Man wanted for assault, robbery

Jerel Nelson, freshly released from prison, accused of attacking man he met at downtown bar
Courtney Astolfi
Mar 25, 2014


UPDATED: Nelson was arrested Tuesday. He's being held at the Erie County jail on $23,000 bond. 
Warrants have been issued for a Sandusky man who allegedly assaulted and robbed an acquaintance he met at a bar, the day after he was released from prison.

Jerel Nelson, 27, is facing charges for robbery, assault and a parole violation.

Nelson and a Zanesville man were released from Mansfield Correctional Institution on March 14, and they headed to Daly’s Pub together the next night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon said.

At the bar they met a Sandusky man who bought them a few drinks and agreed to go back with them to a Putnam Street home after hours, Nixon said.

Once they arrived at the home, the man realized they weren’t searching for new friendship. Nelson and the Zanesville man attacked the victim, giving him black eyes, facial bruising and swollen lips, Nixon said.

They then relieved him of an undisclosed amount of cash before he was able to escape and call police. A woman who was also at the home said Nelson assaulted the man because he’d touched her inappropriately, Nixon said.

The victim contends the woman had asked him for money, and when he refused, the men attacked him, Nixon said.

The man escaped and made his way to The Depot Family Restaurant on Tiffin Avenue, where workers dialed 911.

Officers were able to identify Nelson as a possible suspect because he told the victim he’d just been released from prison. Detectives contacted the Mansfield institution, who informed them only a few men were released that day — Nelson among them.

Surveillance footage from Daly’s further showed the victim leaving with Nelson and the Zanesville man.

Charges for the second man could be forthcoming once his identity is confirmed, Nixon said.

Nelson is also facing a parole violation charge, as he allegedly failed to contact a parole officer within three days of his release.

He had been serving a sentence for a violent 2011 felonious assault, in which he stabbed and cut another man so badly he was originally charged with attempted murder, Nixon said.

Officers are now trying to track down Nelson.

In his pictured mugshot, Nelson sported a buzzcut, but detectives noted he now wears dreadlocks.

Anyone with information can call police at 419-627-5876.


Stop It

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Wait. An assault so violent he was charged with attempted murder? And he served LESS THAN THREE YEARS??? Who else sees something wrong with THIS picture?

Darwin's choice



Why would you leave a bar with a stranger that just told you he was just released from prison?

We learned Stranger Danger safety tips in first grade. Red flag!

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The Hero Zone

Perhaps "friendship" wasn't what was promised at the bar? Of course it's only speculation and imagination, but many "friendships" tend to have violence involved. Additionally, bonding agents usually aren't reported missing, just the date money.

Or it could be none of that allusion and was a case of very poor judgment?


Jerel probably said he had some puppies to show him.


I would check miss BaltimoreR.S. house I'm sure he's there...she loves those pirsoners/inmates lol


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So this convict served only three years of a sentence that they say was so brutal. Somethings wrong with this picture, thats for sure


Prison is his home, he's let out to run amuck, [a vacation of sorts ]then return [home] after he messes up, which I'm sure was his [vacation] plans all along. Very short vacation, time to return home. They know you & love you there. As they say in the south, "your a$$ is showing".


Alcohol = crime.


Sounds like he left a boyfriend behind in the big house! Now you can rekindle the flame this time for 8-10!


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