Couple raise ruckus at police department

A Sandusky couple were arrested for allegedly causing a drunken scene in the Sandusky police station late Monday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 2, 2014


Karen Hall, 51, and Michael Matthews, 58, both of the 600 block of Jackson St., were each charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated.

It was just prior to 11 p.m. Monday when Sandusky police officers heard a commotion in the lobby, according to a police report.

They walked out to find Hall hollering about getting her cell phone back and pointing to Matthews across the street, the report said. The officer then went to talk to Matthews, who said he was just using the phone to call his mom.

Both Matthews and Hall tested over the legal alcohol limit and were arrested as a result, the report said. Officers released each to a sober person.



I'll drink to that!


What determines who you will put in jail and who you release to a sober person?

red white and blue

The better question is who got the ownership of the cellphone thats the real crime! Lol


It's amazing that you can sit at home drinking , but suddenly you decide to go for a drunken walk to the police station. Alcohol may have destroyed too many brain cells for these two.


Some people should have one of those blow before you drive devices on their doors and phones...