Get your paws on a burrito

Sandusky police are hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle from 4-8 p.m. today to raise money for a new police dog.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 5, 2014


 Whether you prefer chicken or steak, salsa or guacamole, lettuce or sautéed veggies, any purchase you make at the Milan Road restaurant this evening will contribute to the cause.

Simply carry in a copy of the fundraiser flyer, pull up the ad on your smartphone or mention you’d like to chow down for the cause.

Cashiers will allocate half your purchase price to the Sandusky Police Department. Officers also plan to host a demonstration at Chipotle at 5 p.m.


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The Hero Zone

A real life "hack" regarding Chipotle:

Give it a try and see if it works today! Even if it doesn't, the money is going to a good cause and is yummy to boot.

Stop It



what ever happpened to last dog that all those kids raised money for? maybe this dog will sit at the pond like the last one did when that lying tabocco spitting cop felt like that.crying to the city his family was scared of the dog....


if it was perkins I would say yes but maybe they should raise money to put each officer on the fitness regiment or jenny craig diet!!!!


Why pay thousands for a "purebred" when German Shepards are waiting to be rescued--many of them purebreds? Adopted dogs are JUST as easily trained as dogs that cost thousands. Some links to consider:


Stop It

Don't ya know? They gotta be purebred from GERMANY. If the dog doesn't cost a s%!*load of money, it's worthless.

I've had three rescued dogs and two kitters. Just gotta pay for shots and neuter or spay. Best friends forever.


US Customs K9 that holds the record for largest drug find, over 3000 pounds of cocaine, is a rescued Pit Bull that was found half frozen in a freezer during a drug raid. There was also a rescued pit bull used after the Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion. (So there is proof of a drug K9 and a search and rescue K9 from rescues)
I hear your sarcasm, I agree $$$$ doesn't equal the best! LOL I have 2 rescued best friends.


The real question is, if this is such a good cause, why couldn't the register post it more than 4 hours before the event?