Woman cited for child restraint violation

Officers then searched her vehicle because they smelled marijuana, and she began yelling again, the report said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 13, 2014


A Sandusky woman gave officers difficulty Monday evening after a fellow driver saw children unrestrained in her station wagon.

Nichole Walton, 25, 100 block W. Cowdery St., was charged with marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia and cited for a child restraint violation. At about 7:30 p.m., a driver reported seeing two children not wearing seat belts or safety seats.

Officers quickly located Walton’s vehicle in a Lawrence Street driveway, still running, according to a police report.

When officers informed Walton of the complaint, she began yelling. Officers then searched her vehicle because they smelled marijuana, and she began yelling again, the report said. Walton tried to pull her purse from the vehicle, then pulled away from officers when they went to search her.

Found inside her purse were two bags of alleged marijuana. A 10-month-old child was not properly restrained, while two other children, ages 5 and 7, were not restrained at all, the report said.

Walton was released, and the children were left with their mother, who was also a passenger.



Child care classes , get off the dope, you can't handle it, take drivers license away, regular child welfare check, home visits etc....


if she is found guilty of having drug paraphernalia she will lose her license for 6 months minimum, up to 5 years, even if she wasn't driving or in a car..


I'm sure she will obey THAT ruling/law. She is so good at playing by the rules NOW.


it's a bad law.


Rather see her with weed than a bottle of whiskey.
Weed is no big deal.
Used to be legal, still should be.
Racism made it illegal.
Do the research and prove me wrong.
Easy insignificant target that cops don't want to give up.
Seat restraints for the kids are scientifically proven to save lives. Definitely deserve to be cited for that every time.
Stop phuking with peoples lives over marijuana.
It's stupid and counterproductive.
Amnesty for all pot prisoners yesterday already!

The Answer Person

Let me quote you please: "stupid and counterproductive."


Happy to see that you agree.


Why is the mother not charged with child endangerment? She's the mother of the children, a passenger in the care where HER children are not restrained properly? Really?


She was yelling because she just bought the dope! 2 bags tells me that one was hers and one was one of her friends'. So now she has to explain to her friend how she's out the $ for the dope!!


rule #1 when selling dope: don't bring your kids with you or have them properly restrained. rule #2: have your friend hold the stash so you don't lose your car.


Holysee , heroin was once legal as well, along with morphine. I mean I agree , and am for the legalization of pot, but not just for the reason , it use to be legal..its safer than alcohol, pain pills, and all real narcotics. It will stimulate this broken economy, and create hundreds of millions in tax revenues. I am all for it


@ AEversole - your comment is spot on.

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Stop the welfare! More kids mean more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Let me sum this up, when traveling while committing multiple offences, you must decide amongst you who can afford to take the fall for the multiple charges you each may face. If possible , decisions should be made before your departure . Thank you ... psa brought to you by BDid...


Wow. Mother of the year right here!!

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She was yelling because without dope, she would have to function normally, rather than vegging out all day watching I Love Lucy reruns and waking up with her head in a bag of Cheetos.

Dr. Information

Fine example of what weed does. Makes people dumb and dumber.


This is what I see in this article. The car was located parked in a private drive. It was not being operated by anyone. The officers never observed the alleged violation. Illegal search and seizure. Case dismissed. Next story.