Vehicle rams parked car; driver charged with felonious assault

A Sandusky woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon for intentionally ramming her vehicle into another car in what appeared to be an act of retaliation, police said.
Courtney Astolfi
Mar 14, 2014


Nichole Walton, 25, 100 block W. Cowdery St., was charged with four counts of felonious assault.

On Monday, Walton was charged with a child restraint violation and marijuana possession after another woman — Seasons Cherry, 21 — reported Walton was driving without proper child safety equipment, according to a Sandusky police report. Also in Walton’s car at the time was the mother of the improperly restrained children, Amber McCarthy, 28.

At about 2 p.m. the following day, Cherry, two toddlers and Dale McCarthy, 26, were sitting in a vehicle in a Scott Street parking lot when Walton drove by, the report stated.

When Walton spotted the pair in the lot, she allegedly threw her vehicle in reverse and pulled inside. Smelling trouble, McCarthy tried to pull away — but Walton accelerated and rammed her car into theirs, the report said.

Walton then allegedly exited her car, yelling at Cherry for calling police on her the previous day.

When Cherry told Walton she was again dialing police, Walton got back in her car and drove off, the report said.

Cherry said she and Walton have had ongoing problems, citing instances in which Walton has showed up at her job and tried to start fights, the report said.

Walton later turned herself in at the Sandusky police station. At first, Walton said she accidentally struck McCarthy’s vehicle while pulling into the lot. She later changed her story, saying she’d stopped her car to confront Cherry about the previous day’s police call and unintentionally struck it at that point, the report said.

Prosecutors authorized four assault charges — one for each of the passengers.

Walton is being held at the Erie County jail on $80,000 bond.


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