Man allegedly spits blood at officers, lands assault charges

A Sandusky man received assault charges for allegedly spitting blood at a police officer Sunday during a fight in the DJ’s Sports Bar parking lot.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 18, 2014


Police spotted two men fighting in the Cleveland Road lot at about 4:25 a.m., and when they approached the pair, they refused to cooperate, according to a Sandusky police report.

Eventually police separated and handcuffed them. Demetrius Koonce, 33, of the 400 block of Scott St., then took aim at Ofc. Jason Martin, attempting to spit a large amount of blood in his face, but “narrowly missing,” according to the report.

Police charged him with disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer.

They also charged Alton Wraggs, 28, of the 1600 block of Central Ave., with disorderly conduct for fighting with Koonce.

James Brown Sr., 32, of the 700 block of Franklin St., was nearby in the parking lot, swearing at police and bystanders outside the bar, according to the report. Police charged him with disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana, after discovering he had a bag of raw marijuana in his pants pocket.

Officers transported the trio to the Sandusky Police Department, where Wraggs and Brown cooperated and were released on their own recognizance to a sober person. Koonce, meanwhile, refused to cooperate and was transported to Erie County Jail.



When is the police gonna do they dang job and shut this piece of garbage down. Every week something happens there. Thats y Orlando shut down Big O"s. Dumb @#### dont kno how 2 act. If u cant shut it down tear it down!!!!


That's not why Big O's shut down.

red white and blue

Is that place still owned by the rutas? If so why are they not charging them

Bottom Line

This is so far beyond ridiculous. What's it going to take to shut it down? Hopefully not a police officer getting shot. This place is truly a s#%&hole. And no good comes from it being open.


You shut the place down and the low life clientele just move on to a new location. Shutting the place down does not solve the problem it just relocates it.


At least having the thugs hang out here, the Police know where to find them come warrant time. Seriously,this is just a mirror of society in the fact that conduct like this is permitted to keep happening.




Please do NOT shut this place down. If this dump closes down then all the scum will scatter. They will then start invading on all of the other watering holes in our community, causing fights and starting trouble. Let them continue to be a menace to themselves, instead of being a menace to society. Right now they are fighting each other, lets keep it that way.


Yes agree, all the trouble in one spot, eventually they will all be caught, it used to be a great bar, years ago. People need to grow up! Must have been all the green beer last night, the dye went to their heads.


If this guy spit blood at me, while I had a loaded gun ... This would most likely be a different headline... I could never be a cop...


i'd like to see marijuana that isn't raw! that would be some wet, limp stuff in a baggy after it was cooked!


Its a shame people can not interact without this kinda of crap going on -.I used to go to that place when Wendy and her sister had it , and you didn't have all this crap going on . People need to grow up and act their age and not the IQ .Its no wander the bar bisness isn't what it used to be . Who wants to go out and try to have a good time just to put up with these children .Heck children don't act like this . Close it down before someone gets killed . That's all the city can do

Stop It

SW land.


SW? Please explain.


Truthfully this is a Sandusky Ohio problem. Cities with populations of a millon or more have places where young people go and party and they don't have these frequent types of indecency. It happens in Sandusky alot because there's a lack of oppurtunities especially for those without higher education. Most cities you can get at least temporary hiring. Some even employ felons. The bottom line is they don't have a job and don't see one in the future; they'll do anything on the weekend. A young guy who has a job or college to go to on Monday normally won't throw it away on the weekend by getting in trouble. It's a sad state of the union for many youth in Sandusky.