Boy donates $8.74 to K-9 program

He collected pennies for five months and donated them to fund
Melissa Topey
Apr 14, 2014


Brycen Wobser is a typical 4-year old in so many ways.

He likes police, firefighters and animals. He takes care of his guinea pig and his fish. He loves the dogs and cats of the Gordon family, whom he stays with on many days.

He also has a caring heart.

When Brycen learned the Sandusky Police Department was looking for a new police dog, he wanted to help donate to the cause. He dug into his change jar and pulled out all the pennies he’d been saving for the past five months.

The total: $8.74.

The police department hosted a fundraiser at Chipotle earlier this month, but a tearful Brycen was unable to attend.

Brenda Gordon notified Sandusky police, who on Thursday arranged to have Brycen meet Justice, the police dog, and Detective Adam West, the dog’s handler.

Brycen proudly turned over his collection of pennies, and he offered a big smile as he took pictures with West and Justice in the police station’s lobby.

“He’s pretty,” Brycen said of Justice.

It was heartwarming to see a child to turn over his savings to help the police department in its goal, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.

“It brings a tear to your eye,” Orzech said. “Children are innocent, and for him to want to want to make a contribution with his pennies was very touching”

Sandusky police plan to repay the surprise donation with a surprise meeting.

“We’re going to make sure he meets the new K-9 when he comes in” Orzech said.


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Awe....soooo sweet!


These are the kinds of kids that will more than likely WON'T be making the papers in 10 years meeting the police - and the drug dogs - for legal reasons!! What a sweetheart!!