Woman: Boys attacked my daughter

The girl’s mother was adamant about pursuing charges, but officers cited conflicting accounts as the reason they could not arrest the boys.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 26, 2014


A Sandusky mother is alleging two pre-teen brothers jumped her 11-year-old daughter and kicked her repeatedly between the legs, according to a police report.

A girl was playing with several other kids at a home in the 900 block of Hayes Ave. Sunday evening when the two boys — 8 and 12 years old — began chasing her, the report said.

When they caught up with her, they allegedly tackled her to the ground and kicked her several times. Other kids who were playing nearby said they saw the boys kick her multiple times between the legs, the report said.

The boys later told police the girl started it, claiming she kicked one of them first, the report said. They said they chased the girl but never harmed her.

The girl’s mother was adamant about pursuing charges, but officers cited conflicting accounts as the reason they could not arrest the boys.



Letting this boys get away with it, telling them it's okay to beat up a girl.


And what do you suppose these "officers" would do if it had been THEIR daughter????? Great way to teach young "men" how to treat a lady.


So witnesses say they seen the boys doing this, yet they say she did it to ONE of the boys, so the police call it even? Way to go SPD! Another reason why people arent living there. Great policing work!


Wow!! Unbelievable!!! Now the city police officers are condoning the next generation of women beaters!!!!! Do witness statements account for nothing???


I agree that someone should have taught these young men that it is not okay to attack or harm girls; I do not think they should be charged however, as the girl was possibly the instigator and kicked one of the boys. It is not okay in either case. It would not be okay if it were 2 girls instead of boys either. Teach your children right from wrong and they won't engage in this behavior.


That mean little girl shouldn`t have been picking on those 2 helpless boys. It is a good thing they didn`t hurt her too bad. The SPD would have blown it off as self defense so they wouldn`t have to do the paper work or investigate. I`ve actually heard people refer to Sandusky as "Little Detroit". Way to "Protect and Serve" there SPD.


They said the same about Fremont, Lorain, Toledo etc he!! any city where someone has been murdered in is little detoit guess what its Norwalk's turn. So what's your point?

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Godless liberals raising children with no morals is the greatest pox on our society.

It’s just part of their agenda to remove self-reliance, character and replace it with entitlement mentality, amorality.

They won’t be happy until they turn the majority of society into narcissistic sociopaths.

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It is neither liberal nor conservative parenting that produces kids like this. It is ineffective parenting. Nonetheless, it is ridiculous that charges are not proceeding on this.


Future career as a woman beater?? What does that teach the girl as well? That its ok to get beaten by a boy?..

Side note: If this happened in Sandusky County people would be all over commenting about corruption.. Hmmm Wonder who these boys are related to?????

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That's a good question.


The officer was wrong! You can press charges, the boys can be arrested and then released to their parents pending a court appearance.


Poor decision. Was their evidence of their kicking, whether she kicked first or not ? They should have been held .


Welcome to Victim Blaming 101.


Aren't there usually conflicting accounts in criminal incidents?


Exactly. Why wouldn't the boys give self-serving statements that she started it.


did this girl need treatment for her inujuries? If not, then take her down to the station, take the two boys to the station as well. place them in a rooms and interrogate them. Who started it? Didn't your parents teach you not to hit another human being? what makes you think it is ok to hit and kick a girl? Why did you start kicking the boys? when you get the questions answered put them in the same room with the parents and tell them what you found out and that charges will be filed on who started it and who finished it then see if the parents still want to proceed. I bet if the girl started it, Mom will not want to continue and the boys go home with their folks.

It is always the cops who have to solve these petty problems these kids have with each other any more and the parents dont go check with each other any more to see what happened. Is there ONE mention in here of Mom going to talk with the boys parents? NO

did Mom call the boys mothers and tell what happened? NO... she called the police to sort it out and who are you all mad at....the cops.

Why do the police have to settle this? An 8, 11 and 12 year old, who tomorrow will be back out playing like nothing happened while the parents are fighting over nothing and the cops are being blamed?

let them alone and stop making mountains out of mole hills. Unless this little girl, who sounds like she can dish what she gets, is really hurt, don't get so upset over whether anything was filed. and stop jumping to future conclusions. Kids haven't changed THAT much.

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“Kids haven’t changed THAT much.”

Sorry, but growing up at that age, I have no recollection of any boys kicking a girl between the legs multiple times. Kids definitely have changed…