Man arrested, charged after domestic dispute

A Sandusky man was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly pummeling his girlfriend, then fleeing to his attic.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 3, 2014


David Kesterson, 33, 1300 block Shelby St., was charged with assault and felony domestic violence.

Kesterson and his girlfriend started arguing at 10 p.m., and he soon began punching her face and head repeatedly, according to a Sandusky police report.

The woman leveled one defensive blow at Kesterson’s neck, knocking him out cold. She locked herself inside an SUV to get away from him and, though Kesterson tried to reach her, he was not able to, the report said.

The woman retreated to a Stone Street home, while Kesterson walked back inside his Shelby Street home.

Officers noticed blood on the Stone Street home’s door and overheard the woman yelling at the resident, telling him not to tell the police she was inside. Eventually, however, the woman emerged and said she did not want Kesterson arrested.

Officers surrounded Kesterson’s home and soon saw him trying to escape through an attic window. When Kesterson gave himself up, officers noticed he’d pushed a table against the attic door.

Kesterson was held at the Erie County jail.


Dwight K.

He'll be out doing the same thing again

Good 2 B Me

Big man...beating up a woman, yet running and hiding like a coward from the Police. Shocker!


She knocked him out with one punch! Seems he stumbled across one that can hold her own! Good for you, now don't go back!

Slats Grobnik

He was punching her repeatedly, and she knocked him out cold with one blow to the neck. That's some serious justice right there.


When will these idiotic women learn?? Beats the crap out of her and she still doesn't want him arrested?? All thus means is that once he gets out, probably today if he's not already out, is the police will be back there as soon as he decides to "pummel" her again....gotta love that city