DJ’s Sports Bar owner arrested

McDuffy allegedy allowed underage drinking at bar
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 1, 2014


The owner of DJ’s Sports Bar was arrested again over the weekend, this time for allegedly allowing three underage women to drink in his establishment.

Eugene McDuffy, 41, 1500 block Seneca St., was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, permitting a curfew violation and three counts of permitting underage consumption. Sandusky police were already in the bar’s parking lot when they noticed three drunken teenagers stumble outside at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday, according to a police report.

Two of the teens said bar staff had checked their IDs when they entered the building, and thus knew they were underage, the report said.

The pair had apparently been drinking inside the bar — one teen said someone purchased her drinks, and the other refused to say where she got her drink, the report said.

Officers arrested the teens on a conglomeration of underage consumption, obstruction and curfew violation charges.

They opted to charge McDuffy because he allowed the teens on the property while they were drinking, the report said.

McDuffy was arrested later that day and taken to the Erie County jail.

McDuffy was also arrested March 2 for disorderly conduct and permitting drug abuse after an early morning bar fight culminated in at least one shot fired. He was charged for allegedly knowing about the fight and failing to report it, police said.



Noooo, say it isn't so!

Brick Hamland

I find this hard to believe... that place seems like such a nice spot to go, especially between the hours of 1 and 3:30 am.


Why hasn't the state shut that place down already????? Can't the city do anything? What a joke .

Erie County Resident

I agree Justwow.
Past time to close this dump up.
The state used to shut trouble spots like this garbage down quickly
But I guess since the state can't make money fining them for their smoking ban they will keep a blind eye towards this.


The police need to make a complaint to the Liquor Department.


just saying why does the blame always go to the owner there is so much he or she can do. the people have all the rights and owners have none.


Wow Jerry. I won't even get going with you. Look at the owners past bar record. My god. It has all to do with him and what he permits in his bar. Use your head.


So why aren't the cops sitting there instead up my jacks deli or the drive-through. They always seem to take the easy way out. Maybe even sleeping like Gardner does


Mamas, do you know where your lovely young teen daughters are at 3:30 a.m. Hopefully not at a nasty bar.


Let us just make it easy and close that place down.

JD's picture

But by letting it stay open we know where all the trouble makers are. Don't have to go looking for them.


Wow, what a surprise! And it seemed like SUCH a "nice" place! fofl


Please keep this place open. If this place gets closed down, all of the problems will then invade all of the other places. Not counting the occasional "drunk guy that thinks he's the incredible hulk" the local bars are descent to go into. Look at it this way, erie county has a dump, where all of our trash goes. If erie county didn't have a dump, then there would be trash every where. Just like erie county has a dump, Sandusky has DJ's. The community NEEDS DJ's to remain open, so that the trash doesn't end up somewhere else. Let the trash fight,shoot and stab other trash, that's how you get rid of trash.

Whiskey Tango F...

+1!!!! If this closes, it simply places the burden on other business owners. Trash belongs in the landfill. Going there doesn't make you trash, but show me who you run with, and I'll tell you who you are.


Save off the whiskey because that's bs.


You must be jokeing because we have had articles about Daly's as much as DJ's so what trash are you talking about.



he said she said

You can't call everyone that goes into DJ's trash. Not everyone that goes in there is looking for a fight. I don't. I have been there plenty of times until the place closes for the night and never once have I been arrested for starting, jumping into, or getting jumped by anyone else. Any bar can have the same problem. People drink way too much and with the amount of liquid courage in them want to start a fight.


That never happened at Brownlee's tavern!!!!

Brick Hamland

I think the people that want the place to stay open have a point... assuming these people pay their court costs they generate some income for the city and don't go into the downtown area. Good point. The owner has all the control, all he has to do is be on site and kick trash out. He has the right to kick anyone out...


Shame on all the collectivist thugs advocating & supporting the violation of McDuffy's natural rights by government thugs.

Little Giant

What do you people have against black owned businesses?

Stop It

Nothing if we don't have to have a squad car sit there every night just waiting for the next nightly bust.


they dont have a liquor license anyways, they run as a private party place, its bs we all know he is selling liquor to everyone