you have been there (and I have) keep your comments to yourself!
That being said, if I had a nickel for every time one of my babies ended up sleeping with me, I'd be rich! It was a terrible, tragic accident and very well could've been sids related (which means no matter where that precious baby was, it wouldn't have mattered)
Love and prayers to the family of that sweet baby!