Police investigate suspected elder abuse

Sandusky police are investigating a possible incident of elder abuse after a caregiver noticed suspicious bruises Wednesday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 28, 2014


An Erie County Job and Family Services worker contacted Sandusky police when they learned a 66-year-old Jackson Street man had bruising on his lower back and scratches on his face, according to a police report.

During an interview with social workers, the man said his daughter, with whom he lives, had never mistreated him, the report said. He said his face must have been scratched when he was sleeping, but later said he was instructed to lie about that injury and say he’d cut himself shaving.

The man refused to say who told him to lie, the report said. A home health care nurse has also noticed problems in the home. She told investigators she has seen the man’s daughter yelling and swearing inside the home, the report said.

After speaking with health professionals, the man agreed to be placed in a temporary housing facility, the report said.