Teens charged after alleged BB gun incident

Police arrested two Sandusky teens Sunday for joyriding on Madison and Warren streets, allegedly wielding and waving a firearm from a Chevrolet Malibu’s windows.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 18, 2014


After some investigating, officers quickly discovered the apparent weapon was actually an airsoft BB gun. But the look-alike weapon caused enough commotion to land both the teens criminal charges, according to a Sandusky police report.

Patrick Fox 18, of the 1500 block E. Perkins Ave., and a boy, 17, of the 1000 block of Fourth St., both received charges of inducing panic and disorderly conduct Sunday.

After receiving complaints about the pair at about 6:30 p.m., officers discovered Fox in the suspect car, parked in the 500 block of E. Madison St., according to the report.

Police ordered Fox to exit the vehicle and searched inside, where they discovered the BB gun, which had the appearance of a black semi-automatic handgun.

They arrested Fox on-site, but they couldn’t find his accomplice.

Fox told police the boy hadn’t held or pointed the gun, according to the report. Later, two witnesses told police both boys had pointed the gun through the Malibu’s windows and had also waved it from inside the car.

Police called the boy's home and spoke to his mother, and he turned himself in to the Erie County Detention Home soon after, they said Monday.


yea right

and to think my buddy and I had bb gun fights back in the day..

looking around

Your lucky you didn't put your eye out! Seriously I hear what your saying, however given current events the public has become hyper- sensitive, and for good reason. Playing Army or Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers... has now in these times morphed into Gang against Gang, Drug Dealers against DEA, Gang against public and anything else you can imagine. Not that there is anything wrong with kids using imagination in their play, but one has to wonder about the source of influences.

I'm certainly no shrink but I recognize this has not changed for a very long time......only the players and the game. I think most stop playing around the time they are old enough to drive.......

yea right

really?? wow talk about overreacting.. we were like 10 give or take and lived out in the country..let you in on a secret we had smarts enough NOT to point at face and were far enough away that it did not hurt..

looking around

Guess you didn't get the tongue in cheek reference and that I did understand where you were coming from......however you did say you lived out in the country....

thinkagain's picture

My father’s method of teaching his son the ¾ turn horseshoe pitch by playing catch with a hatchet probably wouldn’t fly nowadays either.


This was not a kid playing. He was 18 years old.

They were both lucky they aren't dead. Too many people carrying real guns around to be playing with a BB gun.

Not too smart in today's world.


Not at all. They would have caught a .45 hollow if they pointed a gun at me. It would have been a trained response for me to shoot.


at age 18 i had a job for 3 years already & was done playing with toys..


They are just emulating their peers. That's the sad state our community and country are in.


There is a total difference in playing, having Bob gun wars, and trying to scare people into thinking you are pointing a real weapon at them. This is just another example of what our youth in this community think is cool. I wish the kids thought school, grades, college, and athletics were as cool as they think guns, drugs, and gangs,



Point on analysis.


Bb gun wars not Bob gun,,,,,stupid auto correct...lol